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I'm a Pepper!

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Naughty Office Help!

July 18th 2011 7:42 pm
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Ma works in an office building that has sum other small businesses as tenants, too. She works fur a financial advisor guy. In the other offices there's a lawyer, a therapist and a headhunter dude.

Today as we were leavin' Ma did her usual lock up of her office. She doesn't worry about holdin' my leash while she's lockin' up. She told me to wait fur her as she fiddles with the keys and I usually do.

But today I just pretended I did not hear and went walkin' on down the hall by myself. There was an open door to go check out! It was the headhunter dude's office! A headhunter must have a very infurestin' office! I just walked right on in!

Ma came runnin' in after me to find me makin' furiends with sum guy workin' on the headhunter dude's confuser! She apologized and dragged me back out:( Geesh, I was just helpin' out with the networkin' thing! Isn't that what good office help's supposta do?!


No one home - includin' me!

July 17th 2011 2:33 pm
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The nest was empty durin' the day last week. After gettin' back from Mendogcino the ma and da went back to work and My Boy had a volunteer job helpin' out the Cub Scouts so he was gone durin' the day, too! So Ma decided I could come and help her out at the office. I help her by makin' sure she takes breaks and goes outside on occasion and doesn't stay at the office too long.

This week the nest is even emptier, cause My Boy has gone away fur a week to his own Boy Scout camp. Guess another week of helpin' Ma at the office is in store!


Crash, Boom, Bang!

July 11th 2011 9:59 am
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That's what happened at 2:30 this mornin'! I was sleepin', mindin' my own business on my doggy bed right in front of the slidin' screen door in the folks' bedroom, when a Peepin' Tom Cat or a George Cooney came and peeked in at me! Wellwoof, I am normally a very mild mannered pooch but we can't let Peepin' Toms just have their peepin' way around heres! So I ran right into the screen door and it came off the tracks and away I went into the night!

I only chased to the neighbor's yard and came right back into my own yard. The folks were callin' me and offerin' yummies but I wasn't so sure about comin' all the way back right then. The humans can be grouchy when their sleep gets disturbed. Finally Ma walked over to me and we walked back together. I didn't get no treats but I wasn't in trouble neither. They knew I was just doin' what a dog's gotta do and protect the ole homestead!


Too Much Sand & Sea?! How can that be?!

July 10th 2011 8:08 pm
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When we arrived in Mendogcino on Windsday afternoon, Da hooked up the motyhome then we went to check out the beach!

It was only about a 5 minute walk from our space and in a very pretty cove. We didn't stay very long cuz it was close to dinner time and the folks had to get back to start the barbque fire. But Da brought the frisbee along and I gotta play sum frisbee fetch.

The next mornin' we had breakfast and hit the beach again. This time with the Chuck It Stick and a tennis ball. I had fun diggin' and chasin' my ball all around the place!

After lunch we did a nature walk, the whole fambily! It's nice dogs are allowed cuz on many of our travels I was not allowed on the unpaved hikin' paths. We followed the trail signs and made our way back to the campground in plenty of time fur dinner. And after dinner I got another fun beach session! Then we had a campfire befure goin' to bed.

The next day, Fryday, started out the same except it seems Ma lost the Chuck It Stick and my ball. See she was entrusted to carry it back the night befure and seems she set it down sumwheres and forgot to pick it up again. So instead we brought the wubba and there is sum video of me enjoyin' playin' with my wubba. I even threw if fur myself!

After lunch we went back to the beach with my frisbee this time. I was a maniac about bringin' it right back over and over! No diggin' and goofin' around and pacin' myself. Just as the folks thought I had had enuf a little boy came up and started throwin' the frisbee fur me! He was havin' such fun they didn't have the heart to take me away right then! So I kept goin' fur a few more throws.

On the way back to our site I had really watery, wellwoof, soupy poopy. Then at the site I wasn't feelin' too well and tossed my breakfast kibblies. Ma says I had a salt water hangover!

Later I was feelin' better so we did the nature walk again but decided to walk towards this light house the folks heard about. They thought it would be a short walk to the light house but then we took a really pretty trail along the bluffs to get back. We ended up takin' 3 1/2 hours to get back! It was such a nice afternoon and the scenery so beautiful we didn't realize we had been gone that long! We were surprised when we got back that it was 7:30!

On Safurday the folks decided I had enuf of the beach and My Boy had sumptin' he had to get back fur on Sunnyday. So we left fur home on Safurday and got home that evenin'.


There and back again!

July 10th 2011 12:33 pm
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Had a wonderfur time in Mendogcino! That is one dog friendly little town! I highly recommend it!

We left home on Twosday even tho our space reservation was fur Windsday. The folks decided to leave early and see sum of Napa on our way. Bein' in a motyhome we found a place we could park fur the night in Napa and break up the drive a bit.

We headed out Windsday mornin' from Napa to Mendogcino. On the way, there was a big noise then the motyhome started shakin' real bad. Dadders pulled off the road and parked. Seems one o' the motyhome tires lost its tread! Ma pulled out the little box she sumptimes talks into and talked quite a bit to sum Good Sam person. After she was done Ma said sumone should come to help in about 40 minutes. So we all got ready fur about an hour long wait. But a guy showed up in 20 minutes and 20 minutes after that a new tire was on the motyhome and we were on our way again! Ma and Da were very impressed with the Good Sam service. It was the furst time we ever needed it and they really came thru!

We then made it safely to the Pacific Coast Highway. PCH is a beautiful but sumptimes windy roadway and it was lucky our tire problem happened earlier and onna bigger freeway. We had to take PCH fur a few miles north then arrived at our campground.

