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I'm a Pepper!

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I did a naughty!

November 28th 2010 10:16 pm
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Ma's a little unhappy with me. We went to take some bowls back to our good neighborfriend lady. She invited ma in and they tried to have a cup of coffee and chat a bit. I made big whiny noises and barks cause they tried to leave me outside during their visit. Neighborfriend lady decided to let me in. I was kinda hyper and had a hard time sittin' still. I ate all her dog, Milo's, food and drank his water. It was a nice sunny day outside so the humoms decided to take their coffees outside, probably causa me and my hyperness. Anywoof, neighborfriend lady had a piece of bread in her hand. As she was opening the door with the other hand I decided to take that bread fur myself. It looked soooooo yummy! Ma was shocked and embarrased! That was sooooooo RUDE! Luckily I did not accidentally bites our neighborfriend lady while stealing her bread. Ma says this is really sumptin we needs to work on! I am gonna scare or upsets the wrong person sooner or later!


Thanksgivin' is over, Christmas has begun!

November 28th 2010 8:10 am
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I had a woofily wonderful Thanksgivin'! On Thanksgivin' Day Uncle, Aunt and li'l baby girl arrived. Yay, more ball throwin' minions fur me! Unfurtunately, it was real cold so the visitin' peoples spent most of the time in the house. Ma did not allow me to have an indoor ball this day or Friday! That was a little bit of a bummer. But pa was outside cookin' the turkey on the bbq. So he was handy to kick my ball fur me and I got plenty of fetchin' in durin' the day.

Anywoof, I just fell in luv with li'l baby girl! Any time she made a peep I had to go see what was up! I wagged my tail so much around her, ma was worried I was gonna hit her in the face with it. The peoples spent a lot of time helpin' li'l baby girl walk around. She is real close to walkin' on her own! Probably will be by the time we see her again at Christmas.

On Friday night, we all went into our little down town area of Boulder Creek. Every year, we sing Christmas carols, then Santa comes on a big fire truck to turn on The Big Christmas Tree lights. There was lotsa people and we tried to stay on the outside of the crowd so no one trips on me or my leash. But sumhow we ended up in the middle of the crowd once Santa was arrivin'. I did fine and ma and pa managed to stand in a way so I didn't get stepped on. I had on my blinky light I wear when we walk in the dark. Some peoples thought it was a Christmas light. That's fine by me! Christmas has begun!


Happy Turkey Day!

November 25th 2010 7:20 am
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Wellwoof, ma agreed to help me type about my furminator adventure late last night! But she's been busy gettin' ready fur today, Turkey Day! This year 'The Family' is just ma's brother, his wife and li'l baby girl. Plus our good neighborfriend lady and her neice and neice's husband are comin' too. Ma's parents can't make it 'cause they got an elderly dog and he's on meds and too frail to travel and stuff. We're sads not to see the grandfolks but we understand they needs to be with their furbaby right now.

Li'l baby girl is now close to 9 months old! We have not seen her since July. Apparently she's already havin' the stranger anxiety! Hope she remembers us from July! We doesn't want to be strangers!

Finally, Thanks to all my palsters on this Dogster infurnet thing. I have enjoyed exchanging Dogster Turkey Day gifts with many of you! Wishin' everypup a Happy Thanksgivin' and may you score on many table droppin's and maybe more!



I was Furminated!

November 24th 2010 11:15 pm
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What a day it was yesfurday! Furst, we woke up to no powers! Ma called the electric company and learned it had been out since 3 am. It stayed out until 7 am when we had to leave to take my boy to school. So I didn't get to do my morning check fur Dog of the Day or Diary Picks! Sorry if anypup was due conwagulations and I missed it!

Next ma took me to her office with her. We did not stop at the nice green grass park fur my mornin' fetch 'cause it was rainin' too hard (fur ma, not me, I don't care about no rain). Instead we walked around a little outdoor shoppin' area that has a nice covered walkway so ma does not hafta carry an umbrella or get all wet.

I took a nice snooze while ma did her office work fur a while. Then she breaked fur lunch kinda early. Fine by me! She took me to my old school, PetSmart! Since it was not rainin' she threw the ball fur me outside fur a bit. They have a nice side yard fur this. Then we walked thru the store fur a woof.

Later, we went thru a door we don't normally go in. I met a nice but tall guy! He got down on the ground to greet me. I was waggin' really hard but feelin' a little shy. Who is this guy?! Then he slipped another lead around my neck and took me away from my ma!

Wellwoof, I went into the back recesses of PetSmart! Where they have all their doggy torture devices. The windows is all blacked out so my ma can't see my tortures. Anywoof, the tall guy, gave me a bath. Bah, I hate baths! Suddenly I don't likes this guy so much. Then he furminated me fur like a half hour! Then they tried to dry me in the dryers! I hate the dryers most of all! I acted real hyper to get them to CUT IT OUT!

Ma says when she came to pick me up the two ladies up front said I was "such a sweetie" and one of them said I was "very patient". Ma was pleasantly surprised to hear this. She doesn't exactly think of me as patient. Anywoof, I survived the Thanksgivin' Furmination! And ma says I am all nice and shiny! Aren't I always nice and shiny?! "Extra nice and shiny", she says.

We walked around outside a bit so I could do some business. Then she offered me sum water which I didn't accept at furst but then decided I was real thirsty. When we got back to the car I was pooped! I crashed right away!

