Is it normal for female Eskies to be hyper?

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Barked: Fri Nov 20, '09 7:09pm PST 
My older sister has two Eskies, a female (Yukie) and a male (Shilo). They are both turning 8 in Jan. and they are both great dogs, but the female is still very hyper. My sister has come in contract with a few other Eskie owners, and those who have females, say that they are hyper also. I was just wondering that if this is a common trait among female Eskies?

Barked: Sat Nov 21, '09 5:45pm PST 
My 15mo old female has never been hyper but in our obedience class for our 14week aussie there is a 5mo eskie girl that is VERY hyper.

Barked: Fri Nov 27, '09 4:39pm PST 
My "Pomimo" (Eskimo/Pomeranian) is a year old & extremely hyper (high strung). She is very lucky she's so gorgeous!!!

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They can be