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Keep your paws crossed for me!

October 2nd 2009 5:11 am
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It is a big weekend for me. It is my first dog show. I will get to see other white german shepherd dogs at the show and their owners. I hope I can keep it together and have a great show. Mom says I am very handsome. We all know I am a character and very playful. I will have to behave and not eat any toilet paper on my trip! BOL!


I did it again!

September 27th 2009 4:54 am
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I tried to get in the bathroom garbage can upstairs. Mom shut the door. She was cooking breakfast when she heard a strange sound. It was me unrolling the toilet paper! Now the powder room door is shut.I can't have any fun on a rainy day.I got rained out yesterday, and I'm bored. Toilet paper is so much fun to play with. Looks like I'll just have to bark and herd the cats!


Getting into more trouble!

September 24th 2009 5:12 am
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I just can't keep away from that toilet paper. I just love to unroll it, play with it, and eat it! It is so much fun. I have to sneak around to do it as mom does not like this. She has found lots of signs I have been playing with it. She may have to close the bathroom doors if I continue this. Today is Toby's 5th barkday. Rumor has it, a raid is planned later on the local feed store!



September 15th 2009 1:05 pm
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Mom took me to the vet today as I have been limping. Toby and I play rough. We are not sure how I got injured. I am on medication and allowed out only with the leash. I got to take it easy. I have a dog show coming up and I got to get better. I am 65# although I look skinny.


Meezer encounter

September 4th 2009 4:32 am
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Last night I had an encounter with one of the siamese cats, Lucky Star. She may be beautiful, but she is evil I say! I live with a family of those meezers. I went to check out a feather she was playing with and she flipped out on me! I did not touch her. Her fur went wacky and her tail puffed up. The others joined in to her defense. I heard growling and hissing and then-she chased me! Do you believe it? I knocked over my water dish fleeing the scene! Mom had to comfort the cats and I went and hid in her bedroom. Mom wishes she had the incident on camera so she could replay it. I hope it never happens again. Those cats are in cahoots together!


Thirsty Thursday! I'm a diary pic today!

September 3rd 2009 4:31 am
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Woohoo, pups! Let's get this party started today, it's thirsty Thursday! I am a character. Toby has taught me all kinds of things. He is jealous I'm getting more mail than he is! If you are not my pal already, send me a request. I love mail. I write back. Read my diary for new adventures. I like to shake things up here!


New Pics

September 1st 2009 2:24 pm
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I got some new pics on my page today. I'm as big as Toby! I am long and slinky. I love to pose for the camera!


Move it Monday

August 31st 2009 6:30 pm
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Dad cleaned the carpets today. I was not afraid of the big machine. It was noisy though. I'm getting ready for my conformation training this week. I plan to attend a puppy show in a few weeks. Look out pups, I'm very handsome and sweet. I'm not an aggressive bad dog like the one next door.The yellow jackets have returned. Mom has found 3 nests of them already in the past 2 weeks. They are very mean and their sting hurts. They are flying all over our bushes. Mom is keeping us away from them.


dirty tail

August 19th 2009 5:35 am
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Today I got black grease on my white tail. Who knows where it came from? I thought it did not look too bad, adding some color!



August 18th 2009 12:55 pm
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The teen was briefly dog sitting me while mom was out. Mom came home to find this mess! I tried to blame the cats, but I got caught with the goods. Toilet paper is tasty too!

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