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Chloe Smiles

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you's made me a happy girl!

June 29th 2009 5:37 am
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You pupsters have made me a very happy girl... I got some new pup pals and thats so exciting...and then some of yous wonderful pupsters put some bling up on my dogster page...thanx to Sadie Boo for de cute pink ribbon rosette,Sadie for de hotdog it looks yummy and dogster HQ for the firework burst, tinks maybe HQ is celebratin the July 4th a bit early, but tain't it cool? Thanx to you all for making my doster page so cool!

I got to go play with me pal Deeogee yesterdays. We hads so much fun! Deeogee is about a month older den me but now he's like almost three times bigger den me...but we stills plays and has a blast together... Afterwards I got to go to de park, ride through town and stop at Sonic for our junior burger plain to share.... what a great Sunday afternoon!

I thinks I heard that todays me bruther may get his new shades...the brat... If he does he will be showing off big time.. My new shades have not even been shipped out yet... Mom says they should get shipped out on Wednesday after the check clears.... so it may take up to ten more days before I get my new shades and I's not happy about that but you pupsters made up for it by giving me such great gifts... Oh and when you pupsters see me bruther's picture with him wearing his new shades, don't go giving him the big head by telling him he looks good in dem or cute or nuttin.... he's going to be so hard to live with....but on de good side by the time I get my new shades his will be old and mine will be new, shinny and pretty... and I will be the cutest of the cutest in dem... heee heeee..

Well mom's got to get a moving on some things she wants to do on her puter so guess I better finish barktating to her and jump down so she can get on with what ever mom's do on de puter... You pupsters have a woofin great day...get lots and lots of luvs and hugs...

Wiggle butt, tail wags and doggie kisses ( de best kind)


Sunday's Blessings to all you Pupsters!

June 28th 2009 7:23 am
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I'm praypawing that lots of good blessings come to all you Pupsters dis Sunday!

First I want to bark out a big huge thankxs to Tinker Bell and Anonymous for de pretty red hearts on my dogster page and a big thankxs to Cisco the kid for the nice cool glass of lemoaid on me dogster page! You guys are just the sweetest to give me such great gifts!

Thankxs to me new pup pals. I'm right near the 200 goal...and it's near time to strives for the 300 goal.... I luvs getting new pup pals...thankxs you all for becoming my pup pals!

Yesterdays we went of vistin. Mom took us to see our sister (mom's daughter) and her family. They's three peoples in der family and two fur kids plus 4 teeny tiny baby fur kids! The older fur kids are Daisie and Tyson, they are Chihuahua's too. They have der very own doggie door to go outside when ever dey want. Dey so very lucky. I luvs de babies. Dey so cute. I played with de ones who got out of der box. I was hoping me mom would bring one home for me to plays with but she told de sister she would if she could but der some kind of rule here at de apartment that limits fur kids to two...and der's already two of no babies coming home for me to plays with...dats so sad.... Me bruther Charley he's glad no baby coming home with us...he's so selfish!
Mom said we might go vist me uther bruther, the people bruther (mom's son) and de family der. They got 4 peoples, two big and two little and only one fur kid. De fur kid is Deeogee and I don't know what kind of fur kid he is but he's my pal and I luvs him. We plays lots when I get to go to his house. Me bruther Charley won't play with Deeogee...they don't like each uther.... silly ole boys...

It's time for me nap, I needs to be all rested up if'n we go to Deeogee's house...
Pupster have a great dae...with lots of luvs n hugs and all good thinkgs...

Wiggle butt, tail wags and doggie kisses (the best kind)


Tis de weekend

June 27th 2009 9:17 am
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Hey pupsters tis de weekend, yous got any plans with urs moms and dads? My mom says we aren't gonna go is sick...and its too hot she says. What a bummer. I like going for rides in de van.... maybe I will nap and den play with me bruther. Oh my new shades should get shipped out by mid week... but I's don't know when they will get here but I can hardly wait. I's gonna be even cutier then I already ams when I put on my new shades....

You pupsters stay cool and have a great weekends...

wiggle butt, tail wags and doggie kisses (the best kind)


It Tain't Fair....

