am I an amstaff?

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Theodore aka- Teddy - **CGC**

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Barked: Sun Mar 8, '09 12:52pm PST 
Mommy is still trying to figure what I am. She loves me and thinks I am the most handsome baby boy ever, but she is curious! Some people on the street call me a pit bull. Some call me an AmStaff. And some are silly enough to think I am a big Jack Russell! big laugh

Can any of you amstaff experts help mommy figure out where my cuteness came from? snoopy

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Barked: Wed Mar 11, '09 1:04pm PST 
I would say American Bulldog.

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Barked: Mon Aug 3, '09 2:32pm PST 
you look AmStaff to me... look at my pic, that's what I am... you'll see some similar features, the main I got by is the squared jaw. Post Pitties are rounded jaw.

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Barked: Wed Jun 27, '12 5:57am PST 
So hard to tell. I sort of agree with Dosha & Bandit, but AmStaff is my second best guess.... I couldn't figure out my first guess though... maybe an oversized Jack Russel...