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Our Wedding Scrapbook

Happy Anniversary!

May 18th 2012 5:15 am
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Happy Third Anniversary to Duncan!

We had a wonderful wedding surrounded by our Dogster and Catster friends 3 years ago in Jerusalem at The King David Hotel. It was a week of parties and sightseeing in Jerusalem finishing up with the wedding! We had over 400 furs join our wedding group. Not everyone was able to attend but there were lots of furs there and it was pretty hectic.

Pulling out our wedding scrapbook and pictures to look at!

Printed in the C & D Monthly News Society Pages thanks to Bitu!

Bailey and Duncan were married May 17th ,2009. They had their grand wedding in Jerusalem...
The wedding crowd was vast and happy to see these two finally marry and so many ladies cried.....
They had a Jewish wedding which is called 'Kiddushin' - the Holy Ceremony .
The Bride is called a 'Kalah' and the groom is called a 'Chatan'.
And there is always a marriage contract called a 'Ketubah'
Duncan waited with his parents under the Chuppah (wedding canopy) as Bailey walked down the aisle with both her parents.
Then they both walked towards the Chuppah, and from there with Cantor Levi and Rabbi Moshe who performed the ceremony.
Many shouts of "Mazel Tov" could be heard to signify the union and to offer congratulations to the marriage of Bailey and Duncan.

Printed in STAFU The Rag, thanks to Raja!

Bailey and Duncan, Married and in Love Furever!

Many Dogster pals ears perked up when Bailey, youthful, glamorous and athletic, and Duncan, stable, humble and true-hearted, began to take notice of each other. Their courtship was truly one of the most talked about Dogster romances, as the busy couple jetted and floated all over the world, partying and touring. They even joined the Olympics together as a team. When Bailey and Duncan announced their engagement, I think it’s safe to say that nobody was surprised. In fact, many Dogster girls began to shop for dresses immediately because we all knew that Bailey and Duncan would do “wedding” right.

The relationship never wavered, even when Duncan became an angel in the Spring of 2009. There was not a dry eye on Dogster (and also not among the Dogster Moms) when we heard about Duncan, but:

Amor omnia vincit
Love conquers all

Bailey stepped forth with all four pristine paws to say that Duncan is her soul mate and the only dog for her and the wedding, of course, will go on- and the parties- and the honeymoon- and the happy life! Bailey and Duncan, always inseparable.

After a fun filled Rooster and Hen Party on May 13, Bailey and Duncan jetted to Jerusalem, Israel and took up residence in the famous King David Luxury Hotel. Joined by all their friends (the King David was booked solid with dogs dogs dogs!) Bailey and Duncan participated in a Jerusalem history and shopping tour with friends before the brilliant rehearsal dinner given by Tayla the Caterer.

The next day they met under the Chuppah and said their vows, assisted by a flotilla of beautiful girl dogs and cats in lavender dresses and well-turned-out boy dogs and cats in formal attire. New family members Chewby and Harley bore the ring and dropped rose petals, walking before Bailey, who walked between her Mom and Dad to the altar. Cat cousin Magic was always at their sides.

Now Bailey and Duncan have returned from a both glamorous and rugged tour of the Holy Land and Egypt. They rode camels, visited a kibbutz, toured the desert ruins from the time of the Romans and finally floated toward home on the Nile River. Next, the party meisters par excellance will go to Mexico for the post honeymoon honeymoon- a new and de rigueur custom for the glitterati of Dogster.

Amor Omnia Vincit
Bailey and Duncan Furever!

Raja Traveler, June 2, 2009

Love and thanks to all our friends for all they did to make the day so special.

Happy 3rd Anniversary Angel Duncan!


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