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sunny's doggy life

June 9th 2009 10:36 am
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My mom did an inventory of what I had and this was the results:


• pick brush
• slicker brush – 2
• furminator
• nail clipper
• quick finder nail clipper
• dremel
• nail file
• quick blood stopper
• toothpaste – 3
• toothbrushes – 2
• finger brushes - 2
• mouth wash
• scissors
• ear cleaner
• fur clipper (to shave the fur on ears and between toes)
• basket

Leashes – 3
Extra collar
Water bottle
Pill container
Vitamins for dogs
Dog cook book
Can opener

Shampoos & conditioners – 5
Freshening spray – 4


Dog backpack
Bandannas – 2

First aid kit~

• 3% hydrogen peroxide
• instant cold pack
• tweezers
• bactine
• scissors
• anti-itch cream
• triple antibiotic ointment + pain relief
• cotton balls
• soap
• gallon plastic bag
• small plastic bag
• vet roll rap ~ 3 different kinds
• disinfectant wipes & individually packaged cleansing wipes
• tape
• insect bite relief (in toothpaste container)
• alcohol pads
• Band-Aids
• Cotton tip applicator
• Gauze pads
• Motrin and Tylenol

Toys ~
Frisbees – 4
Tug of war rope – 2
Tire rope
Rock a back ball
Squeaker Kong
Balls – lost count
Toy box

Dog house w/ mat
Elevated dog bowls

All these things are for dogs like when I say “coat” I mean a coat especially designed for dogs… and like “toothpaste” this naturally means toothpaste that was made for dog. Sorry is that’s confusing.



May 9th 2009 12:28 pm
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Thank you everyone who gave my mommy the idea of a dremel nail clipper. I love it so much more because the steadyness of the noise is more reasurring then the sudden loud clips of the nail clipper. It only took a couple of minutes before I was comfortible.... and then poof, nice short nails without having to be fearful that she will cut the quick.
Mittens also got her page up on catster, so please go visit it.... after you explore mine after all I am the main attraction.


New Record!!!

May 8th 2009 2:13 pm
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We go walking in the mornings for about 3 miles, until couple of weeks ago we began working it up a little bit at a time until we reached our goal... 4 miles in an hour!!! This was quite a feat since I have bad hips AND thiroude (or however you spell that) and was a bit over weight. Now I'm a healthy weight as well as my hips are doing better with the exersize!We are going to keep working up to see just how far we can go!!!


Drive in Movie

May 2nd 2009 4:10 pm
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last night we went to a drive in movie. I'd never been to one before but there was a TON of food... that no one would share!!! Every once in a while a peice of popcorn or a chip would fall but that was all, they wouldn't even give into my most charming face..... I was mystified. It wasn't long before the movie started. I didn't understand one bit of it but I injoyed curling up with my mommy and going to sleep. I hope we go back soon!


My New Toy

April 23rd 2009 1:50 pm
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Mommy came home with a surprise today, it was about the size of the tennis balls a play with bit orange with paw prints all over it. When mommy pushed something on the side of it it rolled around like crazy! It scared my a bit at first but after a few minutes I had come up with a game. I would grab it then let it go and roll away then I'd recapture it and repeat. After a while mittens (are cat) joined in and I got to play with her to. It was the best toy ever!



April 21st 2009 8:34 am
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Today we once again attempted crawl. I really think that I'm starting to get it down! I can only do it for short amount of time as it is not my favorite trick... Its one of the more tiring ones AND its not something I would normally do. Our goal is to eventually me be able to crawl toward her from a distince. (now she has to be along side me) But I think I'm getting the hang of it!



April 19th 2009 2:51 pm
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we had so much fun today, we went to celebration park. When we first got there we went on a long hike. I LOVED it my and Tyler raced down the trail (I won of course) and I got to chase lizards and grasshoppers all over the place. The only prob. was it was so darn hot! I was glad when afterward we got to go swimming in the lake. The water was so cool and refreshing and we got in a good game of fetch. We then hiked around some more in till I got dried off. I then got to ride in the back of the truck, It was so fun I should have known it would end with a bath. I was sopposedly dirty, but I like the smell I don't see what the big fuss is about.

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