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Chloe Smiles

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Tuesday's Barks....

July 14th 2009 8:44 am
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Woofin hello pupsters!
I have finally got de chance to jump up here on mom's lap and barktate a message to all you pupsters! About barking time! Me bruther, Charley has been so berry stingy with mom's time of late...but now it's me turn.
I got a new carrier but I tink I like my old one better although mom says I have outgrown my old one and that the new one has more room for me...reckon I'll get used to it. It's pink and brown...yea on de pink part...has a heart on it too so dat's cute...
Mom says that dere's new hats being shipped to us, two for me and two for me bruther... but as I done barked to youz I don't really like hats all dat much.

On Sunday mom gave us a bath. Me bruther is pititiful, the tinks he's being drowned just cause some water was splashed on him.... he's so dramatic. We got all clean and smellin so good....

We not got to go nowhere lately so I tink mom should take us out to de park soon, what do you pupsters tink?

Mom has to go to de people doctor tomorrow and den cause it's her loves third angel day she is gonna out to put flowers on his resting place. It will be a sad day for mom but we will be here to cheer her up when she gets home!

I want to bark out a big woof thank youz to Kasey, Savanna & Brandi for de refreshing lemonaid rosette and watermellon Sammy Jo, Toby Jo, Cory Jo, Dante & Casey for de beach ball rosette.... you pupsters are de greatest for gifting me such wonderful tings on my dogster page!
A bark of thanx to all my new pup pals too! I haz 385 pup pals now....gettin close to my 400 goal.... thanx so much for being my great pals!

Well I need to go pester me bruther and pull his blankies off him so he will get up n play with me...
Haz a great day pupsters!

Wiggle butt, tail wags and doggie kisses (de best kind)



July 12th 2009 6:11 am
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I has decided with certanity dat I do not like hats! I know mom tinks I look so cute in dem and I do but I still do not like hats! But for mom I reckon I can learn to tolerate dem. As you might guess my nu pink cowgirl hat came in and now I have 4 hats and two more being shipped :-( Maybe I will learn to like dem. I do like de attention people give me when dey see me in dem hats.. Me bruther's cowboy hat not here yet but it's on de way. Den we will get our picture in dem together...

The nu beds are here too... not happy with dem and I rather lay in our crate on our big thick pillow bed. Mom says though if we get approved to go visitin some elderly in a place called a nursing home that the nu beds would be good to place on de elederly people's lap so our claws don't accidentaly scratch the pepole.

We didn't get to go to de park yesterdays nor Petco...what a bummer dat was. We did go to de Sonic and get our burger, dat was a good ting!

I hope you pupsters have a great day!

wiggle butt, tail wags and doggie kisses (de best kind)


Weekend Plans

July 10th 2009 6:00 am
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Hello Pupsters, youz gotz any plans for de weekend with your peoples? Mom says we may go to Petco if'n her don't got to take care of dem grandsons. I hope we getz to go to Petco. Lots of fun at de Petco...lots of peoples and uther pups.

Mom told me to be on de look out for de mail person todayz cause my new pink cowgirl hat should be here today but if not tomorrow for sures... don't know what a cowgirl hat is but I know what a hat is. Mom put one on me yesterday and I look cute but me mom tinks I look cute in everyting.... Our burrow beds should also be here by tomorrow too.... so mom tinks...

I am so hapy dat I have over 300 pup pals now...dats so cool...Thanxs to all you pupsters for being my pals... Mom and I are gonna go invite more pup pals for me and me bruther....

Have a great weekend....

wiggle butt, tail wags and doggie kisses ( de best kind)


I'm a STAR

July 9th 2009 11:56 am
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Oh pupsters I's so excited to tell youz that I am a STAR! Well sort of me bruther too but we got our picture on television on de local television station. De picture of us mom has on me page in our Wedding Outfits! We gonna have to wear disguises when we go out now so we don't get mobbed by no puparazzai BOL

De mail person brought anuther package yesterdayz... two new hats for me and one for me bruther...maybe he won't be so jealsous now he got sumthin nu too... Our nu burrow beds are not here yet :-( But dey on de way!

Have a great dayz pupsters!

Wiggle butt, tail wags and doggie kissed (de best kind)


De Green Monster

July 7th 2009 8:38 am
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Me bruther Charley is bein takin overs by de green monster...youz knows about de green monster dey call Jealousy... when youz get upset over anuther pup gettin sumthin youz don't get den your insides turn green from de Jealousy monster... and me bruther's insides getting berry green! He's not happy dat mom has ordered me sum nu tings from de eBay and him'z not got much nu stuffs.. Mom tried to explain to me bruther dat he'z got lots and lots of clothes and toys and stuff and I don't gotz nearly as much as him cauze I not as old as him and dat mom needs to catch me up with him but he'z don't carez about dat, he still mad at me cause I getin nu tings... he sayz I tink I'z a princess or sumthin... I don't tinks I a princess I knowz I am a Princess. I been a princess since the dayz mom picked me up from de breeder person..her told me on de way home dat I was going to be her little princess... and I am!

My nu dress is shipped and on it's wayz to destination de tracker tingy told mom so it be here by end of week and so will my nu cowgirl hat and me nu pink cap.

Mom ordered me and me bruther some nu burrow beds. They should ship out todays.. maybe dey be here early next weeks. Mom also ordered one of dem burrow bedz for our pals Daisie and Tyson to sayz she would of order dem each one but der no more like dem up on de ebay tingy.

Look for nu pictures in de coming dayz cause mom will take pictures of me in my new tings.....

