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Greenie Shortage

Roxys Friends at Rainbow and on Earth

January 26th 2005 1:14 pm
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Thank you everyone for being so kind to us and signing Roxy's site. You are all a true blessing, and I am so happy we have all had the chance to experience how great love from a furbaby truly is. Remember that whenever you need anything, feel free to write. If you need any help grieving or making tough decisions regading your animals go to The people there are animals lovers like all of us, you will get much needed support and advice. Thank you again, you and all your babies are angels :) Melissa and Marcia (Roxy's Mom and Grandma)


Our Beloved Roxy

December 25th 2004 3:29 pm
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Roxy passed away today, two days before her very first birthday... Roxy choked on a rawhide bone she had taken from one of the bigger dogs which they had gotten for Christmas. We love her so much and we are very devastated. Roxy was my everything, my absolute most beloved friend. Bye Roxy, your mommy and daddy will love you forever and ever and we'll always think of you, forever. We miss you...


Greenie Shortage

December 23rd 2004 2:20 am
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My mom and dad left me for 3 days to go to Las Vegas, they left me with Grandma and 4 greenies. since Grandma had a lot to do while I was staying with her she hgave me a greenie to play with everyday. I had no greenies when my mom and dad came home, and a week later they still have not bought any for me. My mommy is sick so I understand why she can't get some, but my daddy can go on his way home from work maybe??? My daddy works really hard so I don't want to ask him, I just really need some greenies. My Godmommy Mia bought me 2 greenies for Christmas and gave them to me today. Bugsy doggy, my Rottweiler brother took one and ate it in one gulp, I was mad and told my daddy but all he said is "Bugsy is a good boy" HMPH!!!! I ate my other greenie today and now I have none... Daddy will you please buy me greenies on your way home from work???

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Roxy - 2003- 2004 We miss you


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