June 26th 2009 7:31 am
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I's tellin yous it just tain't fair...tain't fair ....
Our mom ordered me bruther and me some new "real" sun glasses off that eBay thingy...on the same day and me bruther's glasses will get here before mine! Can you believe that? You knows when he gets his he will be stuttin around here showing off and thinkin he's so cool and cute .... and me having to continue to wear those too big purple fake glasses and all... it's tain't fair! Mom says she don't know why but the thing called pay pal paid one seller with her debit card and the other with a e-check and the e-check will have to clear before my glasses will be shipped so that won't be until the end of this month and then proably another 10 days before I get me new sun glasses...around the 1oth of July... so that means I's gonna have to put up with me bruther gloatin and showin off his glasses for maybe two whole weeks before I gets my very own....but least mine are prettier then his... mine are pink with little tiny rhinestone hearts... his are brown with rhinestone paw prints.... I can'ts waits till I gets mine... I's gonna look so cute in them...much cuter then me bruther that's for sure...

I'm gonna jump off mom's lap now and go take a nap and dream of my new sun glasses and how cute I will be in them...
Have a woffin good days pupsters...

wiggle butt , tail wags and doggie kisses ( the best kind)


There's Just No Place Like Home

June 24th 2009 11:57 am
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Woofin hello to all my pupsters out there in Dogster! I's so glads to be home although I did have tons of fun vistin with the Grand's and their fur kids. I played and played with little Bella...she's my best friend now... Tippy the senior girl even played with me said I made Tippy feel young again for a few minutes, isn't that grand! Maggie Mae she just didn't warm up to me at all and I tried so very hard to get her to like me... maybe next visit she will see I'm a good little girl and lots of fun to play with. All that fun wore me out and when we got home I went right to sleep and slept for hours, didn't even feel like barktating to mom last night..
There's a picture on my dogster page with me and the Grand's and the fur kids...

A big bark out to Snoopy, Bear & Mitch, thanks yous so very muches for de beach ball on my page... that looks like fun to play with... and a bark out to Rex & Lily for the nice bright Sun on my pages too... you pupsters are just terrific to be so kind and give me such great gifts!

Hope all you pupsters are having a great day...gettin lots of luvins, treats, kisses and hugs, and are staying cool in this heat...

wiggle butt, tail wags and doggie kisses (the best kind)


We're Packingq

June 20th 2009 7:37 pm
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Hey Pupsters Mom has been packing our bags for out trip to see the Grand's.... In our wardrobe bag mom has packed our matching sailor, racing, western, and medical field outfits along with a black dress for me with a necklace and a black tank for me bruther and our yellow matching outfits... We're wearing on the trip for me it's my purple skirt and halter top, for me bruther his 'whats up dawg" shirt...and our sunglasses ! In our care bag mom has packed food, treats, toothpaste, toothbrush, my ear drops, doggie cologne and a couple blankies. Oh and our purse carriers are sitting by the other bags too... now all mom has left to do for us is fold down our crate in the morning and load it into the vans... Mom's still got to pack for her but she only takes one suitcase so maybe it won't take her long to finish ...then we's will be all packed and everything by the door for a quick load up in the mornings and off we's goes! I can hardly wait!!!!!

Don't know what day's we be back but sometime mid to late in the week... bark with ya pupsters then!

Be good, gets lots of treats, luvs and hugs...

Wiggle butt, tail wags and doggie kisses (the best kind)


Road Trip

June 19th 2009 1:33 pm
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I can's hardly believe it..... we're going on a road trip all the way to another state.... all the way to a place I've never been...we're going to the Grand's house! I've met my grand's and I luvs them and they luv's me...but I not been to their house yet... but I'm going ...this weekend...and we will be there a few days ...Me bruther has told me that there are other pups to play with... Bella Rosa a Chi , Maggie May a Min Pin Chi mix and Tippy a rat terrier... I hopes they like to play.... cause I love to plays...but I will mind me manners and leave Tippy be as she's to old to play and I will be polite and not fight over toys or treats.... well I will try not to... you know it's sometimes hard to share....I'm so excited. Mom's gonna pack our bags with our clothes and our bag with our food, bowls, treats, blankies tonight and pack her bag too... we get to ride and bark our hello's out to all the dogs we pass and we get to go play in a big yard and we're going to have so much fun!!!!!
While we're gone me bruther and me's won't be ables to barktate to mom to put a entry here at dogster but we's will have lots to bark at ya'll when we get home... we'll have tales of our road trip and time at the Grands....
Hopes you pupsters out there have a great weekends...
wiggle butt, tail wags and doggie kisses ( the best kind)


Bad Ear days

June 18th 2009 5:55 am
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woofin helloooooo dogsters!!!! Sure hopes you are all bright eyed and bushy tailed this mornin! It's gonna be hot again today so hopes you are all someplace cool...

