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Diary of a well traveled dog.

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A doggie sleepover!!!

September 15th 2012 8:16 am
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Me n' Barney just checked in at Miss Cathy's is the coolest place...lotsa room inside, hardwood floors that feel great on paws, many many windows, and this awesome yard with a big deck, and sometimes even wading pools! And there's other doggies here too, including Ms. Cathy's own dogs and some other doggies sleeping over like us. I love doggie sleepovers...of course we miss Cindy, but she really doesn't leave us very often, and she said she was going back to Hawaii for just a short visit and it is way too much plane ride and quarantine junk for us to go just to visit. She also said she remembered she promised us we'd never have to do anything like quarantine ever again, and that sending us to a boarding kennel would be too much like quarantine. So we get to do this awesome doggie sleepover at "The Urban Pooch." Woo hoo!!! Somebody throw a toy!


Terrible day in Colorado...

July 20th 2012 9:56 pm
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Cindy is having a very hard time with this...she lived in Aurora, Colorado many years and the news of the people violence is making her kinda sick.

Me n Barney really don't understand it...humans will kill a dog just for how he looks, and then they go kill each other for even less reason than that...

How did they get the idea they are a superior species? Could someone explain that to me please? I think they should put the dogs in charge, things would work better.


In Honor of Mr. George Washington, on the 236th anniversary- of America's Declaration of Independence

July 4th 2012 1:08 pm
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I know that humans, well American humans, revere this man for his leadership and heroism, and that they call him the Father of His Country. And well indeed.

But did you all know that Mr. Washington was also an incredible dog lover? That even in the heat of battle he had regard for the life of one small dog...and that perhaps that event affected history?

Read here... le_550.html


Making friends at the ranch

June 22nd 2012 6:05 pm
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I think I maybe gotta try going walkies around the ranch by myself if Cindy can manage that. My pack bro Barney's getting a real Napolean complex being a small guy on the ranch (except for a couple of cats). Heck, even one of the roosters is bigger than Barn. He gets all fiesty with the livestock, like the sheep, alpaca,llama, horse, and pony, and I'm trying to make friends with them! Pony even touched noses with me before Barney started barking and hopping around.

None of the big animals are scared of him either, they just don't undertand what all this barking's about but it distracts them from making friends with me.


I am 11 today!

June 11th 2012 11:26 am
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Must be a lucky day, turning 11th on the 11th...BOL.

I do miss the festivities in Hawaii though...this is also King Kamehameha's birthday (thereby making me doggie ali'i) and the parade and festivities always made my birthday a bit grander.

I got roast duck on my breakfast kibble and Cindy is bringing home a bully stick tonight :D.


Do you know the way to San Jose?

June 9th 2012 8:38 am
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We do! We have arrived at our new home. We live on a ranch! It is so fun. Cindy rented a nice cottage on a ranch down nearl Calero Resevoir in south Santa Clara County. It is wonderful. It is so much cooler than Kapolei...and while I know I will miss Hawaii and especially my Hawaii friends, it isn't easy being a full coated Keeshond in Southwest Oahu.

We have lots of interesting critter folk here. I think my favorite is the pony. He even touched noses with me. There's a big Chesapeake Bay Retriever named Ben, and he's very nice. Barney tried to pick a fight with him cuz my bro hates big dogs, and Ben threw a hip check on him like a hockey player. End of that! No harm done but Ben made his point.

It is very quiet here. We're still kinda getting used to it but overall, it resally is lovely. Cindy says she doesn't mind the drive cuz anything is easier than H-1 in sure what that means but she seems very sincere about it.


Beach dog no more?

June 4th 2012 5:35 pm
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We have returned to Northern California...after a very long day in my crate on the noisy airplane...but the joy seeing Cindy at the airport, and being immediately quarantine this time!!!! I danced on my hind paws.

Barney was all Mr. Tough Guy stoic as usual...but I know it is hard on him...all the noise, and being a smaller doggie and smaller kennel I think he doesn't like the ride at all.

But we had to be strong and cheerful for Cindy, she had so much stress on this trip...

But you know, the very great thing me n' Barney realized on our first California morning walk...




March 16th 2012 12:00 pm
[ Leave A Comment ] is St Pawtricks weekend...everyone get out there and strut your stuff, wear a little green, try a few paw tricks for treats.


Our Cindy did it! She finished the Great Aloha Run

February 22nd 2012 11:40 pm
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Okay, she walked it, she did not run it...but for that whole day she put in over 12 miles (8.3 of it on the official course). Cindy has an artificial knee on her right leg so me n Barney were kinda worried about this, but we faithfully, faithfully, day after day, took her out walking...on weekends sometimes we went very far and me n' Barney got kinda tired...but we pressed on.

The Great Aloha Run is a very special event, very Hawaiian in spirit...Cindy always said she wanted to participate in one and now she has done it.

She came home and hugged both of us and said she couldn't have done it without her training partners, me n' Barney.

We were so proud and happy...and kinda glad we didn't have to do the 8.3 mile walk...BOL.

Atta girl Cindy!


Veterans Day 2011

November 11th 2011 5:13 pm
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A howl of thanks to all of our veterans, human and canine, who have risked their lives defending our country and helping us stay free. Thank you for your service and devotion.

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