Thinking of getting an AKK

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OnQ's Dita- Von Tesse- VoxxOvana

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Barked: Thu Mar 15, '07 9:14am PST 
I currently breed Siberian Huskies and raise them for a variety of Assistance,Therapy, and Service work. I have been thinking of taking up the AKK as a second breed, for those who would love a Siberian Husky, but find the size prohibiting.

Let me know your thoughts of the trainability of this breed.

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Barked: Thu Apr 5, '07 10:00am PST 
Our AKK, Ruby, is only eleven weeks old and is already house trained and learning new commands since we started puppy school two weeks ago. She now knows sit, down, and leave it/take it. The breeders we purchased her from started off as Siberian breeders, and now breed AKKs exclusively. Absolutely wonderful, beautiful, intelligent dogs, just like their bigger cousins. I owned a Siberian ten years ago and my Klee Kai Ruby has all the same wonderful personality traits that I loved so much in my Siberian. Even though she's so young, I can already tell she's going to be a good running partner. For more info. google my breeders: Helderburg Huskies
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Kiffin, CGC

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Barked: Fri Apr 6, '07 12:42pm PST 
I would say that they are very trainable. Kiffin was one of the top pups in his puppy class (out doing a couple of Huskies wink). When we first got him it only took him a couple of weeks to be potty trained and in that time he learned sit/down and shake. He is doing really well in an intermediate class right now. We just started on Heel and it only took him a couple of minutes to figure out what we wanted him to do snoopy. He was walking and keeping pace with me in no time (all though he could still use some work).

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Barked: Fri May 18, '07 11:02pm PST 
I just got my first AKK, and I think he is very easy to train. Cadence is about 2 and a half years old and of course knew all the basics, and in the couple of weeks we've been together I have realized that he is extremely bright, and learning new tricks all the time. We are working on 'roll over' right now.
I say go for it. I was introduced to the breed a few months ago, and as I said, just got my first one, but I am hooked. I am sure Cadence wont be my only AKK smile

Wee Wileston
Barked: Wed Sep 3, '08 10:17am PST 
I've also been considering getting one as my next addition. I heard from an owner a few years back that they are pretty high strung, but after doing more research, I hardly see that mentioned as a trait. What do you guys, as owners have to say on this matter?

Barked: Mon Sep 8, '08 8:38pm PST 
We also just got a puppy who will be three months this week. She is very social and outgoing and is having a ball with my one year old Schipperke and is very sweet with my 15 year old American Eskimo. They do have a lot of energy, as do the Schipperke's so I would suggest that an AKK would do well with another dog for a pal. mine just play and play all day together. Riley also does well with my cats and with the neighborhood kids, but my breeder spent a lot of time and energy socializing her and you have to keep it up. She is the cutest puppy I have ever seen and we are over the moon in love.

My breeder used to breed Wolf Hybrids but she fell in love with these guys and just breeds AKK's now. Good luck, you will fall in love!