I'm havins bad ear days and me moms worried about it. I's a Chihuahua and my ears are to be up and they have been...they go up they come down and back up again...but for two weeks now one of my ears has not come back up and mom's worried I will have one bad ear that remains down. I don't know whys it wants to flop over and neither does my mom. Mom says though that even if it never stands up she's gonna luvs me just the same... I had no doubts her would luvs me... who wouldn't.. I'm so cute and sweet..yep that's me... all luv bug!

Still not a definate plan set up to go see the grands this weekend... but me sure hopes we go... I'd like to meet the grand's pups and plays with them...

Have a woffin fun filled day and lots of luvins...

wiggle butt, tail wags and doggie kisses (the best kind)


Lazy Day

June 17th 2009 8:40 am
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Woofin hellos to you pupsters...Me bruther, me mom and me's we's havin a lazy day. Mom say's it's to hot to go outside much and that we's just going to hang around de house today and do's nutin...
I wantz to bark out a thank yous to Peanut for the cute little lady bug rosette... thats so nice of you Peanut..I like de cute bugg...
Mom says we mays goes vistin dis weekend to de grands. I met the grands once but never been to de grand's house. Me bruther he tells me it's a grand house with lots of de room and that there is not 1 or 2 but 3 resident pups there... that sounds like fun to me. I like to have pups to play with. Me bruther told me though not to bother de one they call Tippy cause'n hers old and don't like to play. I feels sorry for her if her don't feel like playing. He says to be weary of de one called Maggie Mae, say's she standoffish and shy...but I know I can win her over quicks with me smiles and great personalities...yep she will like me right off ... I just knows it! De bruther says the playful girl in de house is Bella Rosa...he says it's Tyson's baby girl.. Tyson is a chi too and belongs to me skin sisters.. I didn't knows he had a daughter but he does and she lives withs the grands. He says Bella Rosa looks just like Tyson but she's a girl not a boy...girls rule...boys drool.. I hopes we get to goes but mom says it depends on if there's enough stuff called pusholene in the van to make the trip cause she's plum out of that there moola stuff... so if'n we go missing over the weekends you knows we of vistin the grands up in the mountains of Missouri...where evers that tis...
Have a woofin great day.... stay cools
wiggle butt, tail wags and doggie kisses ( the best kind)


Yesterday's party no fun for me

June 16th 2009 10:14 am
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Hi ya pupsters.

Me bruther, me mom ...we's all went to the party of mom's grandson...they call it a burthday party.. celebrating the day yous was born... well let me tell you peoples don't know much about having good parties... the cake which we got none of :-( didnt' even smell good like the one's my bruther tolds me see I ain't had a burfday party just yet so I have not got to smell or taste one of those burfday cakes me bruther told me about...but anyways back to de people party... First Deeogee the resident dog at that der house didn't get to come in and play with me.... and that's why I was so excited to go to de party was to see and play with my pal Deeogee. And the peoples must have done some'n bad cause the sky got all mad and was dark and angry and barking at us and shaking lots of water down ...and even throwing some bright things down was a lot go'in on .. so de sky is doing all this bad stuff and I was worried about me pal Deeogee being out side but mom says he has his own safe little house out in his big kennel... and that he was safe in his little house... and the people's inside they don't know how to have fun at all...there were no games of "you throw the toy I go get it"... no. " catch me if you can" no, "racin around the room fast as you can" fun games at people ate some sort of food...some did smell darn good to me but de people's didn't share one little bite..they were a bunch of stingy peoples and mom always tells me and me bruther if we don't shares our toys and stuff our tongues will turn black and our tails will fall off...well those peoples better checks their tongues, they bound to be black now and they already didn't share befores and lost their tails...looks like they would learn about the sharin thing... So anyways the peoples party wasn't much pupster fun at all!
When we got home mom checked us for fleas and out comes the stinky stuff ...but mom got worried cause there was so many fleas that the stinky stuff might not get them all or that she would have to put to much of that stuff on me to kill them that she just took me... and only me to de big water bowl and gave me a bath to get dem fleas offin me... lucky Charley he didn't have to had no bath..I finks me bruther put some of his fleas on me just so I'd have to get a bath..he's sort of bratty like that sometimes...

Today's the sky is sort of looking like yesterday but maybe it won't be as hopes not...

You pupsters have a fantastic day...and get lots of all the good things!

wiggle butt, tail wags and doggie kisses ( the best kind)

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