Is my dog from the pound an Anatolian?

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I know we will never know for sure since there is no test to find out if she's an Anatolian, but I figure people who have them will know best! smile

We adopted her from the local humane society when she was between 3-4 months old. They said that her sister and her were brought up from the southern states where there is a lot of dog breeding and when the dogs are no longer prime selling age, sometimes they are tossed out. That's the only history I know about her.

Her sister was a little darker in color and had a couple of patches on her. Leela only had white front feet that have faded with age. She is very light colored and has brown eyes and a brown nose. She is 27" tall and weighs a little over 90 pounds. She has a very curly tail, that she can never hang down completely straight.

She is the most gentle dog ever, but has a very fierce bark that would scare off anyone. A man scared me the other day, yelling at me and approaching me very aggressively in a park. That was the first time I have ever seen her stop wagging her tail and stare down someone. She was sort of protecting me, while my goldendoodle didn't care in the slightest. The vet guessed when she was 3-4 months old that she was a lab/husky mix, but she has well outgrown both of those breeds, and doesn't remind me of a husky at all. I have some pictures of her up in my profile. Any guesses? smile
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Its really hard to tell for sure. Another possibility is lab/malamute cross. However, I do see some possible Anatolian trademarks, but in your pics its really hard to see. When I adopted Beauty from the shelter, she was first listed as a St. Bernard cross, but only due to her coloring. She was about 18 months old at adoption, 27 inches tall at the shoulders and 82 lbs (underweight). Vet thought she was a St. bernard/collie cross. She is now almost 5 yrs old, 28 inches tall, and 100 lbs. You can view pics of her on her profile as well. I feel she is a mix of Anatolian and something else.