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Happy Birthday my beloved Greta!

January 1st 2017 9:50 pm
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Happy Birthday dear Greta! The New Year starts again without you here, but I know in my heart you are healthy & happy at the Rainbow Bridge and having fun with Kiska, Banjo, KJ & all the wonderful furiends you have made there. We had a great life together & I have so many beautiful memories of you that can always bring a smile to my face. You are loved now as you were then & always will be!

Have a Happy Woofday!

I miss you every day & feel blessed to have had you in my life. Until we are together again...I love you always, Mom


Remembering you on your Angel day...

March 6th 2016 12:31 am
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My beloved Greta, I miss you a lot. I miss all those walks in the park, I miss the fishing trips you loved so much, I miss you sleeping with us on the bed, I miss your big, big bark & your growl when ever anyone came close to the car, I miss those loving, trusting eyes. I could tell you anything & you understood what I meant. Go get your waterbowl, go get dad's cap, go to bed, anything I asked you gave your all. You were the Queen of the house & I will always think of you that way sweet girl.

I will never stop missing you & I will love you for all time...
I will hold you in my heart♥
until I can hold you again in Heaven

Sending all my love to the Heaven's, Mom


Happy Birthday to my beautiful Greta!

January 1st 2016 1:28 am
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Another year has come and gone & I miss you as though it was only yesterday you were here. I know you watch over all of us & that you & your Angel sisters are taking great care of my KJ. I miss you all so very much & I hope you will have a fun, fun day at the Rainbow Bridge celebrating your special day with all the Angels of Heaven. Send some Dobie kisses my way sweetie!

Sending my love to the Heaven's,
Always yours, Mom


With Love to a Special Angel girl

March 6th 2015 9:47 pm
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My dear sweet Greta Boo, I think of you all the time & on your Bridge day the memories come with some bittersweet one's too. But I will focus on the great ones like when I first saw you & fell in love. Your dad was so surprised when I walked in the door with you, but you quickly stole his heart too. You settled right in like you had been there all your short life & how you got along with the cats was amazing. I will always remember you & our oldest cat, Scruffy, sleeping together on the bed all the time. You were great with them. I remember walking you late at night after my evening shift at the restaurant & how nobody would ever mess with us. But most of all I remember the fishing trips & how you loved them. It was so hilarious watching you catch fish all on your own & bringing them to shore. And when we got our first boat you were a little hesitant but after jumping overboard the first time out you quickly learned it was better to stay on the boat! Just thinking of all those camping & fishing trips brings back a ton of wonderful memories.

I am so grateful to the Lord for giving me you, his Angel, for 14 wonderful years and for the blessing of your good health through most of your life. You were & always will be "our girl", the queen of our hearts & house.

Sending my love♥ & kisses to the Heaven's above,
I miss you every day... Mom


Happy Birthday my Angel girl!

January 1st 2015 10:04 pm
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Wishing my beautiful Dobie Angel a wonderful day at the Bridge surrounded by all your Angel furiends! Enjoy the cake & ice cream, I know it's one of your favorite things sweetie. The trips to Dairy Queen to get you a cup of ice cream are vivid in my mind today, but then all my memories of you are as vivid as if you were here with me and I know you are always here within my heart & walking by my side.


I love♥ you now & forever, Mom


Thank You!

March 7th 2014 10:07 pm
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It has been a whirlwind around here & mom's house the past couple of days. Mom has been trying to keep up for me, but she is still falling behind. I want to thank all my wonderful pals for thinking of me on my Rainbow Bridge day yesterday and for all the nice words, comments & gifts. And also for helping me celebrate being "DIARY OF THE DAY" today! Mom went from feeling down in the dumps yesterday to being very happy to see my face on the community page today.

Thank you all for being there for me & Mom!
Dobie Hugs & Kisses
Angel Greta



I will love you always...

March 6th 2014 11:32 pm
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To my Angel Greta
The day they laid you down to sleep
I prayed to the Lord your soul he'll keep
Until the appointed day and time
when together we'll meet and all will be fine.

With all God's creatures great and small
go run and play now, have a ball
No more aches and no more pain
just bright sunshine, no more rain.

Rest in peace for now my dear Greta,
cradled in God's arms to the end.
Dream of that special day and time
when we'll meet at the Bridge, one last time.

Although we'll be separated for a long time
we'll be together then and all will be fine,
We'll cross Rainbow Bridge side by side
with a soft warm feeling deep down inside.

Once again then all will be fine,
we will be together forever till the end of time.

I miss you so much Greta...
Love♥ then, now & always,


Happy Woofday!

January 1st 2014 10:55 pm
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Thinking of you on your special day Greta girl & all those wonderful celebrations we had on your birthday. You so loved getting all those special treats & presents & how I loved giving them to you!

One day we will celebrate this special day together again! Until then know you are loved & cherished & forever in my heart...



Happy Birthday to my Dobie' girl!

January 1st 2013 10:27 pm
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Thinking of you Grets & hoping you are having a big, big pawty at the Bridge with your Angel sisters & all your furiends. I miss seeing you open your presents, but in my mind I can still see you tearing them apart & it makes me laugh to think of it. So many wonderful memories we have & those precious times are ours forever for they live in my heart & soul always...I thank the Lord above for all the years we had together.

Happy Birthday sweet girl!
Love now & always...Mom


Birthdays in Heaven...

January 1st 2010 1:55 am
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Are there birthdays in Heaven?
Does the angel blow his horn?
Announcing to everybody
That this is the day you were born?

Can the stars be your balloons
And angel food your cake?
Presents wrapped in moonbeams
All the angels helped to make.

Your Birthday meant so much to me
They were always a big deal
Birthday presents, lots of treats
And always a special meal.

So I'll whisper a little prayer today
Asking everyone up above
To sing you a Happy Birthday song
And give you all my love.

~ Author unknown~

Thinking of you dear sweet Angel of mine & wishing you a Happy, Happy Birthday at the Rainbow Bridge. Sending kisses on the wind to the night stars. You are the light that shines so brightly above & I am so thankful for the day you were born...

I ♥love♥ you...Mom

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