I had many fun days and the weather was beautiful! There are videos of me diggin' and playin' and a few new pics on my page. Please take a look and join me in Mendogcino!


Thanks Pups but I Gotta Go!

July 5th 2011 1:25 pm
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Wellwoof, pups, thanks so much fur the fun celebarkin' of my Barkday. Unfurtunately, my ma doesn't have time to type thank yous to every pup cause now that the company is gone we is gonna hit the road!

Lotsa pups do a clever diary entry thankin' every pup in one entry. But ma is not sure how good that will work when she is rushed typin' and we already had a little snafu with creditin' one pup fur another pup's work on my barkday.

So I am just gonna bark a general thank you fur all the stuffs I can see on my page. I got sum very spawcial spawcial gifts of balloons and a big cake. I got sum furever emeralds, diamonds, crowns and stars. I got lotsa watermelon slices with a bite outta them already (pups you gotta control yourselves when givin a gift!) I got lemonade, bouncy balls and hearts. I gotta barbque and a duck swimmin' in a pool from a coupla pups in the same family. You pups implyin' sumptin there? I gotta party hat, a never endin' bowl of food and sum pupcakes. Plus sum fun pups sent me sum fireworks fur my page!

Please know that I has read each an' every message! We just don't have the time to reply back to each one.

Last but not least, I gotta thank Ebby, Ceeley and Rinky's fambily fur sendin' me a package fur my Barkday! Ebby sent me a heart shaped treat you can see on my page! Ceeley picked out the card and sum chiggen jerkys. Rinky sent me a beautiful snow globe with my picture in there and their ma made me a magnet with my picture on it! Thanks, pups, you are so generous and thoughtful!

Ok, gotta go now! We are goin' to the coast of Mendocino until Sunnyday! The one thing missin' from my barkday was good water! So I'll go have my fill of that now! Wags!


Me and Lil Baby Girl

July 5th 2011 10:17 am
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There's lotsa pics right now with me and my Lil baby girl cousin. She is a very sweet lil girl and luvs me a lot. She wanted to follow me everywheres!

She had a very sweet way of huggin' me by layin' her head on my shoulders.

I really luv Lil baby girl but it is hard work bein' around a toddler! Who knew!

Furst Ma was always tellin' me to calm down and watch my tail. It's kinda hard to watch my tail when it's on the opposite side of my body from my eyes! Plus I was gettin' put in sit and down stays alot so Lil baby girl could approach me. That's tuff work!

Fur the most part, tho, I was very good and gentle and patient. I have been workin' on my bad habit of just grabbin' stuffs outta peoples hands sumptimes and that is good. I only lost my head once and grabbed the ball outta Lil baby girl's reach when she wanted to throw the ball fur me. She thought this was rude and it made her mad and I know should not've done that!

Then this mornin' I accidentally knocked Lil baby girl down and wagged my tail so it hit her right in the mouth! She was not happy about that at all!

But she had sum really cool toys to sniff and she was willin' to throw my ball fur me over and over. Most of the time we were in the same room with no one gettin' knocked over or yelled at.

So we had lotsa good, fun times togefur, but I have learned how growed up and responsible dogs with young children hafta be! I like bein' the 'baby' of my family! I getsta be a carefree princess!


Fabarkulous Barkday!

July 5th 2011 12:05 am
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Woofs-howls, I had a great day!

Furst, to the pancake breakfast! We sat outside and the people befure us forgot sum of their eggs on the floor. I helped out by cleanin' up the area fur my fambily! Plus I got sum scrambled eggs that I did not hafta scrounge off the floor! Yum!

Next, off to the parade. There was lotsa people already in their spots. We usually pick the same spot every year but we hadta pick a diffurent place cause it was already crowded there. So we gotta spot right in front of a little diner. I really liked this spot cause a lady in an apron came out and gave me a piece of bacon! Then later a man came out and gave me another piece of bacon! Woofs! Maybe they knew it was my Barkday! I think we should pick out this new spot every year from now on!

The parade was nice, but the Coldwell Banker doggys did not walk again this year. I miss them! There were sum horses, tho!

We came home and had a lunch Da cooked outside! Mostly all the humans stayed outside and threw my ball fur me all afternoon! Then after dinner we went to visit the villa Grammy and Grampy are stayin' at. I gotta play fetch on a golf course! Never done that befure!


Happy Birthday, USA! Happy Barkday, Pepper!

July 4th 2011 6:51 am
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Happy Barkday to my pal, Deogie, today, too!

Wellwoof, it's here! I am 3 years old! But you wouldn't know it lookin' at me. I still get asked if I am a puppy! Puppy at heart furever! Woofs!

I wanna thank everypup fur the nice gifties on my page! I see wonderfur balloons, a nice big cake, diamonds, stars, emeralds and crowns fur my Barkday and lotsa flags fur Independence Day! Plus I got a celebarkin' pic from Cooper and pack, doin' my most favfurite thing! You pups are the bestest!

Today, I am off to the pancake breakfast at the firestation then our little town parade which follows! Wags!


A Thrower in the Makin'!

July 3rd 2011 7:14 am
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Yesfurday, Lil baby girl and her parents arrived! She is one toddler on the move!

Wellwoof, I welcomed Uncle by puttin' a nice big paw print on his shorts even befure he could get outta the car! Hello, Uncle!

Once everyone got settled, then the business of ongoin' fetch could commence! Lil baby girl threw her furst ball fur a doggy, me! She was so happy! She would even do a little dance afterward!

The peoples all just sat around on the deck and talked and threw my ball fur me, all day! I, of course, took sum breaks by takin' a quick dip in my little pool every once in a woof. But with 8 ball throwers I was one tired pup at the end of the day! Woofs!

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