Dads allergic to my akita-HELP

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Im 18 and during the summer I bought a akita whilst my dad was away.. When he came back we found out that he is allergic to my akira (he's allergic to cats).. Is there anything I could do to try and prevent him having a runny nose and sneezing a lot? At the moment I cleaning and hoovering every room each day and brushing my akita, I walk him everyday too.. Would shaving him work? I am willing to try anything as my dad is getting worse and wanting me to get rid of Riley :/ frown

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I'm sorry to tell you but shaving will do absolutely nothing. it is not the fur but the dander(skin flakes) or dried saliva from grooming himself that you Dad is allergic to. Bathing too often will only make the problem much worse. You can try to find a grooming spray that helps with eliminating allergens to use when you brush him,move out,or rehome Riley. I know that is a very difficult decision and that some options are not always possible but it is not fair to your father that he should have to suffer from allergy symptoms or take daily medication for his symptoms because you brought a dog home while he was away. It would be best for you to either contact the breeder about rehoming or contact a rescue to be sure that he is placed in a proper home if that is the only option since the breeder or rescue would only place the Riley with an Akita appropriate home,as you know they are not a breed to be taken on casually.hugwishes