Hope you pupsters are having a great dayz... and all good tings are yourz todayz....

wiggle butt, tail wags and doggie kisses ( dey be de best kind)


My Bride's Dress Came Today

July 6th 2009 8:12 pm
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hello pupsters....
I's a berry luckie girl... todays my beautiful new bride's dress came in de mail... I got to try it on and mom snapped a picture or two den her made me bruther put on his tux he got for him's burfday and she got a picture of us side by side ( picture on my dogster page)... mom says we are sure two cutie pies! Dis is what we's gonna be for dis year's Halloween Event with the local animal rescue .... I not been to one yet but me bruther he says deres lots of fun and lots of uther doggies dere..

We suppose to get some new beds mail person is gonna bring dem to us and one for me pal's Daisie and Tyson to share but me bruther and me we get one each all to our selfs... I hope they are snuggly...

Good night pupsters... my eyes are druepping.. I's so sleepy...

wiggle butt, tail wags and doggie kisses (de best kind)


Dey Came Dey Came !

July 5th 2009 5:39 am
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Dey came ...finally dey came ! My new shades came in on Friday's .. mom got some pictures of me looking oh so cute as I always do... but mom didn't have time to put dem on my page till todays... and she was too busy for me to barktate to her so I could talk to all my pupster pals....but dis morning she's making up for it and getting things caught up on me dogster page for me's. You pupsters can see me in my new shades on my page.. it's the primary photo now... ain't I sooooo cute? Of course I am... BOL

I hope you pupster's had a wonderful July 4th celebration... and de loud pops, booms and lights didn't scares you... at first they made me mad and I kept barking trying to tell de peoples to be quiet but dey didn't listen and I gives up and stopped barking at dem... peoples can sure be stubborn.... On de big celebration day on Saturday's we went to mom's son's home for a big ole BBQ and we got a little bit of de meat with no sauce of course. Mom don't usually let us have meat like that because it's got too much uther stuff some called spices and salt but she let us have a tid bit cause it was a celebration...boy was it yummy... wishes we could have dat every days...

Mom's going put some pictures of me on my page watching TV... I like Animal Planet. I watch it with me mom...

Oh and mom ordered me two new hats off de ebay thingy... and a new dress too... and she's trying to order me a new carrier as I'm gettin too big for de one I have now... but she's says she's got to see if she can win the auction but she's at her top bid right now so if someone out bids now mom will look for anuther carrier for me... keep your paws cross mom wins me a new carrier...

You pupsters have a great day...

wiggle butt, tail wags and doggie kisses ( de best kind)


der on der way

July 2nd 2009 6:40 am
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Mom has checked the tracking thingy for me nu shades...der on der way to our house.... de tracking thingy said dey left Wisconsin yesterdays on der way to destination which be me! I can hardly wait... I so very tired seeing me burther showing off wearin his nu shades...can't wait to show him up with how cutes I'm gonna look in mines...
Mom may order me sum nu clothes from de eBay thingy tomorrows if'n she's got some extra moola after da der tings mom calls bills...dey make her frown. I hopes der moola for nu clothes.. der's some mighty pertty ones on dat eBay tingy. Mom and me we looks at dem yesterdays... and mom marked some we really liked so we's could go back to dem if we can order dem... cross your paws pupsters dat I am lucky enuf to get nu clothes...won't me bruther be turnin green... but he shouldn't ...yous should see all de clothes me bruther says it's cause he's older and been shopping longer den me...and dat I will catch up...

Hope you pupsters have a great day...

Wiggle butt, tail wags and doggie kisses ( de best kind)


Humph I am NOT YAPPY

July 1st 2009 7:41 am
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I over hears what my bruther barktated to our mom about me being yappy... I AM NOT YAPPY... me bruther don't know nutin... I do not yap... I am a girl and I talk alot...don't most girls talk alot... I got lots to say and just can't hold it in...that's all but it's not yappy it's expressing me self... Last night I was trying to tell mom that de neighbors were being bad, they were making too much noise with some sort of loud popping things and I was just trying to tell mom on them and trying to tell them to stop it and be quiet that it was gettin on to our bed times... but mom didn't understands I reckon...cause she kept saying to me to hush...but she never told dem peoples to hush...dat ain't fair... dae was making more noise den me.. but I had to go to bed early cause I was merely trying to tell mom about de loud noise...
Dis morning I was only tellin mom to get up, she was over sleepin... and after mom gets up I didn't have to tell her nuttin else so I got quiet... I don't understand why telling mom sumthin important is called yappin.... I AM NOT YAPPY ! Dats my story and I'm stickin to it !

Hope you pupsters are doin good, staying cool, gettin lots of luvs and hugs and that the peoples celebration dis weekend don't scares you to much...and dat your people understand when you trying to tell dem somethin it ain't being yappy...

wiggle butt, tail wags and doggie kisses ( de best kind)



June 30th 2009 5:50 am
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Maybes todays moms echeck will clear and de peoples will ship out me new shades. I hope so. I's tired of seeing me bruther Charley prance around and show off in his new shades. Mom took his picture and been showing it to lots of peoples whom tell her he's so cute in dem ... and just likes I nu it would me bruther's gettin de big head and thinking he's way more cute den me..... well even withouts nu shades I's stay way way way more cute den him!

Pupsters ifin you and your peoples believe in pawprayers my mom's people family can sure use lot's of em... Me mom got calls last night tellin hers that two of her people has cancer. I don't know what cancer is but it made me mom cry. Mom's lost lots of peoples to dis cancer the last few years...and she's so upset... I try to cheer her up but it's not please send lots of pawprayers for mom's family...thanx pupsters!

I'm gonna go pester me snooty burther pupsters stay cool, get lots of luvs n hugs....

wiggle butt, tail wags and doggie kisses ( de best kind)

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