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Diary of a happily rescued doggie...

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I gotta be strong! Cindy needs me...

April 29th 2009 8:43 pm
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Wow, what an adventure. Last Friday, me n' Ellie got in our crates...but they were in Miss Kath's car, not cindy' odd.

and we went for a car ride to this really strange place...never saw so many people in my life...and we had to stay in our varikennels for a very long time...and we kept getting in different line they gave us all kinda papers...and took Cindy's bags from her...then we got on this big fancy cart and went to some place called "TSA."

We got out of the kennels there. Those folks rubbed this weird smelling pad all over our kennels, and Ellie said it was like they were checking for a scent or something. And then we doggies had to be searched...not sure for what. We already got treated for fleas, you know.

But we sat on our hind paws and raised our forepaws for them, showed them our tummies and all...

And then...oh wow...we got put in this really really big can kinda thing...with all kinda bags (including cindy's)...but me and Ellie were together the whole time, and we were okay. Really noisy though.

We kinda took a nap, but it was hard...noisy...then there was this big ole, if that was a car the driver didn't stop very well...and they opened up the door and some men unloaded us right away and took us to the cleanest kennels I think I ever doggie scent at all, at first we thought it was a mistake. Cindy met us there...and we wanted out but she said not yet...said we were going to a doggie hotel with private rooms, room service, and even a nice view.

well...maybe so...but there's no couch, and Cindy isn't there all the time...

but...I can tell she really really needs me right now and I have to stay strong for her. I can do this.


I hate boxes!!! I hate this packing stuff...but, there's- hope

April 17th 2009 10:47 am
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Okay, here we go again, Cindy gets up, I get a short belly rub and a toy toss, breakfast...and then she's back with those stupid boxes again. When will this end? Yes, we're still getting out walks, there's a little couch/TV time...but golly...

You know though, eventually, that 'puter thing has to go in a box.
I can't wait for that. Boy I will sit and watch. I hate that 'puter...well I hate the 'puter if Cindy's in front of it.

Hmmm hmmm, what can me n' Ellie do to maybe make the 'puter go in a box NEXT?


No play time?

April 16th 2009 9:50 am
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Okay, the situation at home is entirely out of paw. Cindy threw my teddy bear only two times this morning...okay, they were good throws, nice long ones...but still...TWO? And what's the big deal with all these bags and boxes anyway?

I gotta put a stop to this...


At the Vet

April 14th 2009 9:06 pm
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K, now I KNOW something is apaw...we were back at the vet for like the second time in two weeks, and neither Ellie nor I have the least thing wrong with us...and there was all this paper shuffling going on...

And then folks saying goodbye and hugging Cindy and all that...

I am so not likin' what's going down here and none of it was with my approval...


Cindy is too distracted

April 14th 2009 6:49 am
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Man, I can NOT get her attention for more than two minutes these days...the belly rubs are pretty short, the toys only get thrown a couple of times...and then she goes back to this weird routine she's been in for days and days...moving things around the house. You'd think she was gonna hibernate or something. She takes stuff from one place, and then carries it and puts it in a box...this has been going on a lot. Me, I think it almost looks like a person stashing a bone for later...but what later? And she never did this before...I tell ya, it's just plain weird...


Aloha shirts for dogs?

April 9th 2009 9:25 am
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You gotta be kidding me...they make these wild colored...FLOWER COVERED shirts for dogs? I mean, okay, who knows what human tourists might wear...but c'mon, they can't possibly expect a tough guy like me to wear these, can they? Oh man oh man oh man...and, come to find out, Cindy still has one that her dog Einstein, her first Keeshond, used to wear. Oh please oh please oh please tell me it's gonna be too big for me. She says it's bright red with big white flowers and will look great on me.


How can anyone respect my tough guy image if I'm in that silly shirt?

Hmmmmm...trash pickup is tomorrow...


What is a poi dog???

April 8th 2009 10:44 am
[ Leave A Comment ] some news recently...not sure what to make of it. Cindy said the pack is moving. Ugh. Until I came to Cindy's house, any time I changed places it wasn't so great. Actually, Miz Deena's from Dachsie rescue was kinda cool...but, before that, I mean...not a good place, and then the shelter with the big dogs rolling me over...

I just don't think moving is a good thing...I love my home here, I'm really happy...why do humans do this?

And Ellie's just being silly, as usual...all she can talk about is how fun a plane ride could be...what the heck is a plane anyway? And this stuff about hula and poi dogs...excuse me, it sounds kinda sissy. I'm a tough guy...not into this aloha shirt stuff.

I heard that they don't even have squirrels in Hawaii, so what kinda place is that anyway? And what's a mongoose????

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