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I'm a Pepper!

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Hershey was right!

January 2nd 2010 9:10 pm
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Hershey said humans were hard to train but eventually they would come around. Well, today we went to the dog park and mom threw the ball for me, with the chuck it stick even!

We were headed for the Covered Bridge park, which is not a dog park, where I usually do my fetchin. But mom discovered she did not bring the leash she intended to bring and her usual leash reserves in the car had ended up in various jacket pockets over the holidays. It was a warm day here in CA so she did not have any of these jackets with her. So no Covered Bridge park. There were too many little kids n stuff for me to be running around without a leash this day. I was sad to drive away with no fetchin.

She drove to the Dollar store to get me a leash. They had collars but no leashes. So she bought some twine and a box cutter and fashioned a pretty sorry lead for me. But she was proud of her Boy Scout resourcefulness.

Anyway, we finally ended up at the dog park as it was the closest park to the Dollar store. She brought the chuck it stick along and threw the ball for me. I brought it back to her 3 or 4 times then decided I needed to meet some new people. So I took the ball to other humans to throw the ball for me. See I don't need mom anyway!

We have never been to the dog park on a Saturday before. There were lots more humans and lots more dogs. Fur the first time there was a dog there, a Visla, that was just as ball intense and could run faster than me! What a shock fur me. I guess I had to meet my match sooner or later.


2010 Restolutions

January 1st 2010 11:22 am
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Boy I r tired! My folks had lots of friends over last night. They stayed sooo late! Way past my bedtime. Then at midnight they made all kinds of noise & kissed each other. No one remembered to kiss me:( and I had no doggy furiends to kiss either. Bummer!

We played bowling on the wii. Whenever someone got a strike we all did hi 5s including me. That was fun.

Now for my New Year restolutions. I do like to rest. But I also like to play. I plan to start rally real soon. Hopefully this will keep my obedience training from fading. But mostly it's something me and my fambly can do together and have an activity focused on me. I like that! I also hope to meet new doggy furiends.


Away fur Christmas

December 19th 2009 4:03 pm
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My family and I will be going to Southern California fur Christmas. My folks have most of their family there. We're taking our moving home and staying at the beach. I LUV it at the beach! It is the only place I actually retrieve and bring back frisbees. Any where else I get all possessive and keep it fur my self. But at the beach catching the frisbee is so fun I remember to bring it back so it can get thrown again fur me.

Mom's old fashioned. No lap top fur her. So this is it until after Christmas. Wishing all my pup pals and everyone on Dogster a very Merry Christmas!


Christmas 2009

December 17th 2009 12:42 am
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While this is Pepper's 2nd Christmas, it is her 1st Christmas tree in our home. Having a 5 month old puppy our family decided to forgo the tree last year. In hindsight that seems like a very wise decision.

This year, at a year and a half, having a tree in the house covered with balls is very interesting and tempting. She has managed to get down ornaments on two occasions. Fortunately they are of the inexpensive, unbreakable variety and too large for her to fit in her mouth, so all she can do is roll them around. These are the only ornaments toward the bottom of the tree. This was by design. Give mom some credit.


OMD Christmas Tree

December 15th 2009 11:02 pm
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Crazy things going on around here recently. Last week mom got a big pole from somewhere and set it up in the living room. Then she started sticking green sticks in it. This was interesting at first, then it got boring so I took a nap. When I woke up there was a tree in the living room! A weird tree that doesn't smell like a tree.

If that seems nuts it only gets stranger. She put all these wonderful balls on the tree. I am a ball obsessed girl and she expects me to "leave it". Really!? What is she thinking?!

I did manage to get one really big ball at the bottom down and roll it around a bit. But she heard me and took it away.

Strange creatures these humans. I am really not sure why they do a lot of the things they do.


Thanksgiving tag

November 23rd 2009 7:37 pm
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I was tagged by my pal Hershy. Here are the rules:

*List 10 different items you're thankful for.
*5 will start with the first letter of your name, and the other 5 will be the first letter of your Mommy's name. (Or typist, daddy, ect.)
*So my first five will be P, my last five will be M's.
*Tag AT LEAST 4 pals
*You can do rosettes, send a pmail, or anything.
*Copy and paste this entry into your diary, only replace my answers with yours
*Everytime you do this, add another name to the list. I'd love to see how far this game gets!

