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Our only little chi chi aua.... Samantha Lynn,Lou, Sami

To The Vets You Go

April 8th 2008 8:48 pm
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Today little girl you went to the vet, mom was brave and she went in there with you as you got your shots. They put you in the very room that I said good bye to your sister Missy in. It was very hard for mom but she did just fine. You are such a good little girl for your shots, your vet asked mom if you needed to be muzzeled for your shots. I guess that they thought you might bite them, they found out though that you are the best little chihuahua for shots. I have to say that I am proud of you as I am of all my girls. All my girls are always good for getting their shots. The blood drawn part is a little tough to check for heartworms but you did good you did not cry at all. They always have to give you some benedryl for you always swell up on your little face from your shots. You still got a little swollen but you look fine tonight. It costs alot to have all of this done each year, and especially when we have the 3 of you girls, but it is well worth it to do this to make sure that you stay healthy and happy. That is such a small price to pay to have you not get sick. The doctor looked at your teeth and he said my Sami you have such clean teeth, and I said yes mom brushes them and takes good care of her babies teeth. I know that you don't like getting your teeth brushed but it is another thing that mom does for you to make sure that you stay healthy and strong. It is because I love you and your sister so much that I do all of these things. So little Sami my brave little soldier Chihuahua you did good today mom and dad are proud of you. You have a clean bill of health and you weigh all of 5.8lbs such a heavy weight... You little little girl.... We do love you so


My Darling little Sami

January 24th 2008 5:25 pm
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We call you the mouth of the south because you always have to have the last word whenever someone comes to the house. You do love people though and that is a good thing considering that every one says that Chihuahuas always are a one or two person kind of dog. You love to get your stuffed animals and bring them to people when they come over, and take them outside with you when you go out to go potty. You are so cute when you do that. You don't know a whole lot of tricks because mom has not worked with you that much on that. You do, do a very nice little dance whenever you want a treat though that is a cute thing. I will try to get a little film clip of that one day and put it on your page for you.You love your daddy the most I think of anyone but that is ok, because he needs to have some little fur baby too. Sami we never thought we would ever have a Chihuahua because we have always had nothing but Poodles but you are a special little girl and mom would not trade you for any other little Chihuahua in the whole world. You stay sweet, my little girl and you live a long life with your mom and dad for you make us smile you are such a funny and happy little girl..... We Love you.....

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