100 Abused Sled Dogs Rescued in COLORADO.

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I am still working on getting all of the donation links, shelter information and photographs in order. So please keep checking back and spread the word:


After last month's rescue of 97 abused sled dogs in Canada, this should be a huge eye-opener for anyone who doesn't realize what kind of abuse and neglect runs rampant in sled dog sports!

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This just makes me want to kick someone in the rear!
I always want to say that 'I hope justice will be served' and all that, but really, how can it?
They should not have had that many dogs, why did they have that many dogs? Why were they allowed to keep them when they were cited before and why weren't they visited again earlier than this?
I really don't like the sledding thing.

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My husband and I rescued one of these huskys as a companion for our Malakita ( Malamute Akita mix ) they get on beautifully, but remember these are not dogs for eveyone. With patience and love I know he will turn out to be a wonderful addition to our home.