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My Little Funny Life


April 21st 2010 7:34 pm
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If it were not for a Rescue Group I would not be here today! I was born in an Ohio Amish puppy mill who treat their dogs and pups as another farm animal to produce income for the farm. The children are given the responsibility to care for the dogs but are not permitted to play with or pet them. They do a good job of daily cleaning the kennels and doling out sufficient food and water BUT NO LOVE.

When I was six weeks old, the puppy brokers looked at me and said "No Sale.. not good enough". I was doomed!! My rescuing Angels would make bi-weekly trips to the local Amish breeders looking for "less than perfect" dogs like me.

The Rescue Group found me crammed into a pen with six adult dogs; all of us scheduled to be destroyed in a few days. Unfortunately, the adult dogs had too many physical and mental problems to be saved.

Although I am a purebred miniature poodle, I had many problems:
- I was a cryptorchid
- My legs are slightly bowed
- Even though I was 7 weeks old, I only weighed 3 1/2 pounds and I was very small
- I was a little afraid of people because I had never been out of a kennel or experienced much human touch
- I was very dirty and my fur was very matted as I had never been groomed

Well, the rescue people bought me (YES, I said bought - the breeders charge the rescue groups the same cost as the puppy brokers pay.. they would rather destroy than not receive payment!) and took me into their home with the other six dogs they were fostering. They cleaned me up, took me to the vet, spent hours grooming and housebreaking me and gave me Lots and Lots of LOVE.

After six weeks, my rescuers put me up for adoption on the internet. It took almost three weeks for my huMOM to come into my life. She had just retired and decided she finally had the time to devote to a puppy. She talked to the rescue people, filled out the adoption forms, made an appointment to meet me and awaited for approval to adopt.

When we finally met, it was love at first sight for both of us. I planted myself in her lap and would not leave her side.. even for a treat!! Mom gave my rescuers extra green paper so I could have my little crate and bed to sleep in and feel comfortable in my new home. She even brought me a new harness, leash and squeeky toys.

It took almost four hours to get to my new home and I was a bit scared but that disappeared in a few short hours. Over the next weeks, if I wasn't sleeping in my crate, I was on Mom's lap, being taken outside every two hours (in the snow!!), getting my kibble with yummy chicken added and generally being LOVED.

I will always be small (at 18 months, I'm only 10 pounds), the Vet thinks I may have a heart murmer but I AM LOVED and I LOVE Mom and everybody who visits with me.

I have three birthdays... Oct 31,2008 when I was born; December 16, 2008 when I was rescued and March 12, 2009 when Mom adopted me.



Lift that Hammer. Wack that Nail!!

March 11th 2010 6:23 pm
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I haven't been around much lately because Mom is remodeling her kitchen and she named me the "Kitchen Remodel Supervisor".

Each day, it is my responsibility
* to greet each of the construction guys as they come in,
* get lots of belly rubs and treats from them,
* bark at appropriate times... like when the saws start up or when they nail things with the air compressor thingy
* try to sneak part of their lunch
* peel off the tape they put around to cover the new floor and try to eat it... it's a pretty blue!!!
* make sure everyone gives me more petting and belly rubs at night when they leave.

They even took my picture and posted it on their construction internet site:

Me Bossing

The guys call me their little Boss.. they all LOVE me!!

The only bummer is not getting enough of my favorite food.. scrambled eggs. Mom tells me that scrambled eggs made in a microwave taste like rubber and I wouldn't eat them. If I'm really good that day, she puts Arby's roast beef into my kibbles... that's really good but I miss my scambled eggs.

Well, I gotta go and get my beauty sleep so I can supervise the plumbing tomorrow.

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