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I'm a Pepper!

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No Dock Divin' Today:(

June 5th 2011 12:55 pm
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Wellwoof, was supposta go dock divin' today! But the weather forecast was not dock divin' friendly enuf fur the ma. There's supposta be rain comin'! So we opted not to drive fur 2 hours fur a possible rained out event. I woulda been fine jumpin' in the rains but the humans are so wimpy about these things. Is you gonna melt Ma?!

Anyhowls, the rains has not come yet so we has all been out doin' a little yard work befure the storm. I got my picture taken with the monkey faced flowers. Can you see me?! I was hidin'!

So now the rain is not supposta come until 6 o' the clock tonight. Guess we coulda gone dock divin' after all and nobody woulda melted! Oh woofs!


A Visit to O'Neil

May 29th 2011 4:49 pm
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So far havin' a pretty good weekend. On Safurday, my boy and da loaded up a buncha stuff in the truck. Then we all drove down to the Goodwill to give it all up. After that, my boy needed a new shirt for his comin' up middle school graduation. Humans! Furst they give stuffs away then they turn right around and get more stuffs!

Anyhowls, ma mentioned that the O'Neil shop might have sum nice shirts to look at. So that's where we went. Turns out they was havin' a big ole parkin' lot sale! And parkin' was a mess because half of their lot was used up by the sale!

So we hadta circle around a bit. This place is kinda close to the beach. So when I got a sniff of the beach smellin' air I just assumed we was goin' to the beach! I got real excited and whiney at this point. Wellwoof, we found a spot fur the truck a coupla blocks away from O'Neil.

My boy wanted to leave me in the truck! Arghh! Ma said no to that. Normally, I am fine waitin' but if the family goes somewheres I think I should go too, then I am not so fine. I can wig out! My boy luvs me, but sumptimes he gets embarrassed that ma takes me everywhere. Not sure why! Ma says not to take it fursonally he is at an age (14) where everything his family does is embarrassing. He just wantsta fit in.

Turns out there was lotsa dogs at the O'Neil store once we got there! See? Nothin' to be embarrassed about! And my boy found a nice shirt and it was on sale!



May 26th 2011 9:31 pm
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I am ball poor right now! Last week ma brought home a coupla new balls fur me, my favorite orange, rubber Chuck-it types. Sumhow, those seem to already have gone missin' plus one of the regular fuzzy kinds. Also another fuzzy one has fallen apart. It is no longer fit fur fetchin'! So 4 balls, in one week, gone. Ma has a couple more of the orange ones I like but she's keepin' them in reserve fur supervised fetch sessions. See, the balls go missin' when I am out in the yard just messin' around by myself.

Wellwoofs, with no balls around I found a coupla a frisbees I left lyin' around from befure. I get really goofy and growly with frisbees! Ma says they are like cat-nip fur me! We might hafta video it sumptimes. It's surprisin' to see how furocious I can be with frisbees! It's funny but a little uncomfortable too. Ma doesn't like it so much!

Anyhowls, both Ma and Da says they is not gonna go broke buyin' balls fur me all the time! So what to do? Scrounge! We walked all the way down to the tennis courts today in search of regular, ole, fuzzy tennis balls. How many did we find? Unfurtunately, none, nada, zip, zero, goose egg!

So guess I'll continue to play with my frisbee and hope one or two of my lost balls reappear! And we'll walk on down to the tennis courts again to do more scroungin'!


Pals of Honor

May 26th 2011 5:44 am
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Woof-howlz! Buddy Morris is Dog of The Day today! I am so happy fur him!

And pals Mickey and Zaidie are both Diary Picks!

Conwagulations pups!


I Got Mail!

May 23rd 2011 9:46 pm
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When Da got home he threw my ball fur me fur a bit. This is our usual ritual. Then we walked down to the mail box to get the mail. There was mostly junk mail fur the humans but there was also a package and the package was fur me!

Da brought the package up to the house and Ma asked who it was for. "Pepper? Who would be sending a package to Pepper?" Wellwoof, my Dogster pals that's who! Seems Rinky, Ebby and Ceeley sent me sum treats! Yummers! What kind and generous pals I has! I'll be thinkin' of you pups each time I has a treat!



Yes, We Know the Way to San Jose!

May 22nd 2011 9:05 pm
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Today went to the San Jose Flea Market fur a dock divin' event. Furst did not see no fleas to buy and did not see fleas shoppin' fur stuffs either! BOL!

Anywoofs, I had mostly 11 foot jumps this day. Kinda mediocre fur me:| I did have my 2nd best jump ever of 15'6"! So that one was pretty good:)

Also I has started catchin' the ball in mid air! There is a new video of me on my page. It's kinda hard to see but I catch the ball, honest!

