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The Life of Buck

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MMY BEST DOG SHOW EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

September 26th 2009 6:21 pm
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OMD!!! I went to the Responsible Dog Ownership Day,in Dallas,present by the Dallas FT, Worth Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Club,I was the only Lab,BOL,but mom and i took a Handling Clinic,and the lady said she wants my mom too spend next summer with her and travel the Dog Show Circuit!!! CAN YOU BELIEVE IT???!!! I own the Mutt Strut,which is like Conformation,I won Best Trick,I also one Favorite Non-Cavalier Companion!!!! :O!!!! :D & an AKC Trainer who does the Canine Good Citizenship,told us that he has not seen such a well trained dog in a long time,and told my mom if she kept it up she could be one of the best out there!!! I love my mommy :)

And as for Conformation,I told you about next summer,and the AKC Judge used us as an example,and said I had a great neck,and plus I won The Mutt Strut!!!Everyone kept coming up tom my mom she felt famous!! And we met an Author,and she has a book series so if you go to you can look,and guess what....the author wants to read my moms mommy is on cloud 9!!!

I better hit the hay for the night..Have A Howlin' Good Night Don't Let The Fleas Bite! BOL!!


If This is What STARS do I don't Think I want to Be A STAR!

August 19th 2009 1:52 pm
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You Know,I thought being a STAR,would mean I would be A Lab Livin' The Good Life,well to some dogs I am but..well,OK today,mom had planned to give me another bath..she's trying to "condition" my coat with special shampoo...OMD!!

So she got put my Isle of Dogs No 17 Copper Coat with Evening PrimRose Oile (EPO)...BOL!! She she got me soaked then shampooed and then rinsed,and then oh yes,theres more...brushed my teethe with Baking Soda and mixed dog toothe paste I SNEEZED I Tried to run OFF,I SHOOK my head BOL!!

Then,...she cleaned my ears with her "special" "homemade" vinegar (white) & water Ear Cleanser,THEN! She grabbed my bed and put it in the wash,with her detergent she bought at the Dog Show in Longview Tx, called: Designer Dog Laundery BOL!! SO KNOW IT"S IN THE BIG THING THAT MAKES NOISE AND I DO NOT HAVE A BED TO SLEEP ON!!! Mom Says: "you'll just have to wait until' it's washed."

OMD..what a day but hey...I do have a good life...!

StarBuck THE STAR!!

PS..Good News..I did get a stuffed KONG :) :D


Daily Dog Log-My Fun Filled Day...

August 16th 2009 7:32 am
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Hi Pup Pals! We got up this morning & mom took me for my morning walk and this time we didn't get confronted my the yappy schanuzar! BOL!! Then we came home I got some breakfast but last night mom had made new batch of Frost Paws and filled my KONG up with it and froze it YUMO!!

So then I got my KONG Toy :) :D now I am just chiliaxin' BOL!! don't know what were doing this afternoon,... But I am praying with all my puppy prayers I get another KONG BOL!!

Mom says she has to brake out The FURminator...again! She says I am in my shedding "season" I shed majorally like twice a year..oh well she say it always reminds her that she has the dog of her dreams...ME..BOL!!

Then brush these pearly whites of mine BOL...clean my ears being a Lab who loves water I could get ear infections so she cleans them wuite often ;) She Pedi Pawed me the other day had to file them down..but not too far BOL!!

OMD we made our own Agility Jumps & Weave Poles,... and we have THE most FANTABULOUSE backyard to practice in Arooooh!! Well I think I hear mom calling me,better go!

Bark At Ya Soon,
StarBuck CGC!!


A Lab Livin' The Good Life!!

August 15th 2009 12:35 pm
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My Day...hmmm....Well this morning mom & I got up EXTRA Early,and I was yawning..and yawning..and then just for a change of pace I yawned some more . Couldn't mom read the signals I was all tuckered out! But she grabbed her donut holes & we went and lounged on the deck while the sun was coming up...And there was dew still on the grass and my paws got all wet..foohey!

Then we went on our morning walk and every morning were confronted by this same yappy nappy schnauzer going on it's walk! And being the Canine Good Citizen that I am I was very polite...but I would hate to have a puppy playdate with that pup! Anyway...

We got home and mom gave me my breakfast with fish oil BOL!! Then...she broke out The FURminator! Oh well So I got FURminated big deal BOL!! But then she said bath time...oh well I am 100% water-loving Lab :) :D So she got my ***NEW*** Isle of Dogs #No. 17 Color Enhancer..with primrose oil BOL!! Anyway back to the story.

I got put in My CRATE YIKES OMD I do not like that thing but I got put in it so I would not run around the house soked. Then She took me back outside and I got brushed and got my ears cleaned with ear cleanser mom made, it's half vinegar (white) and half water.

And as I write this I had been laying in bed chewing a rawhide bone BOL!! Oh and mom made a new dog toy for me The Super Sock!! It has squeakers stuffed in it and tied off with recycled T-Shirts.

Ok gotta go mom's calling me!

Have A Howlin' Good Day,
StarBuck CGC!


I went Tracking!!

August 8th 2009 6:14 pm
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Howdy it's Buckaroo! I went Tracking! Arooh!! Being a Sporting dog it was quite easy to learn we got some information at here is what they said:

Getting started in tracking is easy, and you
won’t find a more willing participant! A
puppy instinctively uses his nose – training
your dog to track simply hones his natural
ability. And since all dogs have a natural
ability to follow a scent, any breed is capable
of learning to track.

