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Chloe Smiles

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Monday's Smile

July 27th 2009 10:04 am
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Hi Pupsters!
Well we ended up not going to mom's people son's home and I didn't get to playz with the Deeogee boy... dat made me sad... I weally like playing with that Deeogee.
We did get to go to de Sonic not one day but two daez in a row...and wez got our junior burger plain to share both daez...wez sure sum lucky pups!
Mom and us we did go to mom's people daughter's home and wez got to play with Daisie and Tyson. All de baby puppies have gone to der nu homes. One is gettin sum of my old dwesses.
I'm gonna jump down now off mom's lap and go back and look out my window and guard me porch from de pesty squirrels and dose bad kitties!
Haz a gweat dae pupters!

wiggle butt, tail wags and doggie kisses (de best kind)


Countin de dae's

July 25th 2009 9:25 am
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I's countin de dae's till mom getz sum more of de moo la stuff so I can getz a nu dwess. ..... Mom and I's have a hard timez choosing just onez when there are so berry many beautiful dwesses for me! If deres enough moola I mitez get two dwess...crossin me paws on dat one...

Tonight I go see my pal Deeogee. I have lots and lots of fun playing with Deeogee. He lives with mom's person son. He's bigger den me but I still play with him and hang right in saz I a tomboy and not a dainty girl like she wantz me to be... I cantz help myself I wuv to rough house with de boys... tiz so much funz!

Maybe tomorrow we go to de Sonic for our junior burger plain and den to de park... I sure hopez so...

Have a pawriffic Saturday pupsters!

Wiggle butt, tail wags and doggie kisses (de best kind)


Fun weekend?

July 24th 2009 7:36 am
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Hi ya pupsters, you gotz sum fun plans for de weekend? Mom saz wez might get to go to de Sonic for our junior burger plain to share and den maybe if'n it's not two hotz we can go to de park .... dat would be funz...

My old clothes are still here cauz mom's people girl not come by yet to look through dem... if dey don't take dem mom sayz she's gonna put dem on ebay tingy and use de money to order me a nu dwess! Yea new dwess!!!!!!

I gonna go pester me bruther,he's still sweeping under de blankies... I go drag dem off of him which makes him soooooooo mad and he chases me all round de table and I luv to play dat chase game...

Haz a gweat day pupsters !

wiggle butt, tail wags and doggie kisses ( de best kind )


My Wardrobe is Shrinking

July 23rd 2009 5:34 am
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I's a girly girl wiff wots of purtty dresses to wear but mom went through my wardrobe and I's in shock and horror cause mom's selling sum of my purtty dresses! She say's I's out grown dem and now in de size dat I will wear de rest of me life and dey need to go to a new pup so dey can look cute and get used to be'in dressed...but I's don't wantz my purtty dresses on no uther pup, dey won't wook as cute as me in dem I swear dey won't.
Mom's daughter just gave one of Daisie's baby girls to her sister in law and is comin by to wook at my dresses and see if dey want to buy any for dat pup... :-(
Mom did pawpromise me dat my wardrobe will expand in time cauze just about every month I get a new dwess or two to add to it... and she's already found some on de ebay to order next month for me. Me bruther he's already got lots of clothes so he won't get many nu ones till I catch up with him or unless mom finds us matching outfits...
I'm a diva girl and I wuvs to dress up and look cute....
Off to take my beauty nap...

wiggle butt, tail wags and doggie kisses (de best kind)



July 22nd 2009 3:13 pm
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Mom is trying so hard to learn us how to behave when visitors come . We get excited, bark, jump, spin circles, sniff people and do all we can to get der attention. Mom is hav'n vistors to do what sum one called de Dog Whisper recommends... no talk no eye contact, no touch until we are calm and howz we suppose to be calm when der's people to see us? Dats impossiable...if de people would just go ahead and give us der undived attention, pets and luvs then we would calm down and leav'em alone..... but mom she's stricit and one's us to have sumthin called manners!

Mom is our teacher as der's no doggie school local. I have learn sit, down, sit up, give paw, leave it, back up and spin...dat's pretty good for a 8 month old pup! Me bruther Charley he knos more but hez older...

