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I'm a Pepper!

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Sunnyday Dock Divin'!

September 30th 2011 8:06 pm
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I getsta go dock divin' on Sunnyday! Woof-howlz! It's been lotsa months since I last went! Hope I remembers how to jump! BOL! I could never furgets that!

Anywoofs, we hasta wake up real early in the mornin' cuz we has to drive miles and miles to Stockton. We needs to be there by 9 o' the clock.

I'm lookin' forward to big jumps, but mostly to BIG FUN!


Hey Furiendly Furiends!

September 23rd 2011 9:11 pm
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Hey pupper pals, I wanna share a neat new furiend I just made! Her name is Shiloh Ribosome Hunter and her dogster page is:

She has been on Dogster fur a woofwhile but has just recovered from some eye surgery in August and I think would not mind a few new pals to cheer her on!

So please, pals, take a minute to visit and send a ppr! I knows I has sum o' the furiendliest furiends around!



Gotcha Day Goings Ons

September 20th 2011 10:35 pm
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Wish I could bark my fambily had all kindsa special and wonderfur plans fur my Gotcha Day! But that would be an untruth. It was just a regular office day. Sigh.

But a coupla good things happened today!

Furst, we walked to the park fur lunch break. A funny thing happened. Ma went to chuck my ball from the chuck it stick and it went backwards into the street! Good thing no cars were drivin' by right then. But then it rolled down the road towards a busy intersection. I thought she threw the ball towards me and was lookin' all over fur it. Ma was tryin' to corral me up while keepin' an eye on where the ball was rollin'. See, it is my extra special purple an white ball that's all scientifically designed and stuff. We can't lose that ball! I use it fur dock divin' too! Once I was leashed up we walked down to see if we could find it. It rolled right next to a storm drain but didn't go in! Is that Gotcha Day good luck or what!

Then when we was pickin' up My Boy from his Tae Kwon Do class there was no one in the park across the street from his studio! We had the whole park to ourselves and I gotta run back and forth between two grassy areas on each side of the basketball court. I never gets to do that! There's always people playin' basketball or little kids playin in the playground. Ma usually makes me stay on the small grassy side if no one is usin' it. So that was extra special and fun!

Finally, I gots all kinds of nice Gotcha Day presents and well wishes from my Dogster pals. Thanks everypup!


My Gotcha Day!

September 20th 2011 5:51 am
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Oh, dears, almost furgot my own Gotcha Day!
Thanks Redford fur makin' me a wonderfur commemortive fur the day!

Here's a little Gotcha Day trivia about the good ole Pepper pup:

My name was Tinkerbelle with my fur mom's family!
I was the only girl pup.
My boy was 11 years old.
My boy and my dad could not bear the name, "Tinkerbelle".
So let's see:
Bell Pepper...
Pepper...That's it!

That's how I got my name, Pepper!


Here we goes again!

September 19th 2011 6:45 am
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Mountain lion sightings are goin' around, again! I rememberfur barkin' about it befure. So I has checked my diary archives and it was last October. Seems in the fall they become less shy.

We know these cats are always around. But outta sight, outta mind. Not smart! Ma should ALWAYS carry her walkin' stick, but she gets complacent and furgetful about it. No mores, at least fur the time bein'.


Away with the Flexi!

September 18th 2011 5:02 pm
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We has a deep, dark secret I has never barked about befure. Me and Ma is addicted to the flexi leash!

We only use it on my long walks here at home. It gives me sum extra flexibility to sniff and do my business.

But Ma has realized that it is keepin' me from really understandin' she wants me to walk with a loose leash. It is confusin' to me!

Actually she has known this fur a woofwhile. But it was a habit she picked up with Jamaica and has imposed onto me. Old habits, do indeed, die hard!

So we is goin' cold turkey and the flexi is goin' away fur good!


Bark in the Park!

September 17th 2011 4:58 pm
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On a fluke, me and Ma went to the Bark in the Park event in San Jose today! Ma didn't even know about it until she heard the mornin' talk show mentioning it on the radio yesfurday.

