pink nose

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Barked: Sat Feb 2, '13 9:55am PST 
hi i have just bought what i am led to believe is a american bulldog he has a pink nose.i have read that they generally have black noses he was the only one in the litter with a pink nose he is only seven weeks old do there noses go change coulour over time im just concerned he may not be a pure american bulldog ???

the princess
Barked: Wed Mar 27, '13 1:00pm PST 
Black noses are the most common. I have a purebred American bulldog that's nose is black and pink spotted. It has gotten a little more black since I have had her (she was 8 weeks when I got her and is now a little over 6 months old). If you are concerned if the dog is purebred I would ask to see his/her papers.