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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why register with Dogster?
Q:  Why won't Dogster Accept My Photo?
Q:  How come I don't seem to recieve any emails including friend invites from Dogster?
Q:  Your FAQ on modifying photos makes no sense to me!
Q:  But I don't even have digital photos, just prints!
Q:  What is a Canine Corral?
Q:  What's a pup pal?
Q:  What's "Leave a Bone"?
Q:  How do I add a family dog?
Q:  My dog is no longer with us. how do I reflect that?
Q:  So, when can my dog get on Dogster?
Q:  So, what if I only have a fish or a hamster, can I post them?
Q:  What is a photo "tag"?
Q:  What is DogsterPlus?
Q:  Is anything in this world guaranteed?

Why register with Dogster?
Although anyone can view dogs immediately, registering with Dogster allows you to "Add A Dog" which gets your own webpage with photos of your dog(s). Dog pages show their likes/dislikes, nicknames, breed as well as offer links to their other canine siblings and pals on the site. Registrants also have the benefit of getting to save links to their favorite dog in ther personal account page.

Why won't Dogster accept my photo?
Unfortunately posting digital photos to the internet can be tricky. The problem is that cameras take photos with enough data resolution to print a 3' x 3' printout (The more magepixels the more data it stores). On the web, however, where each photo has to be downloaded you need images to contain as few details as possible. The average camera stores a photo with 1.2MB (approx. 1228k) of data (or much more!) while the average web photo is only 20k. (Imagine if a user on a dial-up connection had to wait for several 1228k photos to download their 56k/second connection. It could take a few minutes!). So to handle this problem you need to convert your full-resolution photo to a web-ready image. Most modern photo software have a feature to save a photo for the web or to send as an email.

One easy solution to use PicResize to prepare your image. Here are some directions for desktop software for PC [Photo Editor] and for Mac [iPhoto] software. For the PC there is also this simple easy and free Fookes Photo Editor you can download and make web ready images.

How come I don't seem to recieve any emails including friend invites from Dogster?
If you expect to be getting emails from us and are not, it's very likely that your mail provider or spam blocker may be incorectly filter our mail as spam or bulk mail. Take a peek in your Bulk or Spam folders and do a search for the domain dogster.com. If you see any matches you know we're sending them, but your mail or spam software has the wrong opinion of us. The best way to stop this from heppening, is to make such an email as safe and to whitelist our email address dogsters@dogster.com.com with your mail software. By telling your software to approve of all emails from the domain dogster.com they'll always go straight to your inbox. We have compiled a list of ways to add our email address to your APPROVE list using the most popular mail tools.

Your FAQ on modifying photos makes no sense to me!
Does the above read as Greek to you? We understand. Really the best thing to do then is find that person you know who is clever with computer things and ask them to help convert the photos for you. We'd love to help you do it, but then we'd never have time for new features and other fun stuff.

But I don't even have digital photos, just prints!
If you only have print or traditional film you have two easy solutions. One is to find a clever computer person and ask them if they can scan your photos and convert them into web-ready photos. The other is to have your undeveloped film printed right onto a CD. (Isn't it amazing what is so common place these days!)

So what is a Canine Corral?
The canine corral is what Dogster is all about, it's your own collection of dogs to view and save. Once a dog is added to your corral, you will always be able to find it there.

What's a Pup Pal?
A pup pal is your own real world pack of dogs you approve. When you see a dog you know click "Make them Dogster Pup Pals!", which will send an email to confirm the friendship. When your friend approves, both dogs will permanently appear on each other's pages as a pup pal. What a wonderful world!

What's "Leave a Bone"?
When you are on any dog's page you'll see a link to leave them a bone. Dogster bones are just fun little gifts you can leave behind. You can share a bone with any pet you want. Heck, you can leave as many as you want! But as in life, bones are not permanent and each bone only has a shelf-life of two weeks and has to be replenished by giving more bones. The amount of bones a dog has received will change the color of the bone symbol in their stats. Yellow = 1 to 4, Green = 5 - 15 , Blue = 16 - 29 and Red greater than 30! More than 30? You'll have to find out for yourself! But bones always go fast!

How do I add a family dog?
Family pets are defined as pets owned by the same website account holder. Simply add another pet using your original account login and we'll will automatically put them in the same family. Please note that unless pets' accounts are added by the same website user, for now, they can not be displayed as 'Family' as we have it on the site.

My dog is no longer with us. how do I reflect that?
On your My Account page, click on "Pet Page: [Modify biography & traits]" then "Story" to open the drop down window to check the box that says your dog is no longer with us. This removes the line for the pet's age from under the primary photo and automagically enters them into the We Miss You Stroll. So when you see a dog without an age listed you should assume that the pet has passed away. This will also put an "I updated my profile" note/link in the Pup Pal Updates section of all your friends.

So, when can my dog get on Dogster?
If you have a digital picture, all you have to do is click "Add A Dog," enter their bio and upload the picture right away.

So, what if I only have a fish or a hamster, can I post them?
Anyone seeking cats can go to Catster.com but if you're looking for lobsterster, you're unfurrtunately out of luck.

What is a photo "tag"?
Tagging is a neat way to add a keyword or two (or more) to a photo that describes it in a qualitative way. For instance, if my photo was of my dog was playing Frisbee on the beach, I might tag the photo "beach, frisbee, gordon setter, sun." Or, if my cat was sitting on a table next to a vase of red roses, I might tag that photo "red, roses". We have developed a search tool that allows you to create searches based on these tags. Now, if you search for 'beach', you will get a stroll of photos from the beach. Pretty cool, huh?

To add tags to your photos, go to your Account page. Click on the 'Add/edit photo tags' link next to your pet's picture (Plus members can select the Photo Manager link). Then, add tags!

What is DogsterPlus?
DogsterPlus is a subscription service that allows users some extended features such as: free monthly zealies, up to 100 photos, photo captions, photo manager, extra bio fields, special forums, extra video placements and more. You can sign up at the subscribe page or read more in the FAQs.

Is anything in this world guaranteed?
Yes, the only guarantee we have in this life is unconditional love from a dog.