Raw Food Diet. Tips, Suggestions, and Recommendations?

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Barked: Sun Apr 22, '12 9:48pm PST 
I was unsure about a raw food diet at first for Kairi, but after getting a few samples of Stella & Chewys, she's become really addicted to it. So I bought a 6lb bag.

For breakfast I've been feeding her the rest of the Blue Buffalo Wilderness cans I have and Taste of the Wild kibble. And for dinner I've been mixing a raw patty and a handfull of Taste of the Wild.

Is it a good idea to mix kibble and raw dog food together? The person giving the samples away said no, but I was pretty sure she was just saying that just to get me to by more..

Also, I've heard a lot of people who feed their dogs a raw food diet will at times buy discounted meat at the grocery store and have the butcher ground it up for them. Any special way to prepare the meat for dog consumption?

Also, pre-prepared Raw Dog food patties can be pricey. Any good brands that sort of meet in the middle in terms of quality and price?

Barked: Mon Apr 30, '12 8:01pm PST 
I'm not even exactly sure what a raw food diet is! Does that mean that the meat is actually raw? or do i cook it? Also i don't think i want to buy the already made packaged ones only because i feel they're a little pricey? I don't exactly trust these companies.. =/

Barked: Tue May 22, '12 8:46pm PST 
Raw food is exactly what it is, raw meat. I did a lot more research and I found out that since I'm only feeding one small/medium dog on the raw food diet, it would cost me the same to make it as it would be to buy pre-prepared raw dog food. Plus putting her on a raw food diet is only costing me about $10 more a month.

I used Dog Food Advisor to get scores and ratings on dog food:
http://www.dogfoodadvisor.com/dog-food-reviews/stella-chewys-raw-f rozen/

Right now I have her on Taste of the Wild Kibble during the day to munch on(I don't mix it with the raw food anymore). And for dinner I give her two Stella and Chewy’s Raw Patties mixed with shredded carrots, spinach, and (if available) washed/cleaned crumbled egg shell.

She seems to love this recipe so much that as soon as its 6pm, she's sitting in her crate waiting for dinner. (I feed her in her crate to keep her separated from my other dogs when they eat)

I've been using this to help calculate her servings: