Can you give me an idea of exercise needs?

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Barked: Fri Jun 22, '07 2:19pm PST 
Im thinking of an AKK as a future pet. I take my dogs on a daily evening walk of maybe forty five minutes. We also play ball in the back yard. My current dogs are pretty laid back due to their breed and Id like a little more active dog but one that will not be misserable living with less active dogs. Also Im a little concerned about jumping. I have a 6 foot fence could they jump that, also I use an extra tall dog gate could an AKK jump it?

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Barked: Sat Jun 23, '07 8:12pm PST 
We generally walk Helix 45 minutes- 1 hour every night and one day a week he goes to day care. We do training sessions with him too and those tire him out quite a bit (eventually we would love to do agility- he would be so good at it if he gets to the point where he'll actually listen to us BOL!). Helix does have a lot of energy though- it takes quite a bit to tire him out, Having other dogs around would likely help, as we've found with Helix that he loves to play with other dogs (he's very very social, so much so that it's becoming an issue on walks because he gets very noisy and out of control when he sees another dog). Anytime we've had another dog over, or went to visit another dog he spends the entire time playing and is exhausted by the time they leave. The only thing that's an issue is that Helix doesn't do very well when it's hot outside and overheats pretty fast. But that's not a huge problem here as it's winter 8 months of the year ....