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Wuff... tu all me pup pals.... dat be hello tu urse momma- and dadda tu

August 24th 2010 8:28 am
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Finawaelly me gets to barktate a entry tu momma fer my dogster pages and find outz howze all me pup pals arse....
Momma's gwandsunz went back tu school so maybeez momma hab more timez fer me and me bruther to barktate to yu allz...

Yu hab gwood summerz? Arse wab berry buszzie and berry funz tu...

Wuving arse nu car seat... me got one nu dwess and a pair of bloomers dis month wif anuther dwess on de wae.... momma waff and sae me be the next top doggy model... eben tho me hab no idea wat a top model iz or duz.... BOL

Momma start'n tu plwan out de Halloween alweady.. az couple me bruther and me gonna be Fred and Wilma Flintstone.. momma gonna oder de outfits next month! Fer single event me gonna be catholic school girl... wear'n me cathorlic schoolz uniform dwess and momma gett'n me a wittle back pack.. me bruthers iz gonna be a punk.. and him haf to wear a wig.. dat makes me and me momma waff and waff...

Momma alweady gotz our Tanksgibb'n outfits but herz now start'n de search fer our Christmas outfits..... me can't wait tu de Santa Paws timez tu get herz... me wants sum nu toys... and a nu blankie maebe... and nu toys.. oh me alweady sae dat huh? wots ob nu toys... and sum tweats ... cauz me beenz berry gwood gurl allllll wyear wong....

Hab a gweat dae ...
wiggle butt, tail wags and doggie kisses (de bestest kind)


yippeeeeee my momma's been shoppin fer me on de ebay tingy- again

July 9th 2010 2:24 pm
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me is wone wucky wittle gurl... me momma hab been shopping fer me on dat ebay ting... and me hab
a nu pink harness and matching leash....
a bueatiful wedding dress with matching leash and lacy veil
and still tu come in is anuter dress dat is floral and a purple harness and matching leash, dat will match my purple summer outfit...
Me bruther and me gett'n nu car seat and nu carseat harnesses tu!
De seat we hab now wab my burther's befere me come along. It's been ok tu share until I got big, not as big as me bruther but still de car seat just don't fit tu doggies berrie well ...and I usually way down and dat weaves barely any woom fer me bruther... so arse nu seat is HUGEMONGO fer tu doggies.. and soft and comfy and should be here tumorrow or Mondae....arse old seat is being donated to a disabled lady and her fur baby, Toby Keith. Momma sae it be safer fer Toby if him buckled in de seat. Momma worry dat when care givers are getting his momma out ob de van in her wheelchair Toby will get out and get hurt or run off... her also donating one of me bruther's old harnesses dat is tu big fer him cause Toby is a wittle bit bigger den uz... Arse nu seat belt harnesses will stay in de van in our carseat. Minez is pink plaid and me bruther's blue plaid...they should be here in a few daez tu...
Momma tried on my nu wedding' dwess dat came dis dae... it's berry pretty...with satin and lace and lace veil and matching leash.... I hab an old wedding dress but momma gonna donate dat tu the wocal rescue groups' store so dey can sell it and use de money tu help dem pups wooking fer der fer eber home...
Next month when we bist dem elderly peoplez momma gonna wet us go as Bride and groom... me in my nu prettie wedd'n dwess and me bruther in his tux and top hat...
I can't wait tu get me utehr tings ... momma iz gwood shopper... BOL
Hope yu pupsters arse hab'n gweat dae tu...
wiggle butt, tail wags and doggie kisses (de best kind)


Bewated happie Independence dae fer my American pup pals

July 5th 2010 2:45 pm
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Sorowy dis is wate but Happie Independence Dae to all the American Pupsters! Wez hab gweat celebrwation and hope yu did tu.. momma took uz to a specail celerwation just fer us fur kids and we got our picture taken ( momma pick dem up dis Saturdae), we got beef flavored snow cone and we got on our local news in our stroller all decorated and ub uz gett'n ourse pictures taken.... on de weal dae tho we did not wike all dem poppers going off so momma kept us home and inside so we be safe and not so scared...
Dis been weal buzy summer so farse.. momma watch'n her younger gwands and dat takes up wots of time... den we also been on a bacation and staied in wot is called a hotel... we bist de gwands tu and eben went to gwands 75th birthday party... wez been tu de park and ob corse tu de Sonic... me bruther had to see de vet person and I went tu but only him got de jabs... BOL
Wez becomin wittle wocal cublerty pups here in ourse town... eber body start'n to wecognize us cauz momma takes us tu so many pwaces.... me wunder if'n sumdae wez be asked fer our pawsigniturez... BOL
Me hopes eber pupster is doing berrie well and dat youz all hab'n gwand summer....

Wiggle butt, tail wags and doggie kisses (de best kind)
ps... check out arse nu July 4th pictures on ourse page


Happpy Mother's Day to all you pet moms

May 9th 2010 9:51 am
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To all the pet moms of the world, I salute you. On Mother’s Day and every day, I am eternally thankful for the loving care you provide for your dogs, cats and any other pets you’ve taken under your motherly wing. Pet moms are wonderful people, and they make the world a much better place.

