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Chloe Smiles

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Nu Pictures in my dogster album

October 21st 2009 5:59 am
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HEY pupsters, momma put some nu pictures in my dogster album, if yu want tu check dem out... Dey ar ob my nu poodle dwess , me in my poodle dwess and sum of me and my bruther in our coustumes "50's Teeny Boppers/Danny & Sandy from Grease...

Momma werkin on sum kool graphic pictures wite now, when her finish her put dem up tu...

Only 9 more daes till Howl-o-ween! We weady fer dat contest, almost me bruther Charley still got to hab a wittle guitar fer his Willie Nelson Costume...

Momma gonna take sum pictures dis dae of me as the Blond Bombshell... so dat be on my page water dis dae...

Dis morning befer the sun came out momma took us out to go potty...we normaly use wee wee pads but sillie momma fergot to go out to the storage building wast nite and get some more out of de box. Momma gets them by the case and keeps dem in the storage building and brings in a couple packages at a time... it wab sort of scary out der i de dark...don't know how dem pups next door can stay out all de time in de dark... no wunder dey bark all nite, dey scared.....

Hab gweat dae pupsters!

Wiggle butt, tail wags and doggid kisses (de best kind)


Nu Dwess Came

October 20th 2009 8:00 am
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My nu poodle dwess finawly came! It so kute! Momma sae dat it needed sumtin called "cancan" skirt doe... moma sae it suppose to fluff out awae from my body, not just hang momma bery smart her goes tu de dollar store and buys wedding tulle circles and uses dem to make a my nu dwess is all wound and fluffy and so eber kute... and momma also make me nu head band to match with ribbon and bows and wose... her buy kids soft band, cut it make it fit me den re-sew de seam..her will load pictures in a bit so you can see it...Momma sae her not a seamstress so de skirt don't wook professional wike my dwess seamstress who make my dwess her berry good and berry professional... dwess wook store bought... no better den store bought momma sae...any wae my costume for de couple's contest is all here now and I weady to be in dat contest on Howl-o-ween....

Momma sae pwease keep pwaing fer her daughter, de test results not in...dey bery scared.. momma her bery worried and scared...

Momma went out to de storage building and brought in sum Howl-o-ween decorations to put up so her can use dem fer backdrops to take our Howl-o-ween pictures dis I have to jump down now so momma can get busy wib dat...

Hab gweat dae pupsters!

wiggle butt, tail wags and doggie kisses (de best kind)


shush... me, Chloe gurl ib a secret Pumkin

October 18th 2009 9:46 am
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don't tell anywon but me, Charley and Momma are secret Pumkins tu two wittld doggies wike me, a ant eater, a kitty and a wabbit! Momma mailing der surprises in de morning.
De wittle dog named Quasi we send a box of wiver tweats, a howl-o-ween hat and collar and a soft blankie and stuff frog dat holds de blankie... De uber wittle dog named Hyzie we send three wittle tennis balls cauz hib momma sae he wuv dem, sum yogurt tweats and a Howl-o-ween hat and collar. Fer de ant eater named Pua we send a can of chesse sprae...her momma sae her wuv to eat the cheese dat in de can...De wabbit named Jupiter we send tweats, to de kitty named Kat we send wittle biddy kitty tennis balls and tweats! We hope dey all wuv der surprizes!!!!!

Momma sae we hab a secret pumpkin... dat mean we don't know who it is but dat de be sending us surprizes tu...sometime befer Howl-o-ween... can't wait tu get our surpirzes! Keep'n me paws cwossed fer der tu be sum tweats and a nu toy!!!!!!

Dis week my poodle dwess should awive...if'n de mail people don't woose it again... BOL Bruther should get his nu jeans dis week tu...
It is also Nursing Home visit on Thursdae..if my poodle dwess come in dat be what I wear to de bisit....

Hab gweat dae pupsters!

Wiggle butt, tail wags and doggie kisses (de best kind)


Wat A Dis'a' pointen Dae

October 17th 2009 8:14 pm
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Momma waz gonna enter me in my bery first fall fashion show fer doggies dis dae. Momma get me weady.. nails trim, painted, perfume, my floral dwess with matching bonnet and leash... and we drive all de wae to de next town to Petco and der NO Fashion Show. De rescue group's facebook calendar said dey wer habing it dis dae but we get der and dey canceled it but wab hab'n big sale wib donated cwose and costumes to waise money fer sum vet bills fer sum wescued pups dat are bery sick.... so dat gwood ting.. Momma was sorry her didn't hab any moola tu donate or tu buy sumtin wib...
We got to socialwize wib de people and de uber pups der... dat was fun... and der wer wittle kids der dat wike to pet me...dat wab wae kool... I wike people to gib me wots of attention and wuv. We socialwized fer bout an hour den we go to de Sonic tu get our junior burger plain to share with bruther cauz we wer such gwood doggies at de Petco.... yummy... I wuv Sonic junior burger plain...

