akita or shiba

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okay so this is my first post on this forums smile i know i shouldn't be introducing myself here but briefly my name is abdallah and im from Dubai.

the reason im starting this thread is because i have asked a person here that imports dogs from holland to get me an akita, well to be specific a japanese akita . but my only concern is that im not really sure if the person getting the dog knows the difference between an akita and a shiba so i have asked for a picture of the puppy. so if i post the picture here can anyone tell the difference, i mean i know the main physical difference between them is the size but are there other features that i can judge by


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Actually, if you're planning to get an Akita Inu (Japanese Akita) then I would suggest finding a breeder in your area. The reason being, Akitas are already a strong-willed, independent breed. If you don't know their background, you could end up with a poorly-bred mess on your hands. If you're already doubting this person, then maybe you shouldn't purchase from them.

You can show us a picture if you want, though.

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if u want an akita inu which is the name of the breed u are referring too. u first need to do your home work and study this breed. they are a complex dog not for beginners next you need to contact a breeder so u know what ur getting.