We saw the nice trainer lady who furst started me on my dock divin' path. It had been awoofwhile since we last saw her. As usual her pup, Pyro, came away as the top jumpin' dog. Plus, she has a new little four month old puppy, Tonka. Tonka is too young to compete yet, but he was gettin' used to the pool. Already luvs the water, seems to be a natural fur this sport.

I did make it into the finals. With my 15' qualifing jump I ended up jumpin' with the big dogs. But I only did an even 11 feet in the finals. Didn't think I'd win anything so left after my jump. Turns out I got 3rd place fur the Junior category. Ma's a bit bummed we didn't stay to get my rosette:( But I don't care! I GOTTA GO DOCK DIVIN':))


Busy Day!

May 21st 2011 9:21 pm
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Woofs! Furst woke up kinda early fur a Safurday. Then went with Ma to pick up My Boy from school. Yes, school! But not his school. He is a big kid in middle school. He spent the night in the playin' field of the elementary school. They are havin' their annual carnival today and they have booths and stuff at the school. My Boy with his Boy Scout troop spent the night to make sure nobody messes with the carnival stuff. It's just a nice thing they do every year fur the little kids and the school. Anyhowls, me and Ma arrived just as they was puttin' away their tents and packin' their stuffs up. I had such fun sayin' hellos to everyone and Ma got my ball out so I gotta play a bit o' fetch!

Then we came home. My boy was pretty tired so he took a long nap. Guess he didn't sleep too much at night last night, BOL!

Next neighbor-with-a-pond man came by and invited Da to come over fur a visit. I gotta come along! But, again, I even look at the pond and both o' those guys yells "NO!" like I'm gonna jump right in there! Sneak a swim a coupla times and the peoples thinks I gots no dignity or self controls, geesh! I did NOT jump in the pond and we had a nice visit. Even found a frisbee and they were courteous enuf to throw it fur me!

Last, ended the day with a nice long walk. To start we saw a little family of quail. Looks like the babes are almost half way to full grown. Guess we missed the teenie, tiny stage this year, when they are barely bigger than the eggs they hatched from. They grow so fast it's easy to miss!

I am still on the hunt fur little ground dwellin' critters. There are a coupla places on our walk that I am especially alert. But no luck today. Didn't get nuthin!

Next there is a certain spot on our walk that we sumptimes hear a beautiful bird song! This song is very different from the bird songs we are used to. We don't get to hear it everytime but today we did! This is the furst year Ma has noticed it.

Finally, I am kinda hopin' the Rapture does not happen today! I got dock divin' set up fur tomorrow!



May 21st 2011 8:21 am
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Ma entered this week's photo caption contest and WON! Guess the announcement was made on the 19th but we just noticed today. Of course, I was her inspiration!


Got 'im...but didn't hurt 'im!

May 15th 2011 9:22 pm
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I has been huntin' fur gophers fur the last three weeks or so. Ma lets me do it figurin' those critters hears me comin' long befure I starts diggin'. My Rainbow sisfur spent her whole lifetime huntin' and diggin' and never got one in 12 years! And Ma says she was a much more intense digger/hunter than me!

Anywoof, we went fur a nice long walk this afternoon. We was cooped up in the house this mornin' cause o' the rain and hail. On the way back Ma and I saw a li'l critter stickin' his head outta his hole. I watched and waited and suddenly I pounced! Again, Ma figured he would quickly duck into his hole and be long gone. No sirree, not with this quick pouncin' girl! I pulled his li'l furry butt right outta there! But I let 'im go right away. Ma didn't even know I had 'im until I went after 'im again! Then she saw a li'l black body walkin' around in the grass! At furst she thought it was a mouse but then realized it's probably a mole! Seems I used a soft mouth on 'im cause he wasn't at all hurt, just dazed and surprised to be outta his hole. At this point Ma pulled me away and hoped the li'l guy would find his way back. I'm kinda glad! I wasn't sure what I was supposta do once I had 'im! I'm not a terrier after all!


Good Day, Sunshine!

May 7th 2011 6:53 pm
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Today Da and my boy went away somewheres. It was just me an ma home all day. It was a nice day, not too hot, not too cold. So ma decided to work on the weeds in the front yard. Ma is a fair weather gardener. The weather has to be just right fur her to get out there. So stuff builds up. There was lotsa weeds.

Anywoofs, I luvs it when the humans is outside doin' yard works. Sumhow it is so much funner to bring the ball when fetch is not the main object of the human's attention. The ball gets thrown I brings it back. Sumptimes I has to wait a bit befure it gets thrown again because the thrower is busy doin' other stuffs. This is better than the thrower standin' there expectin' me to "hurry up" and bring it back. I had a good day today and now I is very tired.

Also I got signed up to go dock divin' again in two weeks! Woo-hoo!

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