My poodle dwess be in dis next week iff de mail people don't woose it again....
De wady dat is mak'n my nu burfae dwess hab'nt email Momma yet with de picture of it... but maybe dis week her do dat...
Me bruther get nu jeans ordered from de ebay ting. Dey are sooo funnie dat dey made Momma waff and waff... dey got underwears showing at the waist...wike de cwazee kids wear dat drive momma cwazee, her sae dae need pull up der pants she don't wike wooking at der underwears.....den cwazee momma go n order me bruther Charley a pair wike dem kids''.....

Howl-o-ween get'en cwoser.... wot yu pups du fer de Howl-o-ween? Du yu dwess up in costumes? Momma dwess us up... her cwazee wike dat... her take wots of pictures when we dwessed up and share....

Been wong dae...wong drive to de Petco and back home... wong visit wib de people and doggies at Petco...den pway wong time wib me bruther, we pwaed chase threw de apartment fer wong time ... den I watched animal planet with Momma fer a wile... I weally du watch TV, momma sae I furst doggie she hab dat did dis...and her tink it's purty neat dat I wike watching doggies on de TV.... so now dat dis dae is ober and ib be all dark out... I gonna go snuggle in bed and go to sweep....

Hab gweat nite pupsters! Sweet Dreams!

Wiggle butt, tail wags and doggie kisses (de best kind)


brrrrrr itz gett'n cold

October 16th 2009 2:10 pm
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Brrrrrrrrrr pup itz gett'n cold here in Arkansas... well we call it cold but itz only in the 50's F.... so fer you nothern pups that's wike a heat wave..BOL

momma emailed de wady dat making my poodle dwess...seems wike the mail people hab wost my dwess in de mail :-( It shipped out Oct.2 and has not made it, usuawely it only take 3 daes to get here from the designer.
De wady made me anuther and it shipped out dis dae so should be here by Mondae or Tuesdae...and if de uther dwess that is wost finds itz wae here momma will put return to sender on it so de wady can sell it to anuther pup's momma for dem... momma and I excited about de dwess finally coming in...

Momma bery worried about her daughter. Dey did test checking fer cancers on her ovaries and her utereous and cervix... so it's berry scary wite now waitin to get de test results pwease keep dem pwayers going up.. momma's daughter weally needs dem... Momma is staying so upset ober dis....herz paniking ..... and me and Charley we try tu keep her calm and help soothe her tears by wicking dem from her face and giv'n her wots of doggie kisses...soft n gentle ones, de bery best kind...momma sae her don't know wat her du without us ...

Hab gweat dae pupsters!

Wiggle butt, tail wags and doggie kisses (de best kind)


Anuther wainy dae

October 14th 2009 8:54 am
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Me don't tink dis wain eber gonna stop.. eber dae it wain. Me is sooo bery tired ob all dis wain...

Momma is habing me a special burfdae dwess made fer me burfdae next month. De seamstress said her design suntin and email momma picture and if momma wike it den her make it fer me wight awae so it be here fer me burfdae and de nice wady said momma could wait and pay on paydae... momma sae her pay sooner when sum of our old tings sell on de eBay her send payment in fer my nu burfdae dwess! I wuv gettin nu tings...wunder wat a burfdae dwess wooks wike? Wong as itz bueatiful on me, dat de most important ting of all when it comes to dwesses...

Still waitin on me poodle dwess fer Halloween... it been wike a zabillion dae's now... momma sae it only been tu weaks almost three but I tink momma dun wost count of de daes... Dis Fridae momma sae dat make three weaks... said it should ship out Fridae or Saturdae, no water den Mondae...

Momma also check with de wady in charge of the Halloeen Pet Costume Contest and dat is on Halloween from 11 to 4 dat dae... I can't wait cauz der's soooo much to do der on dat dae... and treats and games and eber ting.... and course de my paws crossed I win sumtin...

Momma ask eber body, pups and momma and dadda's tu remember her daughter in prayer... her hab to hab wots of test done to find our wat wong and dey eben gonna check for de C word dat scares my momma so much.... so pwease send up wots of pawares fer momma's daughter, her name is Linnie... thanx sooo muches

Hab gweat dae pupsters!
Wiggle butt, tail wags and doggie kisses (de best kind)


anuter wainy dae

October 13th 2009 9:07 am
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tis anuter wainy dae .... ib been waining a whole wot wately... I don't wike de wain... moma don't ether when it dis much... so gwooming her sae...

