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Chloe Smiles

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De Bestest Burfedae Eber !!!!

November 4th 2010 3:42 pm
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Me had de bestest burfdae me eber had ob course diz iz onawely twoo fer me... BOL... Gwand burfdae it wab !

Dem Pupcakes momma and her grands made were so yummy but me minded me manners and shared nicely with Charley and eben took sum to Daisie, Tyson and Ladybird (dem are momma's skin kids fur babies )
Fer pressies me got matching sweater, scarf, leggings and stuff toy. De are all black, pink wif white pokey dotz... den me got me furstest eber burfdae card wif tweats inside! Dem wab yummy too...

Momma putz up picurez on me page ob me burfedae party.. momma and me hopez yuz enjoyz dem...

Tanks eber pup fer de burfadae wishes and all de cool stuff fer my page, you pups arse de bestest in all of Dogster !

Wiggle butt, tail wags and doggie kisses de best kind
Chloe the big two year old !


Happie Burfdae tu me

November 3rd 2010 2:29 pm
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me burfdae iz herze... momma been buzy all dae wong and me not had me burfdae celebwation yetz.. me hopez me don't hab to wait anutter dae... but momma hab tu watch the younger gwandsons dis dae tu and pay bills and get her phone situation taken care ob so buzy beez herz been dis dae... me knoze me hab pressies... me knowze dis cauz momma came in wif wots ob bags and me just knowze in one of dem iz me pressies.. Momma wif de help of de gwandsonz iz making me princess pup cakes.... so me get cake tu... me just nu me wood.... momma take picures and share maebe tumorrow... celewation is coming soon... maebe when dem pup cakes get dun.... me iz excited !

Wiggle butt, tail wags and doggy kisses de best kind frum de burfdae gurl... Chloe


gess wat tumorow iz

November 2nd 2010 5:58 pm
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can yu gess wat tumorro iz.... iz berry special important dae.... as important as Santa Paws Dae.... hab yu gessed?

Itz me burfdae !!!!!!! Yea fer me burfdae !!! I will be twooo wearez old ! Me don't knoze wat mamma get me fer pressies but me knoze dey be gwood... and a cake tu me hopez all tho momma sae her berry buzzy and don't knoze bout de cake... but pressies yep me will hab pressies...
me can hadawely wait fer me burfdae get here tumorrow...

Wiggle butt, tail wags and doggie kisses de bestest kind


Happie Howloween Eber Pup

October 31st 2010 11:00 am
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De bewichin howlers iz herz...dis is howloween.... hope'n eber pup hab fun safe howloween..

Thursdae and Fridae wez went tu de Nusring homez bisit in Howloween outfits, not costumes... We hab so much fun at both places and we did tricks fer de people and oh how dem wuv uz..

Fridae's bisit we attended a howloween party at de Nursing home... der wab scary music an sounds dat me wab'n't tu surez bout so me stae cwose by momma... me bruther muches braved den me... der wab diz berry funnie man in an eben funnier wig, eben funnier den Charley's wig.. him du de frankenstein walk and sind wif de Monster Mash song, him dance wif de residents, him turn dem wound in dem chairs wiff wheels, him pretend tu bite der necks.. him was woud and sum timez scary but berrie funny and all de peoples waff and waff and momma waff tu...
We got wots of pichurs taken ob uz and de residents , we were held and wuved on, and one wady cried and made momma pwomise tu come back wiff uz... we were der a berrie wong timez cauz dem people not weady fer us to weave der party... it wab gwood dae and cauz we were berrie gwood pups while der momma stop by sonic on de wae homez and we got a junior sonic burger fer a tweat....

De next bist der will be fer de tanksgibb'n timez... momma got tu order me a turkey dress....wellz onez wiff picures of turkeys on it.. Charley aweady hab a sweater wif a turkey on it..

Hav gweat dae pups.. and happy Howloween
wiggle butt, tail wags and doggie kisses de best kind


Nu Picurerz

October 27th 2010 9:32 am
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momma just put up nu picurez on me page. Dey were taken dis wast weekend at de Fall/Halloween Animal Fair we went tu and wun grand champion in de home made costume contest... dese were our Howloween Portaits fer dis year...

yet tu come dis week iz nursing home bists tu both nursing homes in our howloween outfits... and maebe ober de weekend we go tu a downtown event, momma not surez bout dat one just yet...

Diz affer noon we go wiff momma tu babysit her yungust gwandsuns... and pway wif de big doggy Lady Bird...

Me hopez eber pup hab gweat dae...

Wiggle butt, tail wags and doggy kisses ( de best kind )


wez wun gwand champion

October 24th 2010 6:22 pm
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yep pupsters yuz wead dat wight.. we won gwand champion... at weast in the most original home made halloween costume contest.. BOL... wez got a weally kool trophey, a bag ob toyz and tweats and eben a couple tings fer momma... Den waddur in de award ting we got honored with a pet etiquette certificate of honor and sum cash...enuff $$ tu buy sonic burgers... yummmy..
We did hab fun but der were timez me'z afayed dat we embarazzed momma wif our bad behabour when big dogs were awound. Dem weally scare uz and we try tu sound and wook bigger and badder den dem...momma sae diz bad behabour must stop and her can't gib up try'n tu get uz tu be gwood wound strange dogs.. affer a bit we did settle down... but momma wab not happie wif uz went we went intu a tizzy ober de utter dogs.,. we get awong so gweat wif dogs at arse family's homez eben de big dog at momma's son's howse... wez arse a werk in pawgress momma sae...

Dis week we go tu de nursing homez bists and see all arse friends der in arse Halloween outfits...
Diz next weekend iz de weal Halloween timez and der is a human event downtown dat we can go tu wiff momma dat'z if her feelz wike going... maebe she saz....

