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Hello, I'm Kit


July 6th 2006 6:10 am
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Hey, this is "Trip's" owner (Kit, the three-legged rugrat). Anyway, just wanted to say thanks because I have loved every minute with her... I'm working at a summer camp on a lake and she loves to chase the waves and pull rocks from the water. There are few dogs that I have seen that will completely submerge their heads and blow bubbles out their nose to get the rocks, and of course they aren't the small rocks, she attempts the big ones that are impossilbe. Every now and then she'll pull one up that I can't believe she got a hold of. The three legs haven't slowed her down a bit, plus the kids love her for it. Thanks again!


Not a new home after all

March 18th 2005 9:55 am
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Well, I thought I was getting adopted. I guess not, though. The new family had a very hard time finding a way to meet up with my foster parents. They have been trying to work it out for a few months. Oh, well, I guess I will find a new forever home. It should not be hard, since I am a really good dog. I can sit, down, stay, and walk nice on a leash. When my foster mom is on the computer, I lay patiently by her side an look up at her. I am just waiting to do something good to get a reward. Rewards are great!!!


A New Home!!!

February 18th 2005 11:29 am
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I am very excited! My foster mom says that someone wants to adopt me! My very own forever home! She said that we are just waiting to do a home visit to make sure that this is the best place for me. I can't wait! I heard that they have horses and I will get to go on trail rides with them. Hurray!!!!


Hi, I'm Kit

December 27th 2004 3:56 pm
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Hi, Im Kit. I am a young dog that has had it rough. My first owners decided they did not want me, and I ended up in a shelter. Some nice people from a rescue adopted me, had me spayed and gave me my vaccines. Just when I was getting settled into the routine around the rescue, some nice people wanted to foster me. I guess foster means that I get to hang out at their house until I find a forever home. In the mean time, they are teaching me how to be a GOOD DOG. I am learning to sit, lay down and stay. They are also teaching me some other stuff like how to lay down when people are eating and not to beg (thats not polite) and how to sit before I come inside and before I can be let out of my crate. I am learning not to jump on people, but that is coming a bit slower because I like people so much! I have been learning very quick and my foster mom says I am very smart and eager to learn--especially if there is a treat involved. I do great with other dogs but sometimes play a little rough, so my foster mom says that I probably shouldnt live with a little dog like a chihuahua or something. I think cats are pretty cool as long as they dont run from me. I sometimes get interested in them and want to smell them...but I rarely try to taste. My foster mom has three cats and they think I am ok. I think kids are awesome! But sometimes I get excited when little people run around and I may knock them over or bite at their heels. What can I say, Im a heeler?! I would love to have some older children to play ball with. Or maybe someone that will go hiking with me or try some agility. I would be great at agility. I would love to meet you and will try to be the very best dog you have ever had.

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