Need Help for My American Bulldog!

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I have a wonderful 12 year old American Bulldog who had a bleeding tongue problem a little over a year ago. He had to be stitched twice and placed on soft food. We stopped feeding him Iams Lamb and Rice Kibble and switched to boiled ground beef, rice and a can of beef and vegetables (twice a day). Ever since the change in diet he began to develop lumps on his back and sides. They turned into large scabs that bled when they fell off.

Our vet thought he had Staph infection and placed him on antibiotics for 9 weeks. Some healed but others remained and now more large scabs on his sides. I just realized that the problem began when we switched him to the boiled ground beef. It might be coincidental but I'm not sure.

I have slowly but surely weaned him off the beef and back on the Iams lamb and rice with a can of lamb as he had eaten for 11 years with no problem. I hope this works and maybe this was only an allergic reaction to the beef.

He is acting fine, eating well and not even itching with these scabs. Has anyone ever heard of this? We are hoping this reconciles itself because no one is sure what this is and how to cure it.

Thank you for any feedback. It's greatly appreciated.

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If anything, I'd expect him to have an allergic reaction to the Iams, which isn't a particularly high quality dogfood. ABs very commonly are allergic to grains, & an overwhelming number of dogs in general to corn & wheat. However, if your problem has resolved itself by going back on the Iams, then great.

Here is the ingredient review of Iams lamb & rice kibble, which received 2 out of 6 stars at Dogfood Analysis: http://www.dogfoodanalysis.com/dog_food_reviews/showproduct.php?prod uct=1771&cat=all