American Bulldog mix??

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Theodore aka- Teddy - **CGC**

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Barked: Sat Jan 17, '09 2:16pm PST 
Hello all--I posted here when I first got Teddy, and was told that it was too hard to tell what he might be. Now that he is older (8 months), can you all give me an opinion as to whether he is an american bulldog mix? Maybe american bulldog/pittie?

I am just curious because everyone seems to have a different opinion! It is interesting though--whenever a man sees me with him (I am a very petite twenty-something female) they feel the need to comment/laugh that such a small girl has such a "beast" of a dog. Little do they know that Teddy is a complete sweetheart!!!
Theodore aka- Teddy - **CGC**

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I think you're probably correct. Judging from the freckles under the coat it looks like there is Am Bull there.


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I think he is an American Bulldog before anything else. He has the weight of an Am. Bulldog they are heavier then pits. I think that he looks like an American Bulldog and not much like a Pit plus he does weigh more then pits do.

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Barked: Mon Mar 9, '09 5:17pm PST 
He doesn't really look like an american bulldog to me, maybe a mix. His head is all wrong for an AB. AB's have big boxy heads with short upturned noses (not as short as an English bulldog, but not as long as a pits) and an underbite. They have the characteristic wrinkles designed for channeling blood away from the nose and eyes, from back in the day of bull baiting. Their chests are deep and muscled and the front end is heavier than the back end. Some breeders have gone to an extreme and produced puppies that are swaybacked in an attempt to make the front legs shorter and stouter than the back.

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Did you know you can get a DNA test, to find out?
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Barked: Sun Mar 22, '09 11:33am PST 
I think it's Pitt with American Bulldog. I see traits of both of them. I agree with the above - the head is not AmBull but more Pitt.

Very cute though!

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Could be mostly, or all, Scott American Bulldog, aka "Performance" or "Standard" AB. The dewlap, mostly white body, black nose and lips, and even to some extent the head suggest it. Lots of people (no offense) blow smoke when they state they're sure what breed your dog is/isn't, especially online looking from a pic. I would say 50/50 your dog is all AB, vs an AB mix. Do your homework if you're interested.

There can be quite a bit of variation in the breed. And many people think about the Scott-Johnson hybrids or pure Johnson dogs, which are bigger and bullier looking (and frankly, slower and less athletic with less drive many times). In fact, many, many Scott type breeders describe their dogs as looking somewhat like "long-legged pits." Sure, it's not an exact description, but the Scott AB is definitely somewhat pitty looking. So differentiating using like 5 pics between an AB vs AB/pit mix is impossible!

Again...short of stating the obvious, most people online can't even approach more than a vague level of certainty about your breed. This peeves me about the internet, when people say "Oh, it definitely isn't this or that." Your dog could def. be an AB. My AB looks different based on level of exertion, temperature, and time of day...he can show anywhere from 1/2 to 2" of lip and his face changes color. I love this about these dogs, they have such expressive faces smile

Consider some kind of DNA breed test, one with a guarantee, if you're interested.

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Hi,i'm Vinnie, a cross between bull terrier and american bulldog. I'm alot younger, but believe you are the same mix as myself smile