When we got home we saw the power guys was still workin' on the pole that fell. Luckily they figured out a way to get power to our neighborhood cause we did have the power. Ma had some stuffs to do, but she was gonna help me check in with my palsters. Unfurtunately, the powers went off again at 8 o' the clock. So no Dogster this night, either!


Well, excuuuuse meeee!!

November 21st 2010 8:01 pm
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My fambily's been kinda busy gettin' ready fur The Family to come fur Thanksgivin'. I just brought my ball to ma to kick it fur me when she had the audacity to say to me, "Pepper, the world does not revolve around you and your ball!" I think the stress is effectin' her thinkin'! Of course, the world revolves around me and my ball! What else would it revolve around?!


Sum Bonez!

November 20th 2010 6:45 am
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Sum puppy left me a buncha bonez! Yummers!! Thanks a bunch!




November 19th 2010 9:56 pm
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Nothin' like admitting you just chucked a ball in your dog's eye to get diary pick! Not bein' ungrateful, just a little embarassed fur my ma. Thanks, though, Dogster HQ. And thanks to all my pup pals fur helpin' me celebarkate! I am enjoyin' all the attentions and fun!

Wellwoof, between gettin' those reminder postcards in the mail, hittin' me in the eye and now diary pick on the day after admittin' to hittin' me in the eye, ma finally succumbed to the pressure and made my dogtor appointment. Plus she made an appointment fur me at the groomers.

Some might wonder what kinda groomin' a dog with short furs like me might need! Wellwoof, my furs are very low maintence so fur most of the year ma just bathes and combs me herself. But since my fambily always gets to host the Thanksgivin' celebarkation, each year I get a special Thanksgivin' groom. Although, this is only my 3rd Thanksgivin' and last year we missed my groomin' cause ma got sick and hadta cancel the appointment. So I have not been to the groomer fur close to two years now! I do tend to grumble to mom a bit when bein' brushed. Hope the groomers people is used to that and I doesn't scare them! Ma's hopin' I remembers my CGC manners!


In the blink of an eye!

November 18th 2010 10:13 pm
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Pepper had a rather alarming accident on Monday. Alarming because it involved an injury to her eye. I threw her ball using a Chuck-It stick. I couldn't see her very well because she was above me on the small hillside behind our home. But I heard a yelp and when she did not return with the ball I knew something was very wrong. She is a compulsive retriever, sometimes annoyingly so. Upon my walking up there to find her, she came forward and was pawing at her eye. It seems the ball smacked her right in the left eye! I felt terrible!

There was some swelling around the eye and that night her left pupil appeared smaller than her right. Once she shook off the initial pain she, of course, wanted to go right back to her fetching. But she did seem quieter and less her chipper self Monday night. By now her eye and her spirit is pretty much back to normal. But since she is due for a vet visit we'll get her checked out soon.

She loves her fetching and I would never take that away from her. The risk is worth the joy. And I don't really consider fetching a highly risky activity. Nor will I discontinue the use of a Chuck-It. It was just one of those freak accidents! But it was a reminder that life can change literally in the blink of an eye and to cherish all the good we have, however seemingly small. Most of us take working eyeballs for granted but when one or both are threatened, suddenly, they're very important.

Yours in doggy love,
Pepper's humom


Where's the Meateors?!

November 17th 2010 8:47 pm
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We heard on the radio there's supposed to be meateors tonight! So we went fur an evenin' walk and ma kept her eyes to the skies. Meats in the dark sky? Woo-hoo! But we didn't see much! When we got back ma mentioned to pa she saw only one little shootin' star. "We saw more out at Lake Powell" she told him. He said he heard the best time to look is at about 10 o' the clock. So we'll go back outside and look at the skies again then. I hope some meateors makes it all the way to the ground! Yummers! Are the rest of you pups lookin' fur meateors?


Oh Dear! Kinda rude!

November 12th 2010 8:59 pm
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Yesfurday, ma was just about to have me come in from my mornin' fetch, then she was gonna go off to work. When suddenly a coupla loose dogs come runnin' up.

We recognized one of them, Isis. She's a husky dog that gets it in her to run off once in a woof. Her people have been doin' a good job of containin' her. I haven't seen her since I was a puppy. She's a little skittish but we get along well. She had her sisfur along with her, Lucy, whom I have never met befure.

Wellwoof, ma was able to round us all up with treats. Then she made a goofy, dumb decision and coralled us all in my fenced area. We were all alright at furst, then Lucy started attacking me! Stupid mom! You don't put me in with a dog we don't know! She got me outta there real quick!! Checked me over and it appears it was all snarls and no harm done. But that was scary!!

Anywoof, we waited around thinkin' their peoples would be by soon to take them home. But ma got impatient after a few minutes. She needed to go to work! So she put me in the house and leashed the two runaways. I was real upset not to get to walk them home! I usually always get to walk the neighbor dogs home! But ma was still a little shaken by Lucy's attack on me. Lucy actually was quite a nice dog. She just maybe has some alpha issues when it comes to meetin' new dogs and maybe she got a little freaked bein' contained in an unfamiliar place. Ma's fault!

They live on the street behind us, not very far. But ma was surprised to almost make to their house befure runnin' into their person. They had been runnin' around fur several minutes, corraled fur several minutes and now leash walked fur several minutes. Seemed like a long time to take to come lookin' fur your loose dogs!

Their dad was quite grateful mom took the time to bring them home. She just doesn't have the heart to leave dogs loose and hope fur the best. Kinda a control freak that way. Hopefully if I ever runaway (which I never do) or get lost (maybe I could) one of these neighbors whose dogs we have returned will help me find my way home too!

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