Just rescued...but what am I?

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Rescued from a high kill shelter a day before the fatal shot, Tophee is a playful and sweet dog. She stands at 17.5in tall (from shoulder to ground) and she is 23lbs. Toph is 5 months old and very slim (she doesn't look like she has eaten very well). I have a few pictures of her on her pet page and I believe she looks like she is atleast part American Foxhound.

The shelter tried to say she was a Beagle, but she is already too tall to be one. In my opinion she doesn't look like a Beagle except for her coloration. She also lacks the attitude of a Beagle- she is very curious, but already house trained (I've had her for 4 days). She is a very good hunter, she's caught a rabbit while we were outside playing, and she's well behaved (until she gets bored). When she does get bored, she's a little destructive and likes to steal clothing/socks/anything she can carry. She doesn't chew it up, she just takes it and moves it elsewhere.

If you have any ideas as to what breeds she might be, please help! I'd like to know so I have a better idea of her potential health concerns later in life as well as her eventual size and how to train her best. Thank you =)

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Hi Tophee - How are you? You might not even read your post anymore, but I was adopted last month after being in a shelter for 6months. These nice people walked & trained us shelter dogs, then I heard words like 'home with us', 'therapy dog'. They took me in a rolling thing & when we pulled into a driveway I knew I was home! Since then they take me to a trainer, I'm supposed to assist children with reading problems. You look alot like me - long legs, black back, white tailtip & paws. I really like to shred papers, steal their clothes to take in my bed & I get along with cats. My vet & trainer said I'm part American foxhound/part beagle. My name is Susi.