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Sweet as Sugar

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Happy 13th Birthday Sugar

November 25th 2013 8:55 am
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Wow 13 sweet wonderful years with our little smiling happy little girl. How the years fly by! You are still so full of energy, loving the walks that you take with your mom almost every day. You graduated to walking without a leash because you are such a faithful alert girl, always listening to what your mom says when a car comes along. We plan on doing a special day for you today for we treasure each and every day that we have with you. We enjoy each day as we come home from going off and seeing you smile for us for you are so happy to see us. The way you are so vocal when there is something that you want or need. Be it going out to go potty and come back in to wanting a treat you little girl always let us know. You are the most special one of a kind little ever! Never will we be able to replace you in our hearts, you are so unique. we love you so much little Sugar and are so glad that after 13 years you are still with us,. We ca only hope that you will be with us for more happy and healthy year... Happy Birthday to you Sugar we LOVE YOU....


HAPPY 11th Birthday Sugar

November 26th 2011 9:07 pm
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Happy birthday my beautiful girl. I want you to have many more birthdays. I think of the time that I enjoy with you each and every day and about your big sister Missy's passing and it makes me love you more each day more for I do not know how long you will be with us and how many more hugs and kisses I can give you. You are such a special little girl we love you so much and wish for you a wonderful and healthy life with your mommy and daddy and sisters. Happy Birthday smiling little girl we LOVE YOU very much......



November 25th 2010 2:23 pm
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It is our little girls birhday today on Thanks Giving Day, She got to get a treat of some ham and turkey, she shared of course with her sisters. Then mommy took her and her sister Morgan for a long walk, what a beautiful day here in Georgia the 25th of November 2010... 78 degrees and sunshine! Where does the time go little girl? It seems like just yesterday that mom and dad brought you home such a cute little puppy. You have grown and blossemed into a sweet sweet and beautiful girl. There is not a stranger ever in your eyes you love everyone, always will have a smile if they just give you some attention and a few scratches.. WE love you Sugar, we hope that you will be with us a lot more birthdays to come. HAPPY BIRTHDAY SUGAR LOVE MOM AND DADDY and sister Sami and Morgan..



October 19th 2010 5:36 am
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WOWEE what did I do when my mommy and daddy were not home, they will really never know! All I can say is that I was glad when they got home, because I was really hurting and could not hardly walk. My rear legs were so weak they could not even hold me up to walk on them. My mommy let us all out to potty when they came back from going to who knows where they go when they leave us.... Anyways upon letting us back into the house she noticed that I could not even go up the 2 short steps into the house. She came outside then to pick me up and carry me into the house. She then took me to the emergency doctor in Columbus because my vet was already gone home for the day. We were lucky this night to be able to get right in to see the doctor, usually there is a LONG wait mommy said because there is always sick pups and kitties that come in there at all hours of the day and night. The doctor looked at me to see if he could see what was wrong. He checked my reflexes and everything to see what was going on. He then did an X-ray to see how my insides look. Said he really did not see any particular damage to my spine but that there was some pressure swelling around one of my disks in my back. That was what was making it difficult for me to walk. Any ways he gave my mommy stickt orders to keep me confined in my crate for 3 to 4 WEEKS! It is prison I tell you! Luck have it though I really do like my crate, for I go in there alot to take little naps to get away from everyone. The doctor also gave me some pills that I had to take for the inflamation and the pain. I did not like them so mommy tricked me by buying some can dog food and hiding it in there, so I did not even know I was taking them... Cleaver mommy... My mommy loves me so much, she would not let me walk around any where except to go potty, she carried me outside to do that and stood there and watched me till I was done to make sure that I was doing ok, she carried me back into the house and put me straight away into my crate afterwards. This all went on for 3 and a half weeks,when I started walking so much better and mommy could trust me. Well she still does not trust me because she will not let me jump off of any thing or onto any thing that is high any more. She shuts off the rooms where there is danger of me doing that. She loves me sooo much I know, I am her little senior dog as she calls me and I am so special. She now make me and my sister all go into our crates when her and daddy go any where so we will none of us hurt ourselves while they are away and not able to watch over us. What a worry wart my mommy is, my daddy says.. Oh well I guess it is for our own good. Any way thanks to my mommy I am doing so much better now and there is not any permanant damage, I hope to NEVER do this ever again, and won't either if my mommy has anything to say about it. I LOVE MY MOMMY Thank you mommy for making me well again.


what a funny girl

July 1st 2009 5:25 am
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Sugar likes to take things, could we say that she is a little clepto or what? She will steal one of the socks taken off by mom or dad and take it to her kennel (where she loves to take her naps and to get away from hussel of the household). She will even go as far as to take clothing out of the laundry basket. Mom has seen her on many occasions strolling through the house towards her kennel with one of her shirts trailing from Sugar's mouth. What a cute site that is! One day mom will have the camera ready when she is doing this and capture this crazy little antic that she has. We love you Sugar you funny little girl, what a personality you have, we would not trade it or you for anything in the whole wide world you are one of a kind and our sweet little sugar baby!


