Alaskan Husky as a Service Dog

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Barked: Mon Feb 18, '13 5:29am PST 
Hi, my family recently rescued a puppy about 3-6 months old from an abusive family. I'm in the Army stationed in Hawaii at the moment waiting on my MED Board to go through. I Have a number of physical and mental issues that are the cause for the MED Board, and because of that I want to train her (Pyper) to be a Service Dog.

If anyone can give me some help, tips, and possible trainers that are willing to train an Alaskan Husky be much appreciated. I know they are breed as working dogs, so the though of training one as a Service Dog wouldn't be far fetched. But every trainer that I've talked to so far has said no, and their main reason being they look to much like a wolf frown So any help and tips would be appreciated.


Baby Avalanch
Barked: Sat Apr 13, '13 5:14am PST 
husky wouldn't be a great choice for a service dog, although very intelligent they have a mind of their own and ultimately do what makes sense to them. plus they love to run any chance they can get.