I like home school... you get lots of treats when youz do good and lots of luvs and good girls....dat's what I like!

Pupsters have a gweat dae!

wiggle butt, tail wags and doggie kisses ( de best kind )



July 20th 2009 11:53 am
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Hummmmmmmmm I's not surze wats I gonna barktate to mom todayz...

I do wantz to bark out thanks to all my new pup pals... I have over 400 now, dats way cool!

Mom left me home today when she went bye bye... I don't knows howz she could do dat when I followed her all over de house whenz hers was gettin dressed to leave, crying all de time, beggin to go bye bye too... mom knows how much I like to ride in de van... howz she could leave sweet wittle me at home I don't knows... .but her did.. she sayz it cauze it's too hot for me to tay in de van while her goes into de store and dat her wazn't goin no place I could get out at...

Maybe tomorrow I can go bye bye with herz..

sure hope you pupsters arse haven a good dae....

wiggle butt, tail wags and doggie kisses (de best kind)


Tiz Sonic Dae

July 18th 2009 10:37 am
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wez goin to de Sonic ... wez goin to de Sonic... wez goin to de Sonic...

dats me singin de Sonic song... BOL

wez be orderin one junior burger plain pleeeassseeee...
Den de girl herz will bring it out to de van and mom will divide itz in hafers, pinch it up just de right size and me bruther and me will get sum yummy sonic burger... right der in our very own van bowl dat came with our car seat... but if me bruther ain't fast I will woff down my hafers and den stick my mouth right over to hiz side of de bowl and woff down sum of his hafers tooz...BOL.. hez better eatz fastur...

Haz a gweat dae pupsters..

Wiggle butt, tail wags and doggies kisses ( de best kind )


window shopp'n on de puter

July 17th 2009 11:54 am
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Hey pupsters guess what me and mom been doin to dae...we been doin sum window shopping on de puter for me sum nu dresses. Mom says we can't order just yet but she got a berry special dress marked for me so when pay day rolls around maybe I get a nu dress! Der's a berry cute one mom wants for me burfday...dey will embroders my name on de dress.. it's be sooo kute....

Tiz a lazy dae dat why mom and me been doin dat window shoppin ting..nuttin happening here... just one of doze do nuttin kind of dae...

I'm going back to my nap...

wiggle butt, tail wags and doggie kisses (de best kind)


A bad bad kitty

July 16th 2009 1:49 pm
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dis mornin youz won't believe what came sneering at me and me bruther, Charley..... A KITTY ! Dat kitty was a bad bad kitty...he came right up to OUR window and starred right in at us...right into our house...canz you believe de nerve of dat bad bein on constant unwelcome guest alert me and me bruther we darted right up der on our box and we starred dat kitty eye to eye, we growled, we barked, we jumped at it, we scratched at it and good ting de window was between us and dat bad kitty or we would have taught him some manners about going and peepin in at uther's windows...but dat bad kitty he just sat der sneering at us...and den he laid down right der on OUR porch as if'n he owned de place! Mom sayz we shouldn't get so loud causin we aparment dogs but how can we not get loud when we got to tell dat bad kitty to go home! Mom decides to chase de kitty away back to his home. Me and me bruther we wanted to go out and help chase de bad kitty but mom wouldn't let us...dat just ain't fairs...but now de kitty is gone and he's best not come back cauze we are always on patrol for uninvited guest no matter what or who dey are....

wiggle butt, tail wags and doggie kisses ( de best kind)


Angel Day?

July 15th 2009 9:51 am
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I's not sures watz an angel dae is but mom's eyes have been watering sum todae and she said it's cause she sad and missing her luv, dat todayz is his third angel day. I never got to meet mom's luv....he would have been my dad...and dat would have been nice to have a dad and a mom.. Mom says he was berry special and dat she misses him berry much. Dae was togeather for a long time, mom saz dey still married, still together cause cancer nor death can take dat away from dem..dat luv has no limits and nuttin can deminish it. Mom hugs us and tells us she glad she has us.... and we glad too... I hope tomorrow mom feels muches better...going needs sum extra luvs from her "fur kids"

wiggle butt, tail wags and doggie kisses (de best kind )

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