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Training Black

Access Training

July 8th 2009 11:39 am
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Black has been doing real well on his training. On Monday I took him to Wal-mart for some practice and my daughter needed some things. I walked on Black's right side with a training chain on and a loose lead. My son was on Blacks left with a short lead on a flat coller. I was impressed with how well Black did. He acted like it was no big deal. He tried to sniff some material that was near him but I told him no and moved myself to leasen the temptation. He did so well that We went yesterday to Goodwill and toys r us. He was doing wonderful. No access problems and peaple were nice and friendly. we had a few kids and a adult come ask if they could pet him. Since he is being trained as a Autism assist I directed the questions to my son who did wonderful answering their questions. Employees at the stores try and not notice we are there especially wal-mart which I think is funny to see them turn their eyes away quickly. After our shopping we went to IN n out burger but ate outside as I am not sure if he is ready for that yet. We did drop some french fries near him. He tried to go for the first one but I made a noise to remind him to ignore it. After that he did great. He had a hard time staying down but I think the cement was bothering him. I will make him a settle mat this week and see if that helps. After we ate we went back to the car and gave him some water and son gave him his leftover hamburger for a treat. We went to Petco at the end and I took his vest off and let him pick out a toy. He got a squeeky chicken and a plush squeeky bone. I purchased a Gentle leader so that son could later learn to walk Black without being pulled. I also bought a clicker to start clicker training him for future tasks. Black is really impressing me with how well he has taken to being a Service Dog In Training. I feel that we are lucky to have such a wonderful dog in the family.


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