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Tonka speaks

Where's Raven?

October 6th 2009 7:55 am
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Mom and Dave told me that Raven went to the Rainbow Bridge but she's been gone a whole week now and that seems like an awfully long trip. Maybe she forgot how to get back?

Mom has been leaving me out in the back yard all day whenever I don't go to day care. It seems kind of funny to be out there all by myself but I guess I'll manage. And it used to be when I came home from doggy day care there was always an extra cookie on the blanket because Raven never could eat those hard cookies. But now there isn't a cookie any more! What's up with that?

So Raven, wherever you are, can I have your cookies and yummies now? Let me know and thanks!


Doggy day care is super fun!

May 15th 2009 5:33 am
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Yesterday mom took me to "doggy day care" - I had no idea! I was a little nervous at first because I thought maybe they were giving me back or something. But after a little while I got to know some of the day campers and we had an AWESOME time! Mom says I can go maybe once a week to play with my new friends, like Amber and Bailey and Otis and that other dog with the crazy blue eyes I can' t remember his name right now and the one dog that barks like a nut and has to go into time out... phew! Anyway, they gave us a snack and we got to take a little nap then back out to the play yard and boy oh boy am I ever tired today! Mom says if she didn't know better, she would swear they gave me some kind of drugs but really I'm just awfully tired. Can't wait to go back but definitely not today I need some sleep zzzzzzzzzzzzzz..............


A letter to all my prison and rescue friends

May 6th 2009 6:05 pm
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Hello from my new forever home. It’s a pretty good one too! The people who live here apparently are named “mom” and “Dave.”

Another dog lives here too, my big sister Raven. Except Raven is pretty old and actually kind of grumpy (don’t tell her I said that). I keep trying to make her like me but she gets real crabby if I run too fast in the house or jump over her head or nip at her legs. Mom says I just need to leave Raven alone sometimes and then she tells Raven that she needs to be a little more flexible. Mom says Raven is used to being an “only” dog (whatever that means) but that she really does like other dogs and will come around eventually. Anyway, I’ll keep working on her. She will love me I’m sure, just might take a while.

I have to tell you, this place is amazing! Just like Disneyland! First off, there are about a gazillion squirrels in the back yard trees so I have my paws full trying to keep up. Raven is NO help at all. Every time we’re outside she just finds the nearest shady spot and takes a nap. Guess it’s all going to be my responsibility. I think they adopted me just in the nick of time because believe me, the squirrel situation here is completely out of control. Good thing there is a doggy door so I can get in and out quickly whenever I spy a squirrel getting a little too close for comfort.

So anyway mom and Dave are pretty cool. They don’t know too many words yet but they are working on it. They use “Raven words” and forget that I don’t speak Raven’s language. To be honest, they are not nearly as bright as I was hoping for but you have to love them anyway. Mom is so cuddly and lets me squeeze up next to her for snuggles on the bed when I’m tired. Dave is absolutely, positively the BEST belly-scratcher in the world and he also throws a mean ball. He wears me out! (On the other hand, mom is not too good at it, she throws like a girl.)

They said once it stops raining and being all muddy they are taking me to a place called the “dog park” where I hear there are squirrels that run around on the ground and not up in the trees (I guess they call them prairie dogs but that’s sure a silly name). At the dog park you can also throw the ball for miles and miles, plus there is a big pond where I can go swimming with the other lucky dogs. Woohoo!

Until then, I’ll be hanging out on the deck, monitoring the back yard squirrel activity, playing catch with Dave, taking mom for walks in the morning and snuggling with her at night when I’m sleepy. I'll try harder to be nice to Raven, although I think she’s totally spoiled and they baby her WAY too much.

OH! And I wanted to tell everyone thanks for teaching me how to be a good dog so I could live in a cool house with lots to do and lots of love. You were all so special to me but I'm pretty sure I can take it from here.

P.S. (Mom says if you look up the word “velcro” in the dictionary, you will see a picture of me. You should go check it out!)

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