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Momma, me and Charley wish all de momma a berry berry Happie Momma's Dae

wiggle butts , tail wags and doggie kisses ( de best kind)


Me Berrie fustest fish'n twip eber

April 29th 2010 11:25 am
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Dis pass Sundae momma took uz and de wittle gwandsuns to de park's lake tu go fish'n.... boy wat fun... wez barked at de ducks, de geese and eben at de fishies de gwandsuns caught...
Momma dwessed us in our fishing outfits... so her sae we fit de part BOL.. sillie momma....
Tu nu pichures on me page..
Hope all you pupsters hab'n gweat dae..

Oh yeah, me neaawely ferguts but we went tu de family weunion tu on Saturdae and der were a tornado warning... dem sirens arse berry loud ! De tornado not touch down and we wer safe but momma wab wike wae scared... but not uz.. we not worrie we knose momma protect uz best her can.. so afer dat de dae was berry pretty and eber body hab gweat time...

me bark wif yu pupsters waitter

wiggle butt, tail wags and doggie kisses ( de bestest kind)


Nu Picures up

April 14th 2010 3:50 pm
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Momma putz arse nu Easter Picures up on our page, check dem out if you wish.... we hab wots of fun hunt'n dem eggs in de tall grass.... inside dem purtty eggs was tiny bits of yummy tweats... just fer uz... Me bruther him try tu beat me tu eber egg and get all de yummy tweats but dis timez me iz as fast as him and me got me share of de tweat in de eggs and maybe eben a wittle more den me share.. BOL

The weather is gettin' warm here and momma hab took uz tu de park wike a wot... and dat soooo muches fun...

Hope all pupsters are habing wots of fun tu..

Wiggle butt, tail wags and doggie kisses (de best kind)


Me iz a pink bunny doggie wif de hugomongo Easter Bunny

April 3rd 2010 1:16 pm
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Momma putz ourz Easter Bunny picures up on me dogster page.. me is a wittle pink bunny doggie sitt'n on de hugomongo Easter Bunny wap and me bruther is de wittle blue bunny doggie.. Momma wab berry happie wif de pictures! Eben if her not wike de pictures de money fer de picures goes fer all dem doggies wook'n fer der fereber homez so momma sae it's money well spent!!!!!

Momma will take sum Easter pictures tu... sum wif our Easter Baskets ( me can't wait tu open dem and get de goodies dat Easter Bunny weft in dem fer uz) and her take sum picures ob uz hunt'n dem Easter eggs in de tall grass and gwabb'n dem treats out ob dem...her share dem next week....

Me hopez eber pupster hab a berry happie Easter and dat de Easter Bunny brings yu wots and wots of yummie tweats and eben a nu toy!

Wiggle butt, tail wags and doggie kisses ( de best kind )


De Easter Bunny

March 28th 2010 11:01 am
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ohhhhhhhhhh pupsters dat Easter Bunny is sooooooo waeeeeeee kewelllllll ...he's justest wike me imagnied... him is huemongus..white...soft... biggggggg ears and bestest of all he gabe uz a bag ob tweats . We sat on his wap very nicely and hab our picture taken. Momma will pick dem up dis com'n sartudae.. den her put dem on our page. Momma mite one dae dis week put up some Easter decorations and den take our Easter Pictures .. den her share dem tu...

we hab such gweat fun at de Petco westerdae me hated to weave.. momma eben bought cookies from de big tweat bar...

Den we went du de Sonic and hab a junior burger plain to share.. den we went tu see Daisie and Tyson, dem are momma's daughter's chi's.... boy oh boy what a fun Saturdae we hab... me hope eber pup had a gweat Saturdae wike uz..

Wiggle butt, tail wags and doggie kisses ( de best kind)


Hippy Hop Hippy Hop wez off tu see de Easter Bunny

March 27th 2010 8:57 am
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Dis affer noon momma is tak'in us tu see de Easter Bunny. Wez neber seen de Easter Bunny before. Me tinks he's kind of wike Santa Paws... except no beard and red suit but him be white and soft and hab big wong ears.. me tinks he mite be wike a bazzillion timez bigger den weagular bunnies dat me hab seen. Momma putt'n on our bunny suits, mine is pink and me bruther's tiz blue. Her tink we wook wae cute dwessed wike bunnies sitt'n on de Easter Bunny's lap.. arse momma tiz weal silly wike dat... Momma painted our nails tu match our bunny suits. I got pink nails and Charley him hab blue nails and him soooooo not happie bout dat.. me tinks he feels it's tu gurly but momma don't care her du it anywae.. BOL

Hope yu pupsters hab gweat dae and me tell yu all bout de Easter Bunny tumorrow.

Wiggle butt, tail wags and doggie kisses ( de best kind)


dat wet stuff fall'n frum de sky again

March 25th 2010 8:25 am
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yep here in our wittle part of de world der's wet stuff fall'n frum de sky again...but weast it's not dat white cold stuf!

Wegardwess of wat momma said bout me burther Charley's tounge turn'n bwack and his tail fall'n off when him don't share his blankie he's not shared it fer one second and yet him tail is still der and his tongue is not bwack. Me tinks momma wab just try'n to scare him into sharing...but dat habn't werked.. him stingy wif his nu blankie so me hab decided me not share de crate wif him ! humph... see how him wikes dat !

Momma sent a email tu ask bout de Easter pictures. Her don't want tu miss dat... but it woudl be ok wif me and me bruther if her did just dis one timez.

me gonna go back and way down in de crate and snuggle beneath de blankies in der and take a nap... me bark at you pupsters water.. be gwood..hab gweat dae!

Wiggle butt, tail wags and doggie kisses (de best kind)

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