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Update for Cruiser

February 19th 2013 10:36 am
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Dear friends at Dogster and Pup Pals, I want to thank you for you gifts to Cruiser. In April of 2011 Cruiser had trouble breathing and was x rayed only to find out he was suffering from a tumor on his heart and it was pressing on his lungs also tumors were found in his abdoman he was relived of this suffering and pain and is over the rainbow bridge with his buddy Lord Titan. They are buried in the back yard in Michigan with their favorite flowers yellow day lillies at their head. I am missing them both terribly but I had to move and now I am in Virginia Beach Virginia. My mother was diagnosed with Alzheimers so I am here to help. Please understand I will not be back on dogster again after today. I won't be getting any other pets for the next few years I will be pretty busy with my mom and trying to find work here. Thank you all for your friendship and I pray you have a great new year in 2013. Health and Happiness to all of you at dogster and to all of our pup pals. Goodbye, Chris Mundrick


aug. 26, 2010

August 25th 2010 11:24 pm
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I almost forgot I really wanted to thank the humans that brought their dogs by our table at the Park in Redford and sampled moms great homemade treats. I also wanted to thank the people who donated the five hundred dollars to get my surgery started the vet was so shocked he started it for less money so we are trying to pay the rest as much as we can monthly. He is a really wonderfully talented vet. My mom lost the phone numbers and names of the people who donated the cash but we want them to know they are thanked and in our prayers every night for their kindness and willingness to help. They made the difference and because of their generosity I am still here today and still able to walk and run and still have all four legs. Have a blessed life thank you,

Cruiser and mom, Chris


aug. 26, 2010

August 25th 2010 11:16 pm
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Dear Diary, I have had my surgery last year,we are still paying off the vet a little at a time. Mom is now unemployed since June this year so I get to have her at home more to walk me and play. It is great but she doesn't have much money now with the unemployment but she makes me dog treats homemade and she made a bunch to sell at a cat and dog adooption last sunday in the park in Redford. She normally just takes orders and does the delivery.
so if any of you dogster pals want some custom homemade dog treats have your human call my mom at 586-872-6198 four days before they need the order delivered. I am doing just great with my leg except when it rains and if it is really cold. I have been on longer walks with my mom lately so she has helped the healing process alot. i run and jump and slide on the floor chasing my toys but I don't get on the bed or couch anymore I am afraid I will get hurt again so I won't even beg to get up there. Mom lifts me out of the car when we go to visit friends or get home from visiting. I have a new friend upstairs in the building he is a terrier/dachhound mix, his name is peanut and he looks the color of one. he is fun and so full of energy. the other dogs in the apts. are a chow mix female and a female beagle they live across the hall and come in our apt sometimes to visit and sometimes we walk together outside. Well I sure hope every one has had a nice summer take care of your humans and enjoy the fall. xo kisses and hugs, Cruiser


Hi there, this is cruiser he is a foundling from warrendale- area in 2001.

May 30th 2009 3:36 pm
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Cruiser is my empty nest child. He is a bully though. He reminds me of Garfield if he is hungry and i am asleep he will stand on me and poke my face (usually my eye) with his nose. He is such a character. Spoiled rotten pup. He is 8 yrs old or 9 but some days he get so silly and acts lke a puppy so my nick name for him is puppy face because he has that puppy look in his face. He likes to play by burying his face and body in his baby quilt and then pretending he can't get out, then all of a sudden he jumps up and gets out of it just to make you laugh. He can't stand it when i am ill he stays
right by my side. He is my hero last year he save me from bleeding to death and now he needs surgery on his leg. If I don't get the surgery he will be in lots of pain and the pain meds can damage his liver if he is on it a long time. I would have to put him down if don't get the surgery soon and that is no way to treat a hero. I haven't had the money for the surgery so I have a donations request up in alot of places. The surgery will be done when i have enough for half of the expenses. So far we are grateful for the 400.00 in the fund, but our goal is 3,000.00 this is the total approx. costs. I am hoping for some dog loving good samaritans to help with some donation money. my Vets office can give more info warren animal Hospital 586-264-4621 Dr. Lanier. We are praying for a miracle in donations. i love my little hero. he is so brave about the pain. he still chases his ball and throws it at me to play with him. chris

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