Torn on how to handle our situation

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In June I obtained Leah from a very bad situation. She was 4 months old and petrified of people! But she did not behave badly when I grabbed her to interact with her forcibly several times. So... I paid a low price for her and took her to her new home. Well Leah's owner has had a hip replacement, and now has a herniated disc. I have done some basics with her however I have a few problems. She behaves very badly for my husband. Grabbing him/ his clothes and not responding to his request to stop. He is very inexperienced with animals, let alone an Akita w/issues. Also it is difficult with the other dog in the house. He is much older and smaller then Leah. Like a kid and an older person that can't take it.
I have begun to consider finding her a new home. Very torn, as I have bonded w/ her and love her. She needed a lot of work that I ended up not being able to provide d/t my health. And I thought I would be on my feet sooner. This is not the ideal situation for sure. Any thoughts. And no I am not looking to sell on here, or at this time anyway. Just venting and looking for support. thanks

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hughughughughug I know how hard this can be. The choice will be entirely up to you and no one will condemn you for rehoming her if that is what you choose to do but please contact an Akita rescue if you do choose to rehome her. They will help with her issues and find someone who will be suited to her personality and needs. If you do choose to try to keep her,it is time for hubby to learn to work with her. Perhaps they could enroll in a training class together,or you could consult a behaviorist to help deal with her issues. It is difficult and not very wise to advise about this online since no one here can see what is really going on and recommend ways to help effectively. If your finances allow,ask your vet to recommend a behaviorist. If not,then the best thing might be to contact an Akita rescue in your area.
Best Wishes to you on getting your health back and in finding the best solution for you and Leah. If you would like to talk privately please feel free to p-mail me anytime.hugwishes