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Diary of a happily rescued doggie...

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My very first beach trip

October 10th 2009 12:37 am
[ Leave A Comment | 2 people already have ] now I understand a little more about my new home in Hawaii...

When Cindy would visit me n' Ellie in dog jail, she would sit and talk to us about going to a place called "the beach." Well, to be honest, I didn't know what she meant. I mean, I KNEW it was someplace outside cuz her mind pictures showed big sky and lots of room and a LOT of, lots of water.

Well, finally, Cindy took a day off from work...she said that way we would have "the beach" to ourselves. And we had this really nice car ride, and then, suddenly off to the side of the road, it was like the whole world opened up and all I could see was sky and water and a big long open space with sand and grass.

I was in doggie heaven. I dug and made the sand fly, I climbed out on some walks and watched the waves roll in, and I ran all over the place...yeah yeah Cindy kept us on our flexi leads...but it never felt like we had any limits. And then, finally, I actually walked into the, it didn't take long for it to come to my tummy. But it felt nice and cool, and running through the water was fun.

And then, suddenly, this lady came she was walking on the water or something, except she was standing on the big long board, standing up paddling. Wow, that looked like such great fun I tried to swim out and join her, and she laughed at me and said I was cute.

But Cindy said no...for one thing the lady was coming in and second she didn't think I could swim well enough. How does she know if I don't try...

So anyway, I think about the stand up paddling lady all the time and think really hard...and hopefully I'll get through to Cindy to learn how to do that and take me out.

I LIKE being a Hawaii dog!!!


I beat this gig...

September 10th 2009 1:35 am
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Okay, quarantine's over and I've resumed my role as protector and defender of Cindy. Oh yeah, and couch potato, and chew bone chaser, bird chaser, and something called a mongoose.

Every day starts with a patrol of the yard perimeter and ends with me stretched out on the bed next to Cindy.

Ya can't keep a good dog down.


Okay...someone explain this to me please...

July 18th 2009 12:21 am
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I think humans just take themselves way too seriously...this whole rabies thing.

I mean, anyone could see we weren't sick when we got here...and weeks and weeks later we still weren't sick. And since we're in here in dog jail locked away from other're we gonna get sick?

I know any vet could see this...most doggie owners could see it...heck, most humans could see it.

These guys at quarantine need one of those human eye exam thingies where they give you glasses.


Man this is getting old...

July 7th 2009 10:39 pm
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Geez, this concrete is wearing my hair off on my left hip...cuz I always sit there. Cindy says we have 6 and one half weeks left...I dunno for sure what a week is, but at one time it was this has to be better.

But I'm getting bored, and kinda tired...and just wishing I was with her more.

We got new neighbors on each side of me n' Ellie's jail cells. Luke the Collie Mix, and a way big Black Lab who chases birds as much as I do...well, actually, maybe even more. He's kinda fun.

And then we just had that stupid human holiday with all the bombs going off and stinky smoke and noise...4th of July. Man, the whole quarantine was up in bark mode for that one...

No wonder I'm tired!


Never thought I'd say this...

June 28th 2009 11:42 pm
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But you know, getting a bath isn't all bad. Cindy came to quarantine yesterday, got me out of my jail cell and walked me down to the grooming area, and then I got to run around on grass and dirt, then I was up on the grooming table nose to nose with her, great spot for kisses and hugs. She combed me and kinda fussed with my ears and eyes, and next thing you know I'm in the tub getting soaped up...

But afterwards, I did feel really cooled me off a lot. And I had almost 30 minutes with Cindy all to myself.

Okay, I can learn to deal with baths for this. But only while I'm in quarantine and I'm not letting the other dog guys call me a sissy for it either.


Staying strong...

June 19th 2009 5:45 pm
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Well, the hullabaloo next door finally settled down. Oh my paw, Ellie celebrated her birthday and the whole doggie diary of the day thing...

Then we got cheese and roast beef for her birthday I'm thinking this wasn't so bad.

Cindy's looking kinda worn around the edges these days. I think all the relocation stuff has gotten to her and she misses us at home. I hate being separated from her. The visits are good though, we all milk every second of happiness we can from being together. Gotta stay strong in our pack bond to get through this.


Ellie got doggie diary of the day? - Noooooooooooooooooooooooo

June 10th 2009 11:15 pm
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Oh say it is not so...she's gonna be so undogable after this. Man oh man she's over there in the kennel next to me barking about this to everybody....hopping around and trying to howl like a hound...oh dog oh dog no...

Dogster, how could you do this to me? Do you KNOW what a Diva Dog she is? And this happened the day before her birthday...oh man, I'm just gonna run and hide in the backroom/bed part of my kennel and i am not coming out for two days...


Bird Patrol

June 4th 2009 12:44 am
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Today Mr. Duane, the kennel keeper for me 'n Ellie told Cindy that I chase birds all day long...well...not really...but I never let em come close to my kennel without giving them what for, the pesky birds.

They are very rude, they steal dog food...and sometimes I think they're like, taunting us by flaunting their freedom so much.


Hanging in there...

May 29th 2009 1:52 am
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Sigh...Cindy says we are 1/4 of the way done with quarantine...
Seems like it's been forever to me. But the visits are better now.

Ellie and I can be in one kennel with Cindy for a visit, which means we do get outside the concrete and fencing for a few minutes, to feel real grass under our paws and prance around a little. And it is really nice to be together. Saturdays are the big grooming/bath days and we get out of our jail cells...ooops, sorry Cindy...kennels for a long time then.

Cindy is there at 8:00 a.m. Saturday and Sunday...she's always first and usually only doggie mom there at that hour. She says she likes it cuz we have the whole place to ourselves and she can start her day with us.

Last week, she brought us some home cooked dog food and then we got REAL bones for a good chew...

Little things help a lot.


Stupid birds...

May 18th 2009 12:48 am
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They keep trying to come in and eat my food...just cuz some doggies don't pay attention, or they don't care, those birds better not be trespassing in MY kennel! That food is mine, Cindy brings it to the quarantine station for me special, and no birdies are gonna get it.

I am on bird patrol constantly. They can't mess with me or my stuff!

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