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I'm a Pepper!

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Diary Pick Bonanza!

August 20th 2011 10:23 am
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Woofs & Howlz, I know 4 outta the 5 Diary Picks! I am wunna them! Conwagulations Walker, Zoe & Demon!

Thanks, Zoe, fur the steak! YUM!


My Surprise!

August 20th 2011 10:18 am
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OMD! Jamaica was right! I gotta surprise yesfurday!

It was a regular day, the folks went to work, I stayed home with My boy. Although Ma came home a bit earlier than usual. She asked My boy if he remembered to vacuum like he was supposta(he didn't, that's why she asked)

Anywoof, the Grandparents have come to visit and they are still here! I slept outside of their bedroom door this mornin' until they came out!


Beach Bunny!

August 16th 2011 6:45 am
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My keyboarder has been delinquent in keepin' up with the keyin'
duties! Lots has been happenin'! Apparently she got a bit discombobulated durin' the server upgrade and hasn't been in the "mood" to type fur me. That was 2 weeks ago! Geesh!

Furst, the folks did make good on takin' me to the beach. Two Sunnydays ago! Anywoof, the waves were really big but I had the bestest time! I was the craziest dog out there! I jumped over the breakers and would actually get tumbled in the waves! I did that once as a puppy on accident but that didn't faze me and now I do it on purpose! Ma did not bring the camera along thinkin' we has plenty of 'Pepper at the beach' pics & videos but she really wished she had. So you pups will just hafta take my woof fur it that I was an amazin' maniac out there!


Berkley Sittin'!

August 13th 2011 8:34 am
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We is pup sittin' my good pal Berkley! Berkley is a rat terrier and she is very food motivated, but picky. She doesn't like the crunchy type treats. So Ma always likes to have sum of the chewey type treats for her or she uses Berkley's fambily's store of treats. But both fambilies are outta chewey treats right now! I likes my crunchy peanut butter treats, so I'm good, but Berkley won't eat those! So we gotsa treat emergency goin' on right now! Hurry Ma, get those treats Berkley likes! (And I don't mind gettin' a few of those myself)


Ball fur the Fall!

August 11th 2011 8:36 pm
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I got a new ball this week! It is really cool and lights up! Usually I chew up any ball that is not as tuff as a tennis ball. So my ma stopped buyin' these special kindsa balls fur me:(

But once fall is here and My Boy goes back to school I hasta play fetch in the early mornings when it's dark. Ma saw these lightie balls at the $ store, so she thought we'd try it out.

So far I is bein' gentle with it and has not chewed it up:) Guess I've growed up a bit and learned chewed up balls just get thrown in the trash. It's much better to play gently and keep them around longer! Hopefully we don't wear out the light in there befure the fall comes, tho!


Took a Break!

August 10th 2011 7:23 am
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We finally took a break and did not visit Dogster at all yesfurday. So, of course, that's the day the diary entries started showin'! BOL! Good to see the pups barkin' out there again!


Dogster, take care!

August 5th 2011 6:51 am
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Today the Dogster techies is doin' sum stuff to the site. We is headin' off now and will check in tomorrow. Hopes everypup profile comes thru on the other side of things ok! Paws crossed!


Dock Divin' Dilema!

July 29th 2011 9:08 pm
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We thought I'd be havin' dock divin' opportunities almost every month this year. The local place we found, about 2 hours away, had dates all thru the year until October. Wellwoof, now they've gone and pulled all those dates off the Splash Dogs schedule! So Ma thought she'd try and schedule sum private time fur me and sum pup furiends, but they are not accepting private reservations either! This is the same group Ma approached about me joinin' their team earlier this year. So we is afeared sumptin is wrong over there and Ma is grateful they did not just take our $ then close up shop!

So looks like my only opportunity left this year is at the Sonoma County Fair which is goin' on fur the next 3 weeks. Ma has thought and thought about this and has decided she is not gonna drive 8 to 10 hours round trip just so I can dock dive:(

But to make up fur it she is gonna take me to the beach in Santa Cruz which is only about 40 minutes away:D We can practice with me jumpin' in the waves!


Jamaica has Diary of the Day!

July 26th 2011 7:09 am
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My Rainbow sisfur, Jamaica, got Diary of the Day honors today! Thank you HQ (although wish Dogster was workin' better today)! Seems fittin' that her last entry was about the beautiful candle lightin' which took place last Safurday.


My Boy is Back!

July 24th 2011 9:11 am
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My Boy is back from his Boy Scout camp! I gotta go along to pick him up yesfurday! Lotsa the boys came to give me a pet! I gave out my labby licks. One boy claimed my tongue went up his nose!

Anyhowls, My Boy earned his small boat sailin' and his emergency preparedness merit badges! Hope I'm with him when The Big One hits!

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