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hi my name is cleopatra and i am a 4 year old lab mix. i live in PA and- would luv some dog or cat pals and some paw mail. i can

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MY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!! YIPPIE!!!!!! FEB, 17th

February 18th 2012 2:06 pm
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hey pals! it was my birthday yesterday!!!! mommy gave me a party, cake and pawresents!!!!! i am a very, very happy doggie!!!!!!! YIPPIE!!!!!, WUF, CLEO!!! we found out last year my birthday was feb. 17th!!!!


happy holidays!!!!!!!woof woof

December 18th 2011 10:45 am
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dear diary!
merry christmas and happy holidays to all my pup pals! my mommy's surgery went fine and i want to thank all of you for your prayers! iam looking forward to all the good stuff on the holidays and hope all my pals & their families have a wonderful holiday!
yippie and woof, woof, cleopatra11


dear diary!! happy day!!!!

November 23rd 2011 5:58 am
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Dear Diary!
I am asking for prayers from all my pals today!!! My mom is having surgery soon and i want to be sure she's OK!Now i have plenty of things to be grateful for on Thanksgiving! I am so glad i have a home and lots of love! There are some dogs and cats with no love or homes and we should take Thanksgiving to pray for them to get the help & love they need! My wish is that all have a wonderful Thanksgiving!!!
Wuf, Cleo!!!!


happy thanksgiving!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

November 18th 2011 5:33 am
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dear diary!!!
I am getting ready for Thanksgiving and trying to be a good doggie so mom can get everything done! she is having surgery soon on her hand so i have to be REALLY good! now i even wait by the door to go potty without a fuss so she has time to get me out!!!! i have recieved sooooo much love that i am thankfull for my home & family! i hope all my pup pals feel loved and happy for this holiday!!! wuf, Cleopatra


woof! woof happy halloween!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

November 1st 2011 3:58 pm
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dear dogster!!!
i am s happy doggie today! i had so much fun on haloween! i got dressed up in my "witch" costume and went trick & treating with the kids1 i had so much fun and got alot of treats! i went to each house just like all the little kids! i went inside and met alot of people! i got so many compliments on my costume and i think i was a cute little witch! i really an a happy dog and i try so hard to be "social"!!!!! thanks to dogster for giving me soooooo many pals! when i first joined i had just moved to a new nieghborhood, my mommy was sick & i had no pals! now i have lot's & lot's! PS, mommy is better now! YIPPIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
wuf, cleo!!!!!


happy halloween!!!!

October 29th 2011 1:14 pm
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Dear Diary! I am so excited! I won 1st prize in the Halloween contest at Petco!!!! Yippie ! I was a "witch" this year and everyone made a fuss over me!!!Wow! I got lots of presents but the best one was the smile on my mommy's face! We doggies bring so much joy to our human parents! Its a good day to be a dog!!!!!. Wuf,Cleo!!!!!! PS i hated the "hat" but i wore it anyway!!!!!


happy halloween!!!!

October 8th 2011 5:19 pm
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Dear Diary!!! Thank you for all your support for Sunny!!!! Sunny and his mommy are so thankful for everyone's help! They are doing better and that makes me happy! YIPPIE!!! I wish all my pals a "happy halloween"BOOOOOOO!!!! Thank you for all my gifts too!!!!! They really mean alot to my mommy! We are doing better and my human grandmom is doing much better after all her health scares! Dogster pals helped us too!
WOOF, Cleo& Joanna


thanks to all my pup pals!!! yippie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

September 21st 2011 12:25 pm
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Dear Diary! thank you to all my pals for praying for Sunny and giving me soooooo much love too! i feel so special and loved!!!! i just LOVE DOGSTER and i have a very large bunch of furiends that i am gratefu too!!!!! yippie, wuf,cleo!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Thank you for the prayers for Sunny!!!!!!!!

September 18th 2011 3:22 pm
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Dear Diary! i am so happy that all my pup pals! all Sunny's pals sent him love & prayers! his mommy is so thankful for all your support! she absolutly has read all the dogster paw mail! dogster is a very important community for all doggies and their owners!!!! when someone is having problems, all the dogster pals get together and help! i think that is wonderful and i feel so loved!!! yippie dogster!!! ,woof,clepatra


for my dear pup pal sunny!!!!!!!!!!!!

September 16th 2011 5:00 am
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dear diary!
my pal Sunny has been sick and i want all my pup pals to pray for him to recover!! he is trooper but needs love and support from all dogster friends!!!! he is my very first pup pal and means the world to me! please, please send a prayer to him! thank you, wuf, cleopatra!!!!!

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