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Diary of a well traveled dog.

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In loving memory of Shantye, my big sis and therapy dog

August 8th 2009 4:11 pm
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August 8 - August 15 is Assistance Dog Week. Let's celebrate the 20,000+ dogs that assist people with disabilities.

Shantye was Cindy's "big dog" when I came home as a puppy...she was a wonderful big sis and had a heart of gold. In her senior years she was a working therapy dog. That's not as much hard work as the service doggies who make their humans lives so much better. But Shantye would've been the first to howl out a long salute to the Assistance Dogs!


Wow...this is really sad...

July 28th 2009 12:17 am
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So Cindy told me she stopped to visit a kitty in quarantine ...since she knew I'd smell him anyway...turns out this kitty returning to Hawaii but they slapped him in jail anyway, cuz his human had one detail of the paperwork for him incorrect.

So the poor cat mommy found out when they got here that her kitty was stuck doing max time like me n' Barney...only me n' Barney are almost done. Cindy said less than a month now. Wow...well actually not sure what a month is, but Cindy sounded way excited so I am too.

But at least me n' Barney n' Cindy all knew what was gonna happen...

That's easier than this rude surprise for the kitty folks. Geez, is this the best that human science can do? You all are reeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaalllllllyyyyyy disappointing me.


WE shall overcome!

July 19th 2009 1:02 am
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We shall overcome,
We shall overcome,
We shall overcome some day
Oh deep in my heart I know that I do believe
That we shall overcome some day!

5 weeks left til quarantine pau!!!!!


Cindy's changing...

July 18th 2009 12:19 am
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You know, when she leaves the dog jail these days she isn't quite as n Barney still send her off like queen mind you...but she's better. She keeps saying "soon, soon" - I think she means freedom day is coming!

And she said she learned how to plant a yard, and that Barney and I are gonna have nice grass to play on when we get home.

Wow...I never ever knew Cindy to plant a whole yard before...


Time for some dog dancing!!!

July 9th 2009 11:19 pm
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Cindy came to quarantine today all excited, and she said she was looking at that calendar thing of hers that's kinda got her fixated these days....she said "6 weeks to go!" Well, not sure what that means, but she said we were 2/3 done with quarantine...that's okay...wish it was just DONE though...sigh...

But then she finally said something I could understand...she was playing with my paws and my toes, and she said that there was like a paw and a half of weeks left, and when we started there were more weeks than I had

I'm still gonna learn that song "We shall Overcome" though...gonna teach it to all the doggies on my kennel row and we're gonna sing it when Uncle Dwayne, our attendant comes and when Cindy leaves after visits!


We shall overcome....

July 5th 2009 2:36 am
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7 weeks left, according to Cindy. We had a great grooming day again, complete with lots of kisses by me on her face...she said it's hard to groom me when she's laughing but she can't fool me, she loves it.

She brought us some of those yummy liver treats this morning that she was giving us right before our big trip! Wow, whatever it is that prompts her to bring those I don't care, they're way yummy. She says there's something called chamomile in it, and that she drinks that same stuff in her tea.

She also said there's gonna be those big noises tonight that the humans do every summer, but she didn't think it would be too bad up at quarantine. Just that some of the doggies gonna be way sound sensitive and she said me n' Barney should try to set a good example and be calm.

Ha. My paw. This place is gonna go nuts when those fireworks start.


Still seems like a very long time...

July 1st 2009 12:29 am
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Cindy said we're more than halfway through this quarantine gig...

Well, any news about almost being out of here is good news...but this is kinda getting old and it's wearing on me now. And it's literally wearing on Barney. The little guy's always sat kinda lopsided, on his left hip...and being on concrete all the it's worn kinda bald over there.

Cindy had the quarantine vet check him and she said he looks okay, no skin problem...but still...

I'm so tired of concrete and steel...and so thankful for moments of grass and dirt and not looking at stuff through a wire fence...

Does the second half of something go faster than the first???


Best Grooming Day EVER!!!

June 21st 2009 1:53 am
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So today, Cindy arrives at quarantine early, like almost always on grooming day. We had new doggies move into the kennel section next to us, so Cindy didn't take me through there on the way to the grooming station cuz she didn't want to raise a ruckus and disturb the new neighbors...they just got here and they're in "quarantine quandry..."

So at first, I thought the grooming day visit might not be as good as usual...not as much time out of my jail cell...but I ran to the grooming table and put my paws up on it to let Cindy know I was ready and raring to go.

I love grooming day...Cindy hugs me a lot, I give her kisses, I look nice after...although sometimes there is that bath thing at the end...

But today, I watched Cindy keep looking and looking and looking through her big bag of dog stuff...dare I hope??? YES! YES!!! Thank the Maker YES!!! She forgot the shampoo!!!!!

You know, maybe having a lot on her mind at work is okay...


Worrying about Cindy

June 19th 2009 5:43 pm
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Wow...she has looked so tired when she comes visiting these days...
I mean, she's not missing any visits, and she is always so happy to see us and to be with us...but I can tell watching her walking in that she walks like she's carrying something really heavy...but then I go stick my nose in all of her bags and I can't find anything extra heavy...

So the weight is just on her mind. Humangoneitall...I wish I was home with her, she needs me more right now. Stupid quarantine....


Thank you Dogster!!! For liking my diary!!

June 10th 2009 11:22 pm
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Oh dog oh dog oh dog...I made Doggie Diary of the Day?

What an honor!!! And the day before my birthday too!!! You gave me something to really prance and bark about today Dogster!!! Many howls of thanks...

Hey...Barney? Barney...where are you? I can't see you over there in the next kennel...Barney????

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