Tracking requires very little equipment.You
just need a harness, a 20-to-40 foot lead, a
few flags to mark your track and an open
grassy area free of obstacles such as roads,
ditches or woods.

That is from te AKC's website. Mom had me track a "duck" "decoy" Qualarification: Fake Duck BOL!! Anyway she sented it with a liver smell and our park had a HUGE field away from all the playsets..and she hid it. And I was on a harness & long leash and she said "Find It" And I took of "Sniff,Sniff,Sniff."

And Guess What...I found it!! Arooh!..Boy were we happy..I LOVE Tracking..(it's my natural instinct!) BOL!!

Well off to go track some ducks..decoy ducks...Arf,Arf,
StarBuck AKA Buck


The Daily Dog Log

July 30th 2009 2:19 pm
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IT'S RAINING IT'S POURING THE PUPPY DOG IS SNORING! BOL!! Well It has been raining,& that means NO Walks foohy! So that means cooped the house,mom played a game of indoor fetch with me but still had pint up pulled a Gnarley Marley....(Qualirfication: I was being well CRAZY :O ) I fot a blanket out of a basket,chewed it up,got a toy that has batteries and tour out the batteries....then I did the "Major" Zoomies and went N.U.T.S! It brought out my inner puppy,if you know what I mean BOL!! OMD was Mom suprised I was not being a good Mr. CGC BOL!!

Today it poured...but stopped for a bit so I got to go on a walk!! Arrooooh! And Guess What...on our walk a squirrel in a tree had an appled adn about hit my mommy & me in the head! OMD we kept moving BOL!! Then we practiced Agility,Obedience, and I learned how to "Twirl" I sorta felt like a girl doing ballet! But it please Mommy!!

I got groomed too. I even got lotion on my paws!! It was called "La Dolce Vita" It is a special doggie lotion mommy got smells like vanilla :) YUMO!! BOL!!! And it is made in Italy!

Well Gotta go...!

Have a Howlin Good Day,


Back from the BIG Show!!!!!

July 26th 2009 6:15 pm
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Howdy Gang! I am back from my BIG dog show in Longveiw Tx.!! For my first show it was a biggie dogs from 300,to 5lbs. :O And we got up at 7AM and dogs barked and I could hear them through the walls and I barked at the walls I was in a sound sleep ao it startled me BOL!! But anyway we got there and they did not have the Canine Good Citizen (CGC) Test sign up sheets and we were back and fourth all day!!

We did not do the test until' around 6:00 PM so a lot of waiting I loved the toy group and I sat there like a good citizen BOL!! Then was the test...Mom and I were number 2 and she was shaking from head to toe poor mom,I knew she was nervous :( But we passed!!!! Aroooh!! My first BIG event in a ring and other pups arounf me and Mom says I was perfect!! I also got to meet my good pal Jack and we had a blast and both did the CGC! I admire Jack ;)

One of mom's favorite part was the vendors BOL!! She got the prettiest blown glass Labrador Retriever pin for her shirt :) :D and got this special detergent that repels fleas and smells like sugar cookies YUMO BOL!! She also got me a special show lead and special slip collar/lead and some grooming spray :) :D

My favorite part was being with her and sleeping in the middle of the hotel bed BOL!! And meeting my pal Jack!! Oh what am I saying I loved it all!!

Your Pal,
StarBuck CGC


A Lab

July 19th 2009 6:11 pm
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What is A Lab,
A Comforter,& Friend,
My Soulmate,
Big and Fluffy playmate,
a pillow to rest on
Well Trained when at the dog park,
Dog Owners wish their dogs were as loyal as the Lab,
Your sandwhich will be gona in 2 minutes if your not careful!
In the summer he/she will watch you swim and dive right in,
Best Therapist you could ever have!
A Lab is a brillaint colors Chocolate Fudge,Yellow like the sun and Black like midnight,
Knocking knick knacks off the coffe table with their happy yet leathle tail,
A Lab is art in motion,
a servant to you,
and they are a monster a kissing one!
They feel your home with the sent of a Faithful,Loyal and true Dog which makes you feel at home,
Home is where the Lab is,
Hearing the doorbell that the pizza guy rings then going to bark at him!
The have the soft mouth to retrive upland birds without hurting them,and soft mouths to play with a child
The Lab is adventouress,yet a calm family dog,
A Lab is tearing up your favorite stuffed animal,
My Friend has fur and 4 paws...My Labrador Retriever


Dog Show!!!!!!!!!

July 8th 2009 3:59 pm
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Buck & I did an event today! We were working towards our Rally Advanced Excellence,(RAE) and needed 2 more legs for our title and guess what...we got it!!!!!!!!! And we were gonna do the Jr. Achievement Challenge in Conformation and we got 1st!!! I am sooo excited and a leg up in Conformation WooHoo!!! Thank The Lord! Later Tonight is a dinner/ceremony!

StarBuck & StarBuck's Owner/Trainer/Handler


Daily Dog Log

July 3rd 2009 2:32 pm
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Happy 4th to All My Pup Pals!! Stay safe from the load fireworks!!! ( us canines tend 2 be scared of fireworks :-O) Hum...What do I have planned for the 4th...? SWIMMING!!!!!!!! I'm a Swimming machine,a torpedo in water 100% water-Loving Lab!!

Happy 4th,

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