Akita puppy being food agressive

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the frisky pup
Barked: Wed Dec 28, '11 2:14pm PST 
I have an akita puppy that will be turning six months january third. He is a great dog, very sociable and i have no problems with him interacting with humans, kids, dogs, or other animals. however, he is extremely food agressive towards my other dogs (or any dogs for that matter) and I really need help with this. these fights are getting horrible and i'm worried one of them is going to end up getting hurt. frown

Akita Pals- Always.
Barked: Sat Dec 31, '11 11:26am PST 
This can be quite typical in Akitas. If you could answer a few questions for me I may be able to give some advice that may help.

1. How do you feed (kibble down at all times?,scheduled feedings? All together?
2. How old was your puppy when you got it?
3. Did you hand feed/handle his food from the beginning?
4. Were there signs of food issues/agression before this?
5.How do you currently handle the situation? Do you correct him? If so,how?
Answering these questions will give me a place to start in helping you solve the issue. In the mean time feed him away from the other dogs and don't leave food or food like treats down in common areas so that a fight is less likely to start and no one gets injured.