Wat'z next on me agenda ??? Me BURFDAE ! ... Me burfadae iz onawely 10 daz awae.... me willz bez 2 wears old... can yu beweave dat? momma sae wherz did de timez goez, her sae itz wentz tu fast...... wunder wat me get fer me burfdae....

Den de next big ting affer me burfdae is de Tanksgib'n... den de best ting affer dat ... SANTA PAWS TIME me can hardawely waitz...

Hope yu pupsters hab gweat dae..
Wiggle butt tail wags and doggie kisses ( de best kind )


de dae iz herze... it'z de Howloween Event

October 23rd 2010 7:51 am
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me soooo excited.. todae iz de dae we go to de Howloween party... momma hab trimmed and filed me nails, hers dun wif me her onawely hab tu paint my nails and get me dwessed... and pack me carry bag, treats and fresh water.. oh yeah de camera tu... diz gonna be gwood dae..

Eber pup hab gweat dae..
Wiggle butt, tail wags and doggie kisses ( de best kind )


Howloween Contest pwans earlier den momma thot

October 20th 2010 7:10 am
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momma just got an email bout de howloween's dis Saturdae not de next saturdae wike momma thot.. so now her got tu we werk sum pwans around wif de gwandsons so wez can go or dem gwandsons will haf tu tag awong and momma sae dat not gonna be fun cauz it be hard tu wook affer uz and dem gwands at a big event... but wez gonna eben if herz haf tu take de gwandson tu..
Momma wead in dat email where de catergories halve changed from previous wears too....herz de catergories dis wear

Best Overall

Best Group Entry

Most Original Home Made

Best Suits Dog

Best Owner Dog Pair

So we be in de group entry me and Charley
We be in the most original home made
and best suits dog
and de best over all..
momma sae her won't dwess up tu be in de owner dog pair..

Den der be contest tu
here dem arse;
Most Catches in a Row

Best Smile

Most Well Behaved

Shortest Tail

Best Obstacle Course Time

Most Kisses in 1 minute

Longest Ears

Smallest Adult Dog

Biggest Dog

Longest Sit

Most Spots

momma sae maybe we in most spots eben doze we don't hab many spots... and maybe longest sit if we will listen tu her...

den dis iz utter stuff der tu du..
Carnival Games and Prizes for Kids
Paw Print Art
Madame Cruella - "Pet Fortune Teller to the Stars"
Kids Crafts - Decorate Pumpkins, Jewelry, Visors
Dog Obstacle Course
Doggy Maze
Pre-painted Pumpkins
Amazing Face Painting by Colorful Creations and Temporary Tatoos
Reach inside the belly of our 19' Spider to pull out a creepy stuff
YES- Hannibal is BACK
NEW - Reach in Mr. Pumpkin Head for a gruesome treat
Spooky Mansion Photos
Great fun for dogs and kids
Bandannas - treats for pets
Balloons and Candy for kids

momma sae de paw print art mite be funz and de doggy maze and the spooky mansion photos So looks like a fund dae dis saturdae

When we got homez from de bacation de mail person weft uz gifts from momma's frined Nancy all de wae out in California.. nu comfy beds.. onawely fer napp'n cauz we slweep n de big bed wif momma at nite.. we'z got a sock monkey bed and a brown dog bed..

Momma sae me got tu jump down now herz got tings tu du... wike cook bweakfast...bark wif you pups water..hab gweat dae..

Wiggle butt, tail wags and doggie kisses.. de bestest kind



bacation wab wunderful

October 17th 2010 2:09 pm
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arse bacation wab wunderful... we spent de daz wif arse cousin Amber, a toy poodle . Her momma iz arse momma's bestfriend and cousin so dat's whz Amber is arse cousin tu....
We pway all dae in Amber's fenced in yard and in herz house.. we wun and chase and westle and bark at de kitties... eber so fun but by night me wab one tired puppy...

At de nite timez we went down to anuther cousin, de daughter ob momma's cousin and best friend as her hab guest bedroom.. no spare bedrooms at Amber's howse ... dey all occupied by de people dat wive der.... so at de nite timez howse we sweep wif momma but befer bed and in de mornings we got tu pway wif arse uber doggy cousins, Precious and Lola... dey are Pugs. Precious is a black pug and Lola a fawn pug... dey kind ob big girls... but still fun...although Lola older and don't pway much..

Momma try hard tu take pichures ob all ob us together but her got wae frustrated cause der waz alwaez a doggy moving and making de picture blurry but her put de best one'z on me page...

When we got home we got nu beds from all de wae in California... me tell you bout dem tumorrow...

Hav gweat dae...
Wiggle butt, tail wags and doggie kisses ( de best kind )


tiz bacation timez

October 14th 2010 7:17 am
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Dis berry dae wez weave on a mini bacation. Wez arse gonna bisit family dat wivve south ob uz bout 90 min billion hoursz widein in de van timez.. ok maebe not dat wong but 90 min tu pups iz a wong timez... momma stop half wae fer potty breaks .. and streach arse wegs.. Momma hab been pack'n de bags.. her packed sum tings in case de weather turns cool whilez we dere and sum tings if de weather staez warm.. but wight now it'z cool... den herz got tu pack tweats, food and more tweats, we haf to havez enuff tweats tu share wif our cuz'n Amber, herz a toy poodle me bruther tinks her purty but me tinks her not az purty as me.. BOL.. but me wuvz tu pway wif herz.

Eber pup hab gweat dae... bark at ya'z whenz wez get homez on Saturdae !

Wiggle butt, tail wags and doggie kisses ( de best kind )

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