Ameican Bully Vs. American Pitbull.

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Barked: Wed Aug 15, '12 9:32pm PST 
Apollo, there are several ADBA APBT lines that are well known for sounding like a Wookie when they talk. They've been doing it, as well as "grinning" (IE raising their lips trying to smile when happy or greeting people). for decades. "Grinning" shouldn't be confused with aggression, though non-APBT people tend to get a bit freaked out by it. Some only lift one side of their top lip while others can do both; it may be accompanied by greeting vocalizations including the Wookie noises. These dogs/lines don't have breathing problems; they just vocalize differently. With nearly 30 years in the breed, I can tell you which line or crosses are involved based on the noise.

The biggest problem with real APBTs is that they started selling to the general populous which led to the whole status symbol crap. It's hard to find breeders who have any vision for improving their lines.

From what I've seen of both the American Bullies and most of the people who are into them, there will NEVER be one at my house/on my yard. I prefer a dog that can actually do something other than have a heart attack sitting there trying to breathe. I've also noticed that some of the same lines that have been popular as promotional colors and sizes in APBTs are being used to increase the size of the Am Bullies. Good luck keeping the breed human friendly when your foundation stock has some massive HA tendencies.
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