We still waitin on me poodle dwess , tink it been wike a billion kazillion daes since momma ordered it. It being custum made fer me so it take wong time to get but mama sae she hope it finished dis week and shipped dis week. After it ship it onlwie take tu dae tu get here. momma sae if it not ship by Fridae her email wady who makin it and ask when her tink it might ship out... obly 13 mer daes til Halloween and momma got to make sure if de Petco event gonna be on Halloween since dat is Saturdae dis year of if it be the week befer Halloween... her need to email da wady in charge of dat wite now and find out...

kae momma sent de wady a email, we don't wont to miss dat event, it's momma's favorite event of the year with Northeast Arkansans for Animals and Petco..

Hab gweat dae pupsters.... and if dis wain don't stop falling from de skies we mite need to start building anuter ARK....

wiggle butt, tail wags and doggie kisses (de best kind)


Dogster Plus...waeeeeeeeee kool

October 12th 2009 10:06 am
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mama just finished my dogster plus album, check it out if yu want... This wae kool dogster plus wab a gweat gift from our pal Zaidie. Momma is habing so much fun with it and we weally Thank Zaidie for de awesome gift..

Momma's daughter's burdae to momma got to go get her sum balloons and a card ...we mite go tu...den take dem to de office and surprise her....

Chilly here but momma turn on the heat machine all tho her don't wike to du dat so early...sum tin bout moo la...and dat heat machine eating it up weal fast......

Hope you pupsters hab gweat dae...
Wiggle butt, tail wags and doggie kisses (de best kind)


From Linda, Charley & Chloe's mom ....

October 11th 2009 8:35 am
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Hello pups and your moms n dads... I'm writing this from me this time and not for Charley & Chloe. Friday we were here at Dogster and all was well...we went to the nursing home visit and came back to log into Dogster to tell you about the visit and check in with all our dogster pups and my computer had recovered from some sort or erra and deleted cookies that were used for auto sign in's...not really a problem well except for here at Dogster. All other sites I go to frequently, myspace, facebook, multiply and many others I could sign back in to my accounts with the account name and password... got to Dogster and it just kept telling me they didn't recognize the email address or password... I used every one I could think of thinking I may have changed it and forgotten from using the auto sign in for so long...nothing worked... I contacted Dogster support multiple times because I'm not a patient person and wanted instant help...LOL Dogster support emailed me just moments ago and have me back on line and I'm so ya'll will be hearing from Charley & Chloe's point of views in just a little bit... LOL

What made me more frustrated is that the "kids" and I were gifted by a great friend and I won't say their names because I've not asked their permission to do so just yet nor have I sent them a thank you but that is my next mission, any way that friend gifted us Dogster Plus... I just can't believe how awesome that is ... the best gift... I am over the moon... I don't know anything about Dogster Plus but I'm all for learning...LOL... thanks to our special friend... we love it... and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts !!!!!!

Love Ya's !
Linda, Charley and Chloe's mom


I'z bery Pwroud

October 9th 2009 9:52 am
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I'z bery pwroud to be a member of a special cwub my pal Zaidie started, it's called "Cwazee Mama Cwub". De badge fer de cwub was made by Fwicka an Wuca's mom, Pam and it's awesome, it'd on my page. My pal Zaidie come up with awesome cwub! Tis for doggies with mama's who say sillie tings.... Zaidie hab whole wist his mama sae dat are so silly made me waff and waff till me almost not make it to de wee wee pads! BOL

Dis dae is Nursing Home bisit dae. Mama gave us baths alweady and I sure me bruther will tell you a gruesome storie about dat water snake and how dis time it almost succeded in taking me bruther's der a cwub for sillie bruther's whob tell whoppur stories? Any wae we're waitin to dry so mama can spray us with smell good stuff.... and touch up my nail polish...den mama got to get dressed and den get us's waining tu...hope it don't mess my hair up...BOL... Mama has decide I will wear my 1920's Flapper dress and red feather headband.... and me bruther is wear'n his Harley Davidson outfit...

apter de bisit wib de elederly we get tu go tu de Sonic for a junior burger plain as a reward fer being gwood pups at de nursing home.

Den mama hab to go shop fer some doggie gifts fer uther doggies. Wez on a halloween gift exchange fer pets in a yahoo group... but sum gift mama got to find aren't fer doggies...dis family got 2 Chi's wike me, den a cat, a ant eater (yep a ant eater for a pet) and a wabbit... now wat mama gonna find fer a ant eater and a wabbit? Dis aught to be interestin... best part about de exchange dat some time awound Halloween me and me bruther will be gettin a surprise in de mail tu from a secrect admire filled with tings for us!

Hope yu pupsters hab gweat dae!
Wiggle butt, tail wags and doggie kisses (de best kind)

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