Wellwoof, we gots there earlies and walked around a bit. There was lotsa other dogs and peoples, but it was all outside and open, so there was plenty of leg room fur us all. I am loaded up with treats again. Seems I just finished the Pet Expo stuff I got in Janiaries!

So there was a Rally clinic to introduce doggies to Rally. I tried it and did pretty good fur a furst timer!

BUT, think me and the ma has fallen fur a new sport, FLY BALL! There was a Fly Ball clinic and Ma has always thought I should try my paw at it. So here was the oppfurtunity!

Furst I hadta jump over these little bitty jumps while on leash walkin' next to Ma. Ok, no problem. A coupla times I wondered what was the point and tried to go around, but fur the most part I jumped them.

Next, again on leash, I hadta run up to a little box and get a tennis ball that was velcro'd on there. OK, NO PROBLEM! That was actually pretty fun.

Finally, I got let off leash and Ma walked away with my ball while one of the clinic ladies held me back. Then Ma called me, called me, called me and showed me the ball. The lady let me go and away I came!

The ladies puttin' on the Fly Ball clinic told my ma that she HASTA get me into Fly Ball! I am a natural at yet another doggy activity. Ma says I'm a once in a lifetime doggy! What ever that means!

Plus there was little doggy wadin' pools, cause it was cool in the mornin' but warmed up pretty good later. I visited them 3 or 4 times. People laughed at how into water I am.

There was a tail waggin' contest the ma was thinkin' of enterin' me in. But after doin' the Rally and Fly Ball I was pretty tired and so was she and the contest was still a coupla hours off. So we decided to come home.


Free Gizmos!

September 17th 2011 2:49 pm
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Free Gizmos! Free Gizmos! Get your Free Gizmos right here!

Oh, I'm supposta ask HQ to free Gizmo?

Ok. Dogster HQ human persons, could you please free Gizmo so she can go and plays and romps and not gotta sit in the bright, hot Dogster spotlight no mores?


New Neighbor!

September 13th 2011 8:40 pm
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There is a new tenant movin' into Ma's office buildin'! We gotta meet him today! He seems very nice and friendly and likes doggies!

He saw us in the parkin' lot just before we were about to go up the stairs. Ma does a weird thing with my leash and makes it into a harness when she wants me to have a leash on but doesn't wanna hold it but doesn't wanna it ta drag eithers. Anyhowls, this weird set up also involves my poop bag holder which is grey/silver. Wellwoof, the new neighbor guy thought it was sum kinda electrical box and asked about it. Ma said, "Oh no, that's a poop bag holder." He seemed relieved to not hafta witness dog shockin'! Ma wasn't unhappy he asked about it, she's glad he cared enuf about me, the pup, to mention it.

So guess I'm not the most dignified dog, carryin' my own poop bag holder, but at least I'm not a zapped dog!


Super Safurday!

September 10th 2011 10:08 pm
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Woofs, fur a Safurday without allota plans it sure was excitin'! Furst there was the pawsome hike out to Eagle Rock! Then while Ma was in the garage with the laundry a coupla ladies walked up and I gotta say hello! They were nice ladies talkin' to folks about their views about God. They left Ma with a magazine to read. Ma thanked them and said she hoped they weren't startled by my barks of greetin'. They both seemed to know I was no harm and mentioned they each had pups of their own at home. We hardly evers have people we don't know in our neighborhood so this was real special and excitin' fur me!

Then I gotta go fur a trip into town cuz the folks hadta go to the hardware store. Dad needed sum stuff fur a project and Ma needed dirt to pot her mums. When we got home I supervised the mum pottin'.

Then me and Ma walked over to return a dvd to our neighbor. We stayed and visited fur a while and I got human cracker treats cuz they don't have doggy treats since they don't have a dog. Those crackers sure were yummy!

Plus I had all my usual runnin' around outdoors and fetchin'.

And that's it! But that was a lot fur a little ole pup like me!

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