1. Pup pals!
2. Playdates
3. Parks (dog & regular)
4. Pleasant people
5. Pawresents
6. Mommy
7. Milkbones
8. Meals
9. My Mickey Mouse toy
10. Mashed tennis balls

Now I'm tagging:



CGC Certificate

November 21st 2009 11:44 am
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My CGC certificate came in the mail. Yay! Mom noticed her name was spelled wrong on the envelope. Hhmm. Opened it. Yeah, her name is spelled wrong on the certificate, too. Hey, what kind of doggy doo is that?! Although, why is her name even on MY certificate?

We were thinking about checking out a drop in rally class. But that might wait until after all the holiday hubub.

We're supposed to have lots of people over for Thanksgiving, my grandparents and my uncle and aunt. Might not sound like a lot of people to you but it is to me. I've never seen all these people at my house at the same time before. I hope they're all sloppy eaters!


Dog park minions

November 14th 2009 10:59 am
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Mom has started taking me to the dog park. She thinks I'm a little tennis ball obsessed and wants me to broaden my horizons. I am pretty well socialized and am fine with other dogs and people but I really just prefer for someone to throw the ball for me. If I can find a sucker for that then I can ignore the other dogs and just do my fetching thing.

Problem is mom won't throw the ball for me at the dog park!! She thinks the dog park is for playing with other dogs! Geesh, WHAT am I going to do with that woman! Each time we've gone, though, I've been able to find some accomodating dude to chuck or throw the ball for me. BOL!

Mom makes a point of saying quite obviously when we enter, "Pepper, go play with the other dogs. We can play fetch anytime." She can't blame the guy who is trying to throw the ball for his own dog and I join in on the game. But yesterday there was a guy whose own dog had NO interest in balls or fetching. I brought the ball to him and looked at him with my best puppy dog eyes and ... VIOLA new ball throwing minion for me!


Dock diving, dock diving, dock diving, yippie!!!

November 1st 2009 6:33 pm
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I went dock diving for the first time this weekend! My friend at the pet store told mom about it. Sounded good to her. I like tennis balls. I like retrieving tennis balls. I like retrieving tennis balls in water. What's not to like?!

Anyway, we got there early and walked around while things were getting set up. Then lots of other doggies started arriving. There were a lot of Labradors like me! Some were yellow and some were brown and some were black like me. Because it was Halloween there were dogs in costume too!

We waited in a long line. Then I saw a yellow lab jump off a platform and into a BIG tub of water! Many other dogs saw it too and there was lots of barking because we all wanted to do that! I was way at the back of the line because it was our first time and mom did not know to preregister me. So we signed up later and were at the back. It was very hard to wait in this line! I did not bark too much but I whined a bit.

When it was FINALLY my turn we walked up a ramp so I could see how to get out. I was a little scared of this ramp (it was high) and thought about jumping off onto the ground. But mom threw my ball in the water and I HAD to go get it! After I was a bit wettened up we walked up the stairs onto a big platform. Mom told me to sit/stay and walked a few feet away to the edge of the platform. Then she threw my ball in the water and told me to get it. I ran up to the edge and hesitated ever so slightly (it was my FIRST TIME!) then saw my ball and jumped in to get it. I had to swim a little to get to my ball then turned toward the exit ramp. I tried to climb out from the side of the ramp. Dad came to help me get out. People thought I did good! They were clapping and cheering and everything!


It was a set up, I tell ya!

November 1st 2009 6:24 pm
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Ha! I was set up! After reviewing my last two diary entries I see that mom got me TWO spiders! One we got a week or so ago as a fun toy. The other just a couple of days before Halloween so I could dress up a little. So no DUH I thought I could play with both of them!

In her defense I will say the first spider is big, soft and fluffy and is purple and black with EIGHT legs. The second is yellow and black with six legs. Still think that six legged spider is so weird!

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