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Barking with B.J.

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Bye everyone.... OR, hello, maybe????

March 17th 2010 2:41 pm
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Gee, Mom kicked me and Hilda out of the doghouse!!! She said since Hilda lived with Laurie and I actually live with Laurie's daughter that we should now have an account with Laurie.
Soo, Goodbye from Mom and welcome to Laurie (and me and Hilda!!!)


Happy Holidays.........

December 24th 2009 1:30 pm
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Another group diary entry from all of us and our Mom to all our pals on Dogster.
We hope you all have the most Merry and Happy holiday ever. We hope you get everything you wished for, and you have a peaceful and pleasant day.
We are thankful that we have met so many wonderful dogs here and that we are all friends and enjoy each other's company. We have enjoyed the "real" visits we've had and hope to have many more in the coming year. We have enjoyed reading everyone's diaries and are glad that we aren't the only "naughty AND nice" pups in the world.
May the blessings of the holiday season be yours, now and throughout the New Year!



December 3rd 2009 5:11 pm
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Hey, even though I am in CT and not in NH, it has come to my attention that I will be hitting 1,000 visitors within the next day or so. I trust that my new mom and dad will reward me with a nice, big treat, so everyone, please visit my page!


Life in Connecticut, cont.

December 2nd 2009 4:44 pm
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Well, well, I think I look rather pretty in my Santa hat. is going great. I've figured out that I'm allowed on the couch, no matter how much I shed. Mom just keeps vaccuming it over and over again. My brother is still a spaz. He runs around like a lunatic in the morning, knocking stuff over and attacking me as I walk by. He has this strange fascination with my tail...I haven't figured it out, personally I don't find his tail very exciting. My mom and dad put in this fence that's supposed to keep me in the yard. It makes this annoying beeping sound when I get near these strange white flags...I'm not very fond of it so I just run the other way. They also spend a lot of time in this other building where they park the cars. I get to hang out with them and they even put down a special rug for me to lay on. Sure beats the cold concrete. I have a new best friend that lives next door. We run and run around the yard. It's a lot of fun.
Well, Christmas is coming and I'm hoping Santa brings me some yummy treats. And I think I heard mention of a new collar. My mom and dad sure love me. I think it's safe to say I'm spoiled. (But don't tell them that...I don't want it to stop)
Love BJ


Turkey talk............

November 25th 2009 1:03 pm
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Us pups up here in New England want to wish all of your pups a very, very happy Thanksgiving filled with lots of nice turkey. While the vets see more dogs with intestional upsets on Black Friday than any other day, Mom wants everyone to know it's not the turkey that is the villian!!! Turkey by itself is good for dogs... it is a safe, mild meat (unless you are allergic to it!!!) The problem comes with the rest of the Thanksgiving dinner. Worst of all is that great tasting fatty turkey skin. Man, is that stuff good, but, man is that stuff hard for us to digest and it really strains our pancreas. And, also a problem is the gravy and the stuffing, for the same reasons. Most of the veggies are okay, especially the sweet potatoes and the brocolli. But, watch out for the sauces on the veggies. A small piece of roll or bread won't hurt, but be light on the butter, please. As for dessert... skip that in favor of another piece of turkey!!!! And, you better stay away from the wine or you will be whining with a big headache.
Another thing to remember, watch where your parents put those turkey bones! Cooked turkey bones splinter really easily and can puncture your digestive system. Also, it is possible you could choke on them!!! If either of those things happen, you will be spending Black Friday visiting with your veterinarian and your pawrents will be angry... moms cuz they would rather spend the time and money on Black Friday specials and dads cuz they wanna watch all that football!!!
Soo, let's all go out and pawty hearty... but not too hearty!!! Happy Turkey day to everyone!


Letter from my new home.....

October 24th 2009 11:28 am
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Hi Guys,
Yeah I'm doing really well in my new home. I get to sleep with my new mommy and daddy in their bedroom without my crate. I have my own dog bed too. I'm learning the routine and now that I know they are coming home soon, I'm good about going in my crate to sleep for the day. I even let my new brother in the crate with me too sometimes. He's a lot smaller then me and makes this funny purring sound a lot but he has cool toys that look like mice that I play with. I'm not so afraid of the car anymore. Daddy had the door open the other day and I jumped right in. I guess he wasn't going anywhere though cause he told me I was a good dog and then made me get out...?? Maybe next time. haha
Mommy and Daddy take me out a lot to run in the yard. I've learned that I have to stay in the yard and when I'm a good girl I get bones. I think I'm really going to like it here.
Love always


Note from my new home....

October 23rd 2009 12:05 pm
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Hi, guys. I miss you all, NOT! It is soo much fun living alone... I don't have to share anything, not toys, not food, not loving pats! And, I get to sleep in the bedroom all by myself, well, with my new pawrents, but with no other dogs!
The hardest part has been learning to go up the stairs. Mom didn't have any stairs at her house so I never learned that part! Going down is easy, you just have to keep your feet moving... then gravity will do the rest!!!
Well, gotta go now, it is time for my new Mom to get home from work and I need to greet her at the door cuz that is my new job! Catch ya later.


My new home....

October 14th 2009 4:35 pm
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Well, I am here in CT. I like it pretty well, especially since there are NO other dogs here!!! I don't mind being the only dog, that is for sure. So far I am doing well. Mom says it takes a couple of weeks to fully adjust, so we shall see. I will try to write more another time.


I'm leaving tomorrow....

October 10th 2009 10:53 am
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I thought I was leaving today, but now Mom said I am staying one more night, then leaving early tomorrow morning. Today Mom gave me a nice warm bath after she cut those stitches out of my belly. She said I am all healed now... I could have told her that!!! Gee, I am not going to be here to say hello to Tyson... oh well, guess he won't care!
Well, gotta go outside now and explore a bit with Alfie. Too bad, just as she gets big enough for me to play with, I have to leave! Darn it.
Mom says she will write a few more diaries for me about my new life! Wish me luck!!!


Diary pick of the day??!!!!

October 6th 2009 2:30 pm
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Hey, Mom said I was a dogster diary pick of the day!! Yahoo, I have never been that before, or at least I don't think I have. Thanks, Dogster, and thanks to everyone for their well wishes, especially Zaidie for the great steak!!! Mmmmm, that was sooo good. I didn't even notice my pill was stuck in it.
My friend Daegan was here today. He is a GSD that Mom used to own and he lived with us. Now he lives with an older lady and comes once in a while for daycare so Mom can keep her eye on him!!! Since I was already in daycare and I am feeling almost perfect today Mom let me go out and play with him. That was pretty nice! It was even nicer when she let him stay in my big pen inside with me after we came indoors. He's a pretty good guy!
And, Laurie was here today and she told Mom she will be getting me on Saturday so I can go live with her daughter. That sounds pretty good to me!!! Also, Laurie mentioned something about her daughter getting a roommate who also has a lab... cool, someone to play with!! Boy, after Tyson being scared of his new dad Mom is sure testing me with everyone that comes in the door... she lets me out to greet them. I am not scared, but I do approach slowly so they won't be scared of me, either!!
Well, thanks again, dogster pals. Good thing it was this week and not next week when I probably won't be here anymore!!!!

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