Happy Birthday To Our Little Sugarbear

November 29th 2008 1:48 pm
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Happy Birthday sweet little girl, mommy is so sorry that she did not get a chance to write in your diary on your actual birthday the 25th of November. So much going on with your mommy these days as you know. You are such a comfort to me during this healing time I am going through with my knee replacement surgery. You and your sisters stick by my side pretty close. One day little girl hopefully soon when mommy's knee is all healed it will be all worth it and you and me can go for a nice long walk like we used to do. I did get you some treats for your birthday, and some turkey for my girls to eat on Thanks Giving day. I sure can not believe that you are already 8 years old! I hate to see the years go by so fast, it makes your mommy and daddy so sad to think that one day you will not be here with us any more. I pray that you will be here a long time and will have a very happy and healthy life til the end because that is what mommy and daddy try to do for you. You give us so much in your life and we just always want the best for our girls, to be happy and healthy. I Love you so much Sugar and want you to know that mommy did not forget your 8th birthday... Happy Birthday to our sweet little Sugar
Love Mommy,Daddy,Sami and Morgan


I have been tagged by my friend Cali

November 5th 2008 6:46 am
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I got tagged yesterday and I never done this before so going to see if I can try to play along with my sweet friend Cali
She wants to know 7 things that she may not know about me this is what they are:
1. I can smile really big with all my front teeth showing
2.I love to sunbathe with my belly up ahhhhhhh
3.I beg my mommy and daddy for doggie bisquits
4.I love love love to go for a walk with whoever is willing to take me
5.I have never met any one that I do not like
6.I love to have my back scratched and my ears rubbed
7.I really really really HATE thunder storms... They scare me!

So now you know a little more about me so go out there and tag 7 of yourpup-friends & see what you can learn about them. Lets have some fun and play this game..

My friends tagged by me are
1,Angel Lynn/694690
2.Oliver /584176
3.Addie /808356
4.Putter /494763
6.Sparky The Wonder Dog /25745


Welcome Spring and soon Summer

May 9th 2008 8:15 pm
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My favorite time of the year says little Sugar, she so loves to be outside on a nice warm sunny day. She as in some of the photos on her page can show any one how much she truly loves the sun. She will lay out there and sun bathe in the grass for a long while, just soaking it in and rolling in the grass. She is such a funny little girl. Always a smile for mom when we come home from being in town at the coffee shop or where ever, she will come around the drivers side of the truck and wiggle and smile really big with her teeth showing to show mom how happy she is to have us back home again. This little girl is enough to brighten up any ones day. She loves any one if they will pay her some attention. Sugar my dear little silver queen we love you so much! Hugs and kisses always from your mommy and daddy...XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO


Sugar's popcicle photo

April 26th 2008 6:09 pm
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There is a story behind this popcicle photo, after mom took it she thought it was so cute that she entered into a contest on line at and then it got selected to be one of the photo's that they wanted to publish in an up coming photo book and so she was published in this book. Well of course mom had to buy the book and is very proud to show off her picture in the book. She don't eat popsicles so much any more because we don't buy them but she loves to eat frosty paws that mom buys for all of the girls at the grocery store just for dogs.... She is not spoiled NO NO NO she is just VERY MUCH LOVED! Our SWEET little Sugar.... We Love you!


My sweet little Sugar

February 13th 2008 8:53 pm
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You have such a sweet smile little girl and you show it to whoever will give you some love and scratchs on your back... That always makes them smile, you give every one so much love and joy you sweet little Sugar girl. I wish Sugar that mom could take you for a walk like I used to, but dad is trying his best to do that. Mom knows how you love to go for a walk, maybe one day whenever mom gets her knee fixed right we can go again, I promise you. I hate to see your birthdays come little girl because you are now the senior of the house since your big sister Missy is now gone. It makes mom sad to think that the years go by so fast for you and your sisters. Mom wants to keep you forever, but she knows that is not possible. Mom wants to know that no matter what she loves you and will continue to give you as much love as you give back to her. Thank you little girl for being moms sweet little girl....

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