Afghan king of dogs

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Looking at the various posts, most Afghan owners find that things take a little longer, they spend time sizing you up, and they may or may not create a life time bond with your selves, so I would say when they get to about 2 years old they have made a decision, on whether you are there soul mate and will do anything for you, or if not look down their long nose and have that far away look, who does he or she think they are telling me, they will tolerate you, but you are extremely lucky to be chosen.
My Afghan, Red, showed me how he felt, the day my house caught fire,it was me and him alone in the house, we were upstairs, my eyes were stinging, got up and realised there was fire, Red was up looking at me,
so the both of us together made a dash for the stairs, but in my haste I lost my footing and fell to the bottom, Red kept nudging me, I was right next to the front door and could just reach it, I let Red out, he evidently went to my neighbour, I thought he would run, but no on seeing him outside her door not on a lead, she realised there was problem and called emergency services. Red then started choking, and he went to the vet, his wind pipe collapsed, this is a weakness in Afghans, I was placed in a coma to rest my brain, so didnt know this. I was homeless had lost everything, but the most precious thing I hadnt lost was my beloved dog Red, the vet advised me that he would always have a problem, but it ust didnt matter, he stayed with me for a total of 4 years, when he passed away. They are